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self harm

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Laney girl


can someone help me out here? i just had a cutting episode and i feel really bad about myself. I also feel pretty guilty and i dont really know who to talk to about this because i dont want my mom to freak out and i dont really like my therapist so idk if i want to talk to her about it. I dont really know but could anyone give me some advice of any kind??? thank you

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Hi, Laney, and welcome. I'm sorry you're struggling and you aren't sure where to turn for support. :(

Are you okay physically? I hope you can be gentle with yourself. This happened and that is in the past now. How are you feeling, what are your needs, and how can you care for yourself now?

Have you been seeing your therapist for a while now? Sometimes a therapist isn't the best fit or maybe it takes longer to build trust. I hope you can reach out to someone there for support when you need to.

Sending care to you.

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