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Time as a Vector



Right. Well. Time having passed, as it tends to, only going in the forward direction, a few things have changed.

I have a firm last day of work, November 22nd.

I have more information about my dad's estate, which suggests that while I won't be retiring to the Riviera, at least I won't have to worry about going hungry. Dad, being something of a financial type, arranged it all to be split evenly between me, my younger brother, and our older, adopted half-brother. No bickering, no waiting for probate.

So, I've been scouting jobs and apartments elsewhere in the country. :-) I have a firm apartment to move to, and a firm plan to do the moving over Thanksgiving weekend, with some help from a friend. The tricky part is towing my car ... we'll probably put it on a trailer. Still, one-way is surprisingly expensive ... Just had the amusing thought that I could almost sell it all and buy new at the other end, but that's just a joke.

Anyway, y'all probably won't notice the difference. I'll still be over there on the left of every one of my posts ... I might be smiling even more, but it'll be on the inside ...


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Wow, that was almost exactly the rig they quoted me. Only, their quote is something like $300 more than Budget's ... It's funny; you even got the car on the trailer behind, and McDonald's in the background. I assume all the occupants have run off to pee ...

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That could be a winter pic, just some place where it doesn't snow the whole time.

It takes ten hours, give or take; hence, the assumption about peeing. Seems like that's all I do at rest stops ...

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I'm pretty sure the pines are green as ever ... :-P

I've been there in the winter; four years running now. I'll survive, even if I do have to get central heating for my undergarments.

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