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  2. I don't have a micro penis, but my flaccid is also often an "innie." I have always suffered mockery from the cruel and patronizing from nice people. So, I'm not in the same boat, but I can identify, I think.
  3. "Everyone" is an exaggeration. But, generally, it is far far too socially acceptable. I think there is an instinctive status seeking aspect to it. Decent people have to learn to stop doing it. Small penis humor is the proof.
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  5. Hi, Jim, welcome! No need to apologize for your post; it's good that you have "let it all out"! BTW, when you have troubles to express yourself in front of a counsellor, you can take a text (this one or a similar one) with you and let them read it first. It can help a lot to open up and to start a better (more focused) conversation. I'm sorry your life has been so full of bullies and other mean, shallow, and stupid people . And then you had a long, difficult task to take care of someone close - that must have been very stressful and time-consuming, as it led you to neglect your own health and well-being... And after that, when you lost that 'task', how did you feel? I also wonder if you feel now motivated to change your life for better again. The shallow women you mentioned are not worth it (=don't do it for such people) , but you are (=do it for yourself). When you are in better shape, you can feel better in general, it seems. And you're then also in better health, so it's positive in any case. Good luck and take care!
  6. I believe that you just accept the small penis and the humiliation that goes with it. It is difficult to fight what is true. So, we laugh along with our tormentors and cry inside.
  7. A micro penis is terrible to have. Everybody seems to not have a problem in making fun of small penises. Do not know how this started or why it is ok.
  8. I suffer from a micropenis. It has no measurement and is known as an innie. I definitely hate it and the way that others treat me because of my lack of size.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new here I've been reading what others have went through and I thought I'd share my own experience to get things off my chest and get others opinions which might do me some good so here goes.. I was born prematurely (14 weeks too early) with learning and co-ordination disabilities - the knock on effects of that have felt like a dark cloud that has never left. My prematurity led to me being alot shorter, skinnier and having an under developed body than almost all of my peers in school. It wasn't an issue until the age of around 9/10 towards the end of primary school. I was already being beaten & bullied for the way that I looked in general and that combined with my learning disabilities led to me being left out of sports, isolated, left on my own in school and most importantly being invisible to girls, being the butt of jokes, always being compared and contrasted negatively compared to other boys (small hand size, shoe size, shorter than everyone else, baby-ish etc) and so on which was horrible. When I was 9 I was made to realize that I wasn't just alot skinnier, shorter and "retarded" compared to everyone else but smaller or underdeveloped down below aswell. As soon as I pulled down my underwear in the changing rooms of a leisure centre we'd visit on school trips to go swimming I was met with an echo of laughter from most of the other boys. The feelings of worthlessness and shame only got worse the older I got as I didn't hit puberty or grow taller untill around 17 by that time I had left school. When I was 10 I was using the urinals as happy as larry until two twins who would have bullied me burst in with one of them pinning my arms behind my back, lifting me up and spinning me around and his brother held open the door to the toilets while both laughing, a number of girls who were going into their toilets stopped and laughed at me.. How hilarious.. I rarely use urinals to this day (28)..When I was 11 I was abused/molested by someone my own age who took advantage of my learning disabilities and naivety in order to do things that I didn't understand. One of the two times that it happened the person remarked : Where is it, Do you even have one, Your tiny.. Since then I have had a severe fear of being touched, a fear of being naked, panic attacks to the point of trembling and teeth chattering, trouble getting it up etc... Around 12 I watched Porn and was shocked (at hardcore porn) confused and ashamed as to why I didn't look as big as anyone in the videos I figured they must be selected on that basis but then I wasn't as big as almost anyone in school for that matter - in my mind something must be wrong with my body. Fast forward to being 16 and I still looked like a 11 or 12 year old little boy. The feelings I had of being inadequate and then being treated as such by most girls was soul destroying. I would wait until everyone else had got changed during PE lessons and never showered. It really hurt being laughed at about my body and private parts at 9,10 or 11 but to be 16 and to look the way I did and watch most girls continuously choose boys who were complete b#stards to me and others simply because of being more taller, muscley, bigger down below or more popular than I was depressed the life out of me as there was simply nothing I could do about it. There were girls who asked me out during secondary school but I always believed it was some kind of sick joke or prank as I didn't look like what most of the girls gossiped about. One of the best looking girls in my form class sent an overweight girl over to ask me out on her behalf - I went red and shook my head as in my mind it could never be me/true. After school I withdrew from society for a year and then went to a technical college, my life improved as I had friends first and foremost but I also hit puberty and grew from being 5'3 / 5'4 to being 5'11. I was still skinny which I didn't particularly mind until I heard two girls saying I would be like shagging a skeleton and that I was too thin.. This combined with years of bullying and humiliation led me to lift weights (dumbbells) and do pull ups for around a year and a half I went from very skinny to being a mixture of slim / stocky. Suddenly middle aged women who helped me with learning support who never batted an eyelid at me in college would giggle around me, show off cleavage or pass remarks such as Do you lift weights? Do you work out? I'm sure this isn't the first time you've been alone with two women in a room etc.. That felt great to finally get attention but in my mind it just proved how shallow alot of women and girls are.. Don't have big muscles/tall height/average or above dick size/money/popularity??? -- You're meaningless and worth nothing. After years of watching porn and feeling like crap I finally checked and found that a regular / average size was between 5 / 6 inches. I checked myself at the age of around 21 and I was 6.5 / 7 inches at the very best and 5 / 6 inches if nervous with not the best girth in the world. That was at 21 however I'm now 28 and after looking after an elderly relative for almost 5 years until they passed away I've lost a huge amount of weight (especially in my legs n thighs) due to stress depression etc and put on a beer gut from binge drinking.. That has led me to having excess skin down below to the point of not being able to get it up properly.. being smaller & skinny-er than when I was a bit younger which ruins any sense of confidence or self esteem I may have had. Because of my childhood issues I tried to go and pay for it / see escorts a few years ago to fix myself and had mixed opinions one girl in her 30s telling me - Yours is too small, too thin it's not big enough n thick enough what girl wants that.. You don't know how to F at your age.. I can tell that your scared - all while grinning at me. Another middle aged escort lied to my face and said size doesn't matter, your average it's fine... Until I showed her the pics on my phone from when I was between 6/7 inches she then said that I'm bigger harder and thicker in my pictures and that to be honest it matters because "some" women prefer a bigger thicker penis.. The only saving grace is that she said I have excess skin that prevents me from getting properly hard and have had childhood trauma that effects me .. Rather than getting an urge to walk Infront of a bus after being told "You just have a small dick" .. I have went on one date in my life with a girl who was 34 when I was 26. We met on a dating app, after chatting for ages she got to see a dick pic and said God your big there.. We spent the day drinking, eating, playing pool and at the end of the night she wanted me to come back to hers and stay the night asking me 2 or 3 times.. I made my excuses and left on the bus home (Due to anxiety about not being big enough, lack of experience, bad co ordination etc) If this has been long winded I apologize as I haven't been able to tell this to many people including counsellors (I get lost for words or embarrassed) I have also read alot of other guys posts and feel bad for feeling down in the dumps for being 5 / 5.5 at my best now days, flimsy and not the thickest when there are guys on here who are well below the average or have micro penises. I hope there is some sense in this post and thanks for reading this far !
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  11. Thanks for the article KS, looks nice and soft fabric - even a nice colour 👌
  12. Here is an excellent article about making your own face mask at home...no sewing machine, trips to hobby lobby, or craft making skills required: https://blog.japanesecreations.com/no-sew-face-mask-with-handkerchief-and-hair-tie I had a couple of construction masks (N95) but decided to donate them instead of wearing it in public because I am a magnet for nutcases who would take the opportunity to cause a scene about it. I honestly see no issue with the general public using a cloth fabric like a handkerchief to stop airborne droplets since many people are filthy and never cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, and I’ve worked with numerous individuals who experience some sort of horror at washing their hands after defecation 🤢. If the virus is so infectious that it can simply float through the air like a predator waiting to strike then I see no point to any of it because you would basically need to wear a scuba (positive pressure) mask 24-7.
  13. I also received the PM.🙄 I did flag as a spammer. I will see if there is more I can do. I'm sorry for the aggravation. I love your avatar, Klingsor. 🙂 I love big birds, though I seem to have a fascination for hawks and eagles in particular. I like the idea of a nature theme. I agree, Vic. We will get through this. Wishing everyone good health and stay safe.
  14. Then I'm even more glad to see you've chosen one as your avatar here! Thank you. The account that sent it is already flagged as spammer. Sorry about such spam, everyone. We can delete the spam-posts from the forum before anyone else sees them, but private messaging doesn't allow this kind of protection, unfortunately. And someone apparently realized that and took advantage...
  15. I got the same ad @Klingsor lol 😆 Whoever it is is too late. I could care a less these days. I am having a better day today praise God. I was able to mow the lawn, spoke w two neighbors and am feeling a bit more like my old self. I genuinely wish the very best to everyone on this site. Be strong, be safe, be wise. We will endure.
  16. Thanks Lala. It’s a blue heron. I am fascinated by herons, they are magnificent beautiful creatures to me, but also fierce. Back in the early-mid 90’s when Discovery channel and TLC we’re still producing quality documentaries (before stupid shit like “swamp loggers” and honey boo boo overran their programming) I learned about prehistoric terror birds, another fascination of mine: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phorusrhacidae @IrmaJean @LaLa I reported a PM sent to me advertising penis enlargement scam 🙄 first time that’s ever happened to me here actually.
  17. While napping yesterday I had a dream that I was back working in the office. It was dark and I was the only one working there or so I thought until I ran into an old friend named Joe. I greeted Joe warmly and said I was so glad he was working for the company and was in the office w me. He said nothing and ignored me and I went back to work at my desk. Later I heard awful noise and ran over to see Joe breaking and smashing everything in sight! In horror I realized he was a Covid zombie and was coming to attack me! I woke up in a sweat, completely disgusted.
  18. It reminds me that I've already had two dreams where I wore a face mask and there was a problem with it (so I was not just uncomfortable, but also scared of infection), despite me never having worn it yet 😄 . BTW, @Klingsor, I like your new avatar very much! 🙂
  19. Me too. It’s amazing how fast I fall into a deep REM.
  20. I took a nap today. Sleep is a genuine blessing. I have very vivid dreams when I nap during the day.
  21. @LaLa thanks. Now I am dealing w a miserable sinus headache. Update had some coffee. That helped a bit.
  22. Well done, Vic! I'm sorry you're feeling unwell... 😞
  23. I ran out for groceries, went to little places early. Got in and out quick. At least I won’t starve! No TP in stock. Wore a mask, kept my distance, washed my hands. Still not feeling great, very lethargic and a little achy. Gonna chill out today unless I get a 2nd wind after a nap. Exciting stuff. Hope everyone is doing ok.
  24. I got respect for Otis Redding & luv CCR. I remember in HS hearing CCR version of Grapevine and it was an eye opening mind blowing moment.
  25. @Victimorthecrime One was Otis Redding and the other CCR. @IrmaJean To me the words/lyrics are just a vehicle for expression of the artist's voice. I don't really pay attention to the words other than as sounds. However, some older folk songs or ballads leave a lasting impression if, as Victim said, they are particularly poetic. Hope everyone is ok. It's strange how music or certain songs can have such a powerful effect of nostalgia...the same music can take different people to drastically different locations in time and space through individual, personal connections that may not have any direct bearing on the music or artists.
  26. Klingsor, I'm largely the same, though if the lyrics are deep and meaningful, that's always a bonus. Josh Groban, but everyone already knew that, lol. I like a wide variety of music, though.
  27. Really? Glad for you. Things are getting worse here.
  28. I didn’t get to see the songs 😞. I know what you mean about lyrics except for some where they can really turn a phase. Dylan, the Dead come to mind.
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