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  2. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I should get that tattooed. A corollary to this world be "It's all time off". One of the ways I survive difficult times (like on the job or dealing w house and car troubles) is by telling myself to "find a way to have fun w it". It's sounds insane but I'm telling ya it works. So there's yer tip for the day. I mowed my grass for the first time today even though the ground was soggy. I had to move a huge branch to the back of the yard. That was fun. NOT! Hope everyone has a good weekend. I am not seeing any friends this weekend because I need to relax and get some things done. Feel free to chime in w what your up to.
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  4. Confidence / Self Confidence

    I totally agree @Klingsor_the_Capon It has plagued me as well. But I am still working on it and have had some success. I find preparation helps me. If I am prepared I am much more confident in the situation.
  5. Confidence / Self Confidence

    Confidence is the most elusive thing. It defies definition but it's immediately recognizable. This is really the root of all my pathologies -- sps, social anxiety, depression. I simply do not know how one aquires it. Perhaps it isn't obtainable, it's either there or it's not. If I had confidence I would be a different person and my life would have unfolded entirely differently.
  6. Confidence / Self Confidence

    The desire for success is not about changing who you are. It's about growing to who you know you can be.
  7. me....

    It's okay
  8. me....

    \m/@_@\m/ Mental wounds not healiing Who and what's to blame I'm going off the rails on a crazy train... ... @ba51th, sorry for derailing your thread. I'll behave now...promise.
  9. me....

    Just ask Ozzy 😆
  10. me....

    My daughter thinks both bats and mice are cute. We have used the compassion traps for mice in the past. Once, many years ago, we also had a bat in the house. We found out that it had gained entrance through the air conditioner, so you might want to check that there are no openings. Take care, ba.
  11. me....

    There's probably less of a chance of getting a disease from a bat than there is a mouse but both can definitely carry some nasty stuff for sure.
  12. me....

    Oh yeah, let add that I certainly don't want bats in my house. I had one once and it scarred the hell out of me. Only the lord knows what a bite from one might do - rabies, hanta virus, hep C, etc.
  13. me....

    I'm scared if it contain any virus/disease...
  14. I dont know whats wrong with me...

    Hi, Kaia, how have you been doing?
  15. me....

    I like bats 🦇 because they eat bugs.
  16. me....

    Bats aren't as bad as they seem. Where I grew up there were lots of them and we enjoyed sitting in the back yard at dusk and watching them come out to hunt. They would fly low and we've had them in the house before but they don't want to be in there any more than we don't want them in there. They are tricky to get out though so congrats on successfully taking care of that and it didn't seem to take too long based on the timing of your posts!
  17. me....

    Trap the bat inside a plastic bag, then get him out through the window... I longer need to be afraid...
  18. me....

    Bollocks... A bat come inside my room and I don't know how to get rid of it. Fuck this, I will not get out of the bathroom before it gets out of my room first!
  19. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    There's no sense being stressed in your time off. I didn't do much Saturday, worked a little today but I'm now enjoying a bourbon and watching stupid comedy on tv.
  20. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Totally forecasted my weekend. I just slept and watched TV and did very little. Met up w a friend yesterday for lunch, it was fun. Today I thought I would be energetic but no dice. Didn't even leave the house. I did eat healthfully today so that's a plus. Also my state of mind is decent so that is positive.
  21. Beer

    Yesterday was Saturday and I am glad that I did not drink at all even though it was warm and I was tempted to. Today is Sunday and I have tomorrow off because my car needs work so I might treat myself to a few beers 🍻 tonight. There is something about Sunday that makes me really enjoy alcohol when I have Monday off.
  22. Everything’s bad again

    Hey, Renni, how are you? Have you found a new therapist already? It's sad that yours had a problem/conflict with your parents. But there are other therapists, even better-ones, one just has not to give up and search. Would you like to write more about your losses? Sometimes it helps at least a little bit to share what happened and how it has made you feel. We're still here to 'listen'... Take care!
  23. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    It went well. I have another than I need to finish up this weekend but I'll probably wait to do that sometime Sunday night with a bourbon in my hand. It's perfectly OK not to get anything done. Sometimes we need to just rest and relax. There's always tomorrow and unless it's something critical then there is no reason it can't wait. I'm doing some stuff around the house but I'm not hurting myself by any means. I'll work a little while then get on the computer to shop or look stuff up and then I'll do a little more around the house. Life is stressful enough during the week so i am a firm believer in low stress weekends!
  24. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    How did your presentation go this week @LostBoy? The one you were working on last weekend. I have gotten nothing done. But that's ok. Sometimes Saturday is my day of rest. Went back to bed after my post above. Gonna meet up a a friend for lunch so hopefully that will get the ball rolling.
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  26. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Good Morning @Victimorthecrime, I slept in this morning (8:00am) and have plans to get a lot done today. Yesterday was all about taxes and other appointments and today is about stuff around the house. It's supposed to rain here today so that could limit outside activities but the temps are nice right now.
  27. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Hola Weekend Peeps! Hope everyone is doing well or at least ok. Warm day here going to 78 but major rain ☔️ tomorrow. I have things to do but am being lazy, drinking decaf and watching TV/radio/phone. Have plans to see a friend for a short bit later. Allergies are acting up and I am just not feeling energetic ATM so just going w the flow. Feel free to share or update what is going on w you if you care to.
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