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I dont trust people

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Today was awful day.My brother went completely crazy and he hurt my mother and kicked me at the stomach and now my stomach hurts a lot.I just cant take this anymore

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I'm sorry to hear that happened, Andromeda. How are you now? Were you able to remove yourself and your mother from your brother's presence? Where is he now? Have you told anybody there what happened? Do you know what caused his actions?

Sending you courage and strength.

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I feel better today and my mom is fine.No Beth my brother is 17,he is not adult,but even Im older he is more strong.

He is under a lot of pressure,because doctors found that he have diabet and after that he acts so bad :( Its hard to talk with him.I tried many times

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I'm glad you are feeling better today and that your mom is fine.

I have no doubt your brother is stronger. :( I was wondering if any steps might be taken to prevent him from abusing you and your mom. I hope he has some help controlling his diabetes and that he doesn't continue to take things out on you or other members of the family.

Wishing you a peaceful day.

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