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  3. Something apperantly went screwy with my insurance and I've been trying to fix it, but I haven't been having much luck.
  4. Explain when you say “I can’t afford a doctor”. If you have health insurance the copay for a PCP visit is low. If you don’t have health insurance, have you applied for it? In most areas there are clinics you can go to for healthcare even if you are penniless. Call your local government and tell them your situation.
  5. I can't afford a doctor and even if I could, I can't get to one because my family's car been totalled thanks to an accident that almost permanently placed my dad in the hospital...
  6. My life has been a complete waste of time. I hate the whole thing. 60 years without sex, intimacy, love or any physical contact with women. The only thing women did for me was make me feel like shit. I have so many regrets about my life the biggest being that I never ended my life sooner.

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      So much more than worthless, sending ❤️ 💜🧡 to you.

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  8. Hello, Stoicbearz, welcome! It seems you've already found a big part of the answer to your question, but it doesn't seem to help. Discovering the reasons of a preference or behaviour is important, but in most cases, some hard "work" needs to be done to change - or to accept - it. I'm not sure one can do it only on one's own (some people can, perhaps); psychotherapy can help a lot. Have you ever considered it? Can you go to therapy to address your issues? I'm sorry I don't have actual insight; I'm not really familiar with this particular issue. I just know therapy could help you to understand your needs more and figure out if you can somehow modify them or how to meet them. You might, perhaps, find some interesting insights about relationships in general on this website, not only in this 'chapter': https://www.theschooloflife.com/thebookoflife/category/relationships/finding-love/ Good luck and take care!
  9. I'm a 31 year old male who, over the years, have heavily developed the need for a woman to rough me up sexually. I have this void always gets bigger after I have run of the mill sex with a woman. At first, its great because it's the first time having sex with that woman and every woman I meet, but if I keep on a routine with the same woman, it becomes like a chore. I find myself having to power through it. At many times, I'll be still be hard but I can't ejaculate.....and then the woman feels like there's something wrong with her. But when I have a female dominate me, and by dominate, I mean she just releases her sexual rage and prowess onto me. Most things are done like: Being tied up, whipped, gagged, slapped, scratched, verbally assaulted and humiliated, spit on, and even pegged. The truth of it is, I've only been pegged twice by two different women. The first one did it to me by surprise. She had me tied up and blind folded. You can imagine my reaction when her pink 7'' dildo took me by surprise. It felt weird and wrong at first but when my comfort zone expanded a bit more that night, it was the best orgasm I've ever had. Of course, I had to cover for the fact I was walking strange the next day. The second woman, wanted to do it but she had never tried it before and so it was more exploratory form for her. We tried it and it felt weird for her and so we just never did it again. The issue that i'm finding is that my carnal need to be ravaged and abused by women is having an affect on my potential for a serious relationship. Because let's be honest - there aren't a lot of women who want a serious relationship and at the same time, are turned on by sexually dominating their boyfriends. Most women want to be dominated and to me that doesn't fill that sexual void. Being dominant, it feels more like a chore and less blissful. But the other crux I'm looking at is, is why am I into this? Is because my horrible relationship with women over the years, with my mother being at the forefront of it all? Or maybe it has to do with being inappropriate groped by, not one, but by two of my teaches in middle school? Or is it my inadequacies that feel from the opposite sex? Who knows - maybe it's all of thee above. I'd love to know anyone thoughts on this. Thank you.
  10. Welcome to the community, Choco. I'm sorry you have been feeling so poorly. 😢 I also hope you consulted a medical doctor about your symptoms. It sounds like you could be describing migraines. I have never had those before, but I have dealt with tachycardia and that can definitely make a person feel anxious. I hope you feel better soon.
  11. I can't believe how many people there are who claim to be a friend but cannot/will not keep information they have been trusted with quiet. Sorry this happened to you.
  12. Life can be very tough for men - and for women. Plus there are things can happen, both happy and sad to people regardless of their gender. Hope things improve for you, Powerhouse 🌻
  13. I definitely feel embarrassed in front of my wife. I don't cover up. I had a girl that was a friend who I talked with about things. I told her how embarrassing it was even with my wife. I told her I was barely 3 1/2 inches erect. That was a mistake. She told everyone we knew and it's followed me around for years. People I barely know laughing when I enter a restaurant or store. I only talk about with my therapist now. I know I can trust her.
  14. I've got buried penis syndrome really bad. Flaccid- 1 1/2 Erect- 3 1/2 Girth is also a little over 3 inches
  15. Hi, I've been having panic attacks non-stop for about almost a week now and they've been driving me crazy. I can barely sleep (4hrs at most), eating is difficult, I'm crying every other moment in the day, my body feels like it's being crushed into small box, my my heart keeps beating much faster, so trying to regulate my breathing with my asthma is difficult. My father's constantly worried about me because of it, at times I can barely stop shaking, as my stomach goes into loop-da-loops. My paranoia keeps getting worse, plus with this hurricane blazing through near GA (the state where I live) is suddenly becoming cooler, when that usually doesn't happen until October, so there's that. Also, I don't understand why but, I've become incredibly sensitive to light, sound and quick movement, causing me to have severe, debilitating headaches. I can barely stay in my bed, without crying in the fetal position, all because the light was a little too much/a strange loud noise coming from outside, the lights are too bright or the fact that my wiggled a little too much trying to get comfy on the mattress... I'm losing my fucking mind! and it's making me feel even worse that I don't what's happening to me, especially when it's my body that this is happening, too.
  16. I hope at least some of you will appreciate this (I really love this philosophy and this philosopher, as some of you might have already noticed😞
  17. Let's see Childbirth Periods Less able to defend yourself physically if attacked Higher risk of being sexually assaulted / raped I can count on one hand the negative things about being female Whereas being a man is a living hell every day in every way BEING A MAN IS A LIVING HELL EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I'm not sure anyone even uses this forum anymore - seems everyone has moved to Reddit if they want to whine about things - forums are dead You may question from this post, whether I have transgender feelings I do not have such feelings, and I do not feel feminine Also, "trans women" are biologically male I just think being a man is fucking shit, and there's nothing I can ever do about it Depressed, waste of fucking time, what's the fucking point The vast majority of the evil freaks and rapists and perverts and weirdos and paedophiles in the world are male, and by me being male I'm lumped in with them When you think about the reality of what being male means in relation to women (and children) it just becomes more and more depressing I'm probably sounding like an incel here But the truth is that I'm worse than a fucking incel Incels are just losers who don't have sex I on the other hand can't have sex Sexuality for women is a commodity (economically and socially), for men it is a liability To add insult to injury, men have to do the work physically (in the actual act of sex), and pay for it economically (one way or another) Women can use their sexuality to get everything they want in the world (directly or indirectly) Men have to face a life that is a living hell every day FEMININITY IS FREEDOM MASCULINITY IS SLAVERY That's all I've got to say just now Bye
  18. Awesome might join it my self
  19. I'm not sure what average length is tbh. There's societies average, statistical average and God knows how many others. But it's shit for anyone with SPS, whether it be length, girth or otherwise. Anything penis size related that dominates your thoughts and stops you living can be a nightmare to deal with. Hope you're doing ok.
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  21. @Daveuk I ran across this forum and thought you might like to check it out: https://www.halloweenforum.com/ I am not on it yet but if I do I will start off “Hello Boils and Ghouls”.
  22. Thank you for sharing. I certainly hope you find some help here, and with friends and perhaps a decent and caring professional mental health expert too. I get your admiration for the character Mr. Spock. His character was a good idea in the mind of the Start Trek creators, and wonderfully cast by Nimoy in the original show. He certainly did have an asexual air about him.
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