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  2. Well it’s the last day of summer, tomorrow the first day of autumn. Even though this summer was hot and kind of a pain in the ass I don’t like seeing it go because I know what awaits. Already my sinuses start give me trouble and I had to take a Sudafed. I slept well but I still feel tired. Such is life on Monday sometimes I suppose. At least it’s been nice and quiet here I’ll say that much. It can be relaxing at times if I allow myself. Talked with four different friends over the phone over the weekend so that was nice. Some form of human contact to an extent. When you talk to people
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  4. Death and hospitalization rate already way down. The worst strains die with the victims. Quarantine can also prevent them from being passed on when the patient doesn't die. Mild strains become dominant. Soon it will be just another variety of the cold or flu.
  5. I did read somewhere that something like coronavirus burns itself out after a couple of years, so I hope it does go away.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-england-london-54209800 oh no I England’s Covid situation was much improved. This virus is never going away.
  7. It really annoys me when I see people blaming some abstract entity when humans behave like assholes. Example: the big culture battle now is against social media conglomerates like Facebook, Twitter, etc. but what you will read are statements like “Facebook is evil” or “Twitter is toxic” followed by some argument that they need to be dissolved. Many will even recognize the toxic nature of SOCIAL media in general, but then blame the platform. By definition social media is comprised of human beings. If it’s toxic it’s because human beings are toxic. It is quite literally a technology built upon h
  8. I really hope that it helps, and you're right, killing myself would be silly. Still, it just upsets me that I might've done it. You're right, I wouldn't forget it; yet still, it scares me to death that it might be true. Well, talking to my friends helps, and I'm going to try and get a fresh stock of medicine today. Music and writing poetry has helped, I've read so much between December and April, then this worry floored me out of nowhere in May. Although I remember being worried about what I watched in the order I watched it in October, this specific thought wasn't there. I'll try to be positi
  9. It’s hard to say. My life is stable at my age and I have all that I need but inside there is always a storm brewing. I just started seeing a counselor to learn about CBT. I am dubious about it as my M.O. is running away from therapy. The largest obstacle now is my dependence on an opioid-like substance that is readily available to buy on the internet. I take it for mood enhancement, pain and to relax. I won’t say what it is because of not wanting to promote it. Practically nobody has ever heard of it anyway. I need to conquer my habitual dependence on it. I live with a partner who is my age an
  10. Where I’m from in Canada it was a term for people in the mental health chronic care system, such as disability pensioners and recipients of government benefits . I guess it was meant to be positive and I’m not sure it’s even used anymore.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. It mean a lot.
  12. Tell us more @Chickadee. How are you doing now?
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  14. Consumer survivor = People victimized as consumers of the psychiatric system? Still not sure after googling the term.
  15. Hello, @Chickadee, welcome! I hope you'll find here what you're looking for. Feel free to write us more about yourself and / or join other topics on the forum! Take care!
  16. I'm so glad you'll going to see an OCD therapist soon ad that you're already taking meds than can help! I know it's all very difficult for you now, but you're well aware that killing yourself over such a thing would be absurd. And you also know you haven't done anything bad, it's only a problem of your mind that sometimes causes the misleading thought that you have. You wouldn't forget it. The false memory is a creation of your mind. Is there anything you could do in the meantime to clam down and re-direct your attention when you feel so agitated and guilty? What has helped in the past?
  17. During last summer, I developed a sense of high anxiety around being in the company of young people/babies that I'd never had prior. This was a result of feeling intense distress over finding out that an ex teacher was a pedophile. I came to realize in March this year through research that this is called POCD, which provided me with a lot of relief.In the late evening of Monday, 23rd September 2019 after having moved back into university halls of residence for my second year a week prior, I basically watched lewd stuff (obviously with adults in) for around about 2-4 hours intermittently when m
  18. Unless I'm grateful to a particular person about something, I just think I am lucky or fortunate rather than grateful if I'm happy or at least avoiding serious negatives. There but for fortune. . .
  19. Yes, I'm reviewing my whole life now in this light. I've been ignorant of mutism. Interesting that "professionals" were always somewhat mystified by the nature of my speech impediment. I secretly interpreted the anxiety paralysis as cowardice as people would tell me everyone feels that same anxiety under stress which would make me feel guilty I couldn't control it or function under what everyone else took in stride!
  20. Hello everyone Somehow I have found my way here and wish to introduce myself. I am a consumer/survivor with long standing mental health problems. My main goal here is to practice communication in a forum setting.
  21. I am thankful I don’t live on the west coast. As miserable as my life is I’m not choking to death in a conflagration. Those people are really suffering and I feel sorry for them. Read an awfully sad story about a teenager who died, and they think he was trying to drive his grandmother to safety. Very sad.
  22. That is interesting, u. o., in several ways!
  23. Somehow this has incredibly escaped the YouTube copyright swat team. Should be familiar to any American over 30 I would think. Scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Fun binging on these on a Sunday afternoon.
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