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The days go by so fast, part of me is wondering if the days get shorter the older i get. It dont seem like my little one was born that long ago, yet next week she will be 18 months old. My little bundle of joy is now a fully fledged toddler who is desperately trying to learn how to jump, and can almost do it now, watching her determination truely makes my heart smile.

Am due for us to be moved on again in the next week or two, must admit that i am finding it a tad daunting, but also kinda hoping it will be ok and not affect Bebe too much. It will be nice to have somewhere we can call our home especially as we have now spent half her life hiding away in refuge. We can just be us, and that is something ive been looking forward too for so long now.

just hope i dont screw things up, or have my history repeat itself, like i know it has a habbit of doing...........

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