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  2. Life healing choices - by John Baker and foreword by Rick Warren ( pastor and founder of celebrate recovery )
  3. In my case I was straight to transgender to straight again and to asexual now. I have no happy memories of my teenage years. Always bullied, cheated (taken advantage of) and teased for having small dick. Always felt lonely, confused, angry and envy of bigger dick. Being asexual and live like a vulcan is the only thing that keep me sane.
  4. Daveuk

    Both books

    Both books.by John baker and foreword. By rick warren
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  6. It's great to hear from you again, Eric. I wish I had some helpful advice that might ease your pain. I hope that there are aspects of life that you find enjoyable. Best wishes.
  7. Something to keep in mind is that men do not have equal drives to meet women and have sex. We should not be too hard on ourselves as that only makes things worse. You can't stop high testosterone men from pursuing women with a team of horses. As can easily be observed, such men don't care if they make fools of themselves. Their drive for women and sex rules their behavior. Condemning ourselves because we can't be like such men makes us feel worse and even less assertive. Frankly, we can't compete with men looking for women impressed by such men. We need to pursue more reserved, shy type women. I don't think dating sites/ apps work for us. We need to find compatible women by being active in groups and activities where such women might be.
  8. There were strong attempts to stop the growth of porn when the internet was young. I seem to remember, in particular, a Senator Exon trying to stop it, but getting almost no support. Right or wrong, too late now. I think hard core stuff is illegal in China,.
  9. This can be complicated. My 1st wife use to tell small penis jokes not realizing I was small. This was in the pre-porn era.
  10. Oh, oh! The 2000 sample is not a random sample it is drawn from people serious about sex and relationships as evidence by their subscription.
  11. Hookers really helped me at one point in my life. I became confident I could "do it." However, it is a habit akin to drugs. Fortunately, I was able to quit relatively quickly. I would recommend it to guys who can't seem to take a first step. Get past the mystery.
  12. You're pretty much the in the same boat as me. I'm a few years older than you and only had sex one time. Can't talk to women to save my life. Not that it's worth saving. Never had sex with a hooker. I couldn't have PIV sex now even if I had the opportunity. I'm thinking about hiring a hooker just so I can get to make physical contact with a woman one last time before I shuffle off this mortal coil. It all sucks.
  13. Daveuk

    Monday - Friday

    Monday - went out to Saintsburys Tuesday - went out for a bit and shopping Wednesday - Routestowork home visit 3:00pm human kind 4:00pm Thursday probation 9:30am CR 7:30pm Friday stayed in for a rest
  14. I hope you'll find interacting with others on this forum as helpful as you hope it will be! (It can get quite confrontational sometimes , but we try to avoid that and, mainly, try to "work it out" .) Good luck!
  15. Welcome, Floyd, and feel free to talk!
  16. Hello, Floyd, welcome! It must have been difficult to live with this condition, I'm sorry you've been in such distress. May I ask you more about it? Would you say it's bulimia (or something else)? (I'm thinking of a psychological reason of your throwing up as you're on a mental support website, but it perhaps might be caused by some hidden physical condition, who knows?) If not, how is it different from bulimia? If you don't eat "too much", don't you suffer from severe malnutrition? Or do you? Have you already consulted a physician and / or a psychologist? If yes, what did they say? If not, then why? Take care!
  17. Let me also address porn and masterbation. I love both too. I get horny, and love to watch porn and get off. But this is not a good substitute for actually being with someone. I don't mean having sex with them necessarily. I just mean having a connection, or having someone to tak to, or cuddle with. I've had sex with prostitutes too, and that, even though it satifies my needs physically, does nothing to enrich myself mentally or psychologically. It's funny, but the couple of times I've actually had a girlfriend, the relationship lasted over a year. This is from an extremely shy person. I've never ever asked a girl out! One girl got ahold of me thru her girlfrend that told me she liked me. The 2nd was a girl that actually called me - and I said no like a fucking idiot! Thankfully, she called me the next day and I was ready this time and said yes. My 3rd and only other gf was one that a friend of mine gave me her phone number, and after thinking about a hundred times that "I can't call her" finally did and we went out. This one only lasted a few dates, but at least I got soe sort of a chance with her. My point is, once I actually got started, it didn't go as badly as I expected. Now, I only had sex with one of them (GF #2), and that still haunts me to this day - I was so happy to actually have a gf that I failed to try for more. So even though I have a small penis, and was very shy (especially when I was younger), once I was sort of forced into dating a woman, I did ok for the most part. I want guys here to try harder than I did. I gave up on myself too easily to ask someone out. And I'm kicking myself BIG TIME for it. Don't be a 60-year-old-loser like me. PLEASE!!
  18. I know how bad it is. But can I give a bit of advice? Looking back, when I was younger, there actually were women who were interested in me, and I totally missed the signs. I always just thought they wanted to be just a friend and were just being friendly talking to me. I never even considered the thought they might like to know me more intimately. So, I just chatted with them, and never even thought about asking them to join me for a cup of coffee, or a drink, or a quick bite at the local diner or doughnut shop. Now that I'm much older, I don't have any prospects at all. So please, please, I beg you. If there's someone that likes to talk to you, even casually, and you know they are available, ask them to join you somewhere informally, like I mentioned above. An innocent little get together - no big production, no fancy dinner. It's not really a date. By getting your foot in the door like that, you might even surprise yourself and things might develop further. Please try. Don't be like me - 60 years old with sooooo much regret I beat myself up with it.
  19. Ever notice how no one ever even questions why porn is completely open and free to anyone, even children, on the internet? Whose decision was this and why is it never challenged? Especially in this day & age of hypersensitivity about nearly everything. To me it speaks to powerful people somewhere having an agenda but that's just my opinion.
  20. Hello there you all! I'm very happy to have found this page because NOW I'm not ALONE! I'm 57, Gay, and small penis also. BOY! can I ever talk! please accept me into your group . Because I cant wait to start talking.
  21. Hello this page is so wonderful.! I've looked for a page like this for ever. I also have a small penis and I'm also Gay. I'm 57 years old and I've always felt alone! Thank God that I found this page. You all have helped me so much by YOU being YOU that it's not even funny! I pray this page is still going . I belong to all of YOU. I'm so happy right now that I can't talk. Please accept me into your world.
  22. Hello . My name is Floyd, I'm 57 years of age. I couldn't handle not eating but I could throwing up what I ate . I've been throwing up for many years now. My son was just 2 when it started and now I find it so hard to stop! It's like the old friend that comes to visit. I've been throwing up everything now from 1988 to recent. So go figure! this is 2019 .
  23. Well you can't believe how much I feel your pain. I am 36 and never had a girl friend for the same reason as you. That's way worse than the one you have had. How am I ever going to get out of this stranglehold. I am also addicted to porn and masturbation.
  24. Hi, I see it's been a year since you last posted and I'm wondering how things are for you now? If nothing much has changed I thought maybe a conversation with you and Ben [ who I do believe to be part of you, dissociated to make things easier for you] , you could start by thanking him for his help over the years and tell him that he is welcome to stay but on your terms and that there needs to be rules that are followed. You need to have made preparations and have a well thought out set of rules like absolutely no harmful criticism etc, of course Ben will have been in the background as you thought the rules through so he will not be surprised. You also need to make it clear that while you appreciate him, you are taking control and that if his influence does not become completely positive you will seek to end your association with him. You do need to be that strong for the sake of you and your fiancee. You have to decide that while his help is welcome {and I'm sure his presence is a comfort}, that you will not let negativity manifested in Ben or from anywhere have power over you. Tell yourself this daily and practise positive affirmations, train yourself to think more positively towards yourself. You are worth the effort. I wish you well and hope you will reply as I'm very curious to know how you are. Much love to you.
  25. @EricDavis222 hey Eric good to see you back. It's been a minute. Boom. That's me to a T. Don't be ashamed. There's nothing to pursue. It's like pursuing being tall. Can't be done. Me and you are essentially in the same boat. I'm not even going to go into it. You know the deal. Best wishes.
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