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  3. Fascinating. Amazing to see how much has changed since I graduated high school. They were still using bars and block parties to find sexual partners and drug dealers back then. Social Media Fact Sheet
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  5. Here is what I would write: Dear Admissions Department, First let me say what an honor it is to correspond with you. All of my scholastic life has been in preparation for this moment and now that it is here I find myself filled with both awe and gratitude. Should you allow me to cross the threshold and walk the hallowed halls of what I consider to be the finest institution of higher learning in all of this great land my pride will be will evident to all, I promise you that! Warmest regards, Dima
  6. Calling a name properly is equivalent to calling a person out directly on their bullshit. It's just short-hand. Why call a LEFTIST "weak and scrawny" for advocating the end of free speech? Just call them a potential tyrant. People don't seem to realize it, but calling a name to hurt a specific person hurts everyone in earshot who shares the characteristic even if that wasn't the intention. Yeah, Rush Limbaugh used to claim feminists were just ugly women if I recall correctly. If the National Enquirer is right about the failure of his current and previous marriages, his analysis might be part of the problem. He hasn't repeated his "analysis" of feminism (femi-nazism) much lately. Yes, of course, a guy has those alpha characteristics because he is alpha. However, nothing is "pure" in such matters. It is always a matter of degree. Thus, if you point-out a less than alpha characteristic a guy might have, you undermine his confidence that he is "essentially" alpha though imperfectly so.
  7. Hi, Dima, The first step I'd recommend would be too google "how to write an application letter university" and read several of the pages that give advise about it. Then (or, perhaps, also before) I would write down (or record - you can "dictate" them to your phone or computer) all those ideas you have about your letter in the messy form they come. Then you can try to sort them, to find "the right" ideas and some logical order. Etc. How much time do you have to write it? I see that it's stressful, but you can break it into many small steps and systematically achieve the final goal. Do you have someone you can trust to check it for you? Someone with good spelling and grammar? BTW, what do you want to study? Good look!
  8. Hi everybody, as you may know, I'm dyslexic and ım on the spectrum. I have to write an application letter to a University but ım really having a hard time writing it. I have soooo much in my mind but ı just cant seem to express them on paper. This is really,really important for me because its my only chance for getting in. How can I express myself on papers? any ideas?
  9. @Klingsor God bless you my friend. I am rooting for you 1000%. I hope you hit the lotto and party like a Greek shipping tycoon. If you make a decent buck at a corporation you have a target 🎯 on your back. Plus you could be outsourced/insourced at any moment. I see it everyday where I work and friends tell me same. A truly high income professional or in a government union is the only place to find security.
  10. Then why call them names instead of just calling them out directly on their bullshit, if there’s not something inherently negative in the insult independent of the person’s ethical status? That’s the point. Because the target of your insult won’t think they themselves are a bad person, therefore how could your insult hurt them if all insults are entirely contextual? In any case one person’s saint will be another person’s devil. No one thinks this way. Trump’s opponents love to reference his mushroom dick as the reason he’s despicable, same with Hitler. Right-wingers also do it by claiming that feminists are feminists because they’re fat and ugly or that men who advocate for left wing politics do so because they’re physically weak and scrawny. So your politics is determined more and more by your body. Hence the racial obsessions. I asked this before: is a guy an alpha male because he has big muscles, big frame, deep voice, big dick, chiseled features or does he have all that because he’s an alpha male? Read that carefully. Forcing people to answer this clearly would dispel mountains of pointless horseshit on a multitude of topics.
  11. Somebody is paying Coulter off to attack Trump. She pretends he's a dictator that has no opposition and should implement all he promised with ease. With nearly the whole mass media and University Establishment arrayed against him, that criticism makes no sense. Sensible criticism would be criticising specific flubs, bad policy ideas, etc. When I call people names, I try to restrict myself to names and criticism that are in themselves despicable. For instance, not all lard asses are despicable human beings even though their asses might not be very attractive. Apparently, a lot of Amy Shumer's criticisms of Trump are false or not well supported by evidence. Thus, I would call her a liar. Telling lies about a person is not funny except to those already predisposed to hate a person.
  12. Actually, though, if I recall correctly, you got one of the degrees usually thought to be valuable in getting a job: Engineering. I think you've explained in detail though that it was your non-adaptive personality that prevented you from utilizing it. Also, you seemed to land the wrong kind of engineering work. I freely admit, though, that a guy who dropped-out of High School to work in a gas station back before mechanic licensing could do many or most engineering jobs as long as he learned to read well before he dropped out of High School.
  13. @Victimorthecrime I’m just a loser. Worthless. Completely neurotic with severe mental health problems who panics easily. I’m basically a shut-in at this point. Eventually I’ll end up on the road or dead.
  14. @Klingsor does this mean you are not taking the job that would require relocating? I regret going to college the way I did it, going directly from HS. I was ignorant of the world. I actually agree that college is worthless. Here’s why: any of the subjects that pay can be learned on-line for a fraction of the cost. The rest are valued just higher than a warm bucket of spit. It doesn’t matter. This country is going to hell.
  15. And in other news, Dear Leader issued this proclamation last week: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-reforming-modernizing-federal-hiring-process/ The consummation of the phrase "over-educated and under-skilled". Instead of Pol Pot and the killing fields, it will be starving college graduates relegated to the status of social pariahs. Perhaps we can get jobs scraping bird shit off park benches. "Go to college," they said. "Get a STEM degree," they said. "Nobody can take it away from you," they said (who the fuck would want it?). Fifteen fucking years of trying to make this worthless college education work in spite of my mental health problems, and it's gotten me nowhere. Covid-19 has already hammered higher education, and DJT just laid the foundation for its interment. You are going to see more and more of this. I can tell you from personal experience that the people I grew up around disparage college educations to the point that I was encouraged down this route because I was perceived as useless. From their perspective, college is for women, rich boys, or dweebs (i.e. worthless, scrawny, skinny runts). Meanwhile I am committed to self-sabotage and destroying any opportunity that comes my way because I’m a schizophrenic sensitive who can’t do anything practical. Like Fiver from water ship down.
  16. This is me. Entirely. "They're men with jobs, Jerry!..."
  17. @Under5 Here are a couple articles about Amy Schumer: https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/heres-the-biggest-reason-fans-turned-on-amy-schumer.html/ https://www.thetalko.com/15-things-that-prove-amy-schumer-is-the-worst/ She ticks all the boxes Trump does: racist, narcissist, callow, insensitive, rape apologist. Does this conform to your definition of a Terrible Human Being? And if it does, is it acceptable for me to call her a lardbeast, a landwhale, a fat whore, a "roastie" since she is obviously sensitive about her weight and sex life? For me to create paintings and sculpture that mock her appearance by exaggerating her hips, her stomach, cellulite, or obscenely floppy labias and loose vagina? After all, this is not misogynistic, I'm simply mocking her for being a Terrible Human Being by preying on her insecurities, not attacking all women. And before you say, "Well she's just a celebrity, Trump is the president, he has actual power", why first of all should that matter, and secondly, what has the man done as president except act like a celebrity? Many of his most rabid supporters have turned on him lately for that very reason, decrying him as weak, ineffectual, unable to counter the liberal menace (see an earlier post in this thread RE: Annie Coulter, another Terrible Human Being and overall harridan).
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  19. I agree that many of the attacks are meant just for Trump alone because they hate him. He has nerves of steel, however, and they delude themselves when they think they are hurting him. Still, they are part of the overwhelming tendency of society to degrade and humiliate men with a small penis, as indicated by small penis humor and its near universal acceptance. You can't demean one guy on the basis of a small penis without demeaning all! Those trying to hurt Trump in this manner actually hurt the vast number who are sensitive, not Trump.
  20. When people mock Trump about his “size”, they are doing so because he is a mean spirited person who equates his success with size. He uses terms like huge, biggest, etc. The attacks on Trump are because he is a terrible human being and these attacks bother him. I don’t think it’s a general attack on men with small penises.
  21. I have a strange relationship with “objectivity”. The exact measurement of an object is objective. Calling that same object small or large is a value judgement. I am about 4.5 inches long erect and have had 6 sexual partners, three of them long term. I’ve done almost everything in bed with a woman and have had a great time. I don’t doubt that the women have also. I am smart, funny, considerate, experimental, and in decent shape. The women I’ve slept with want a more complete person that just a dick. Some women might be different. Trust the fun you’ve had in the past. You are entitled to enjoy sex.
  22. I’m about 4 1/2 long while erect. I’ve had three long term female betters who were good looking, kind, and fun in bed. I believe that insecure women who tend to overcompensate really stress big penises. I’ve had a riot in bed over the years. i will say that I’ve always cared much more about other facets of me than my penis. So, my size can bother me a little but I’ve had more sex with a greater variety than most of the men I know,
  23. I'm just curious: What are your problems exactly in social situations? I've had, for decades, disabling anxiety in social situations, but wrote it off to "social anxiety" not autism. What is the difference? Sorry, I can't really be of help and have questions instead!
  24. LaLa

    Stress? Anxiety?

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I'm glad to know you're holding on! I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. Good luck and take care!
  25. Hi, Jj, welcome! Sorry for my late reply. I have some questions to get a better picture of the problem. I wonder about what precisely is the problem of his daughter and how much it affects her behaviour. Apart from saying what you quoted, what does she want from her father and how does she behave? Does she insist that you two break up? Is she mean to you? Or is she able to be at least relatively decent during family gatherings? And how much is her approval important and / or even friendship for you and for him? Or you mostly want her decent behaviour on the inevitable occasions when you meet? Take care!
  26. @Victimorthecrime I was diagnosed when I was a kid. Some symptoms I handled, some I still struggle every day. Some textures, sounds. especially social interactions are hard for me.
  27. What are your autism symptoms like @Dima? Do you have sensitivities to light, sound, textures, and other stimulus? Do you have difficulty wIth social interaction? Full disclosure I don’t have autism. I do have anxiety and some depression. I work in behavioral health, albeit in a non-clinical capacity, so I see treatment cases for autism patients, ABA etc.
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