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  2. I've seen Frankie Boyle and Lee Evans live. They are the two biggest. Seen loads of comedians like Steven K Amos and Mickey Flannigan like at the fringe.
  3. The Lowry - Average price £107 per deluxe suite double. At the Lowry they have comedians like John Bishop and shows like 'The Addams Family'. i think me and gf could do a saturday later this year. which comedians have you guys seen live?
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  5. I haven't been to Manchester in about 20 years, and I don't even know what I was there for. It was a concert but for the life of me I can't remember who it was, the hazy 90's. Yeh, I'll meet up wherever, I'm sure I can find it. I'll maybe try and book a hotel for the night, make it a 'holiday' for me and the missus lol.
  6. Hey chaps, hope you're all OK Totally agree charity work is good fun and does wonders for confidence and helping to channel our energy, I do a few things a month including boxing up food parcels for the local food bank and supporting St Elizabeth Hospice - my dad got prostate cancer and almost died so I think that I owe them. I believe that paying it forward is perhaps one of best things we all can do. So we are looking at Manchester - I once went to the Lowery (Britains got Talent was being filmed) How would you feel about meeting around there? - I remember its near to Old Trafford and many nice shops/pubs We could go for lunch/drinks?? Helpless Loner - we are here for you, what has caused you to feel down? has something happened? Best wishes Paul
  7. @YOTH Thank you for your kind words brother. She is home now and recovering. I think your right about helping others. As shit as we feel there is always others who have it worse I guess. I give a percentage of wages every week to a breast cancer charity. I thought that had me covered haha.
  8. @Smallbeans I suppose we grow and learn from that type of stuff, even if we are at the mercy of it. But I know from experience, if anything gets you praying it's something like that. Maybe use it as a message to do some charity work (a sponsored run or something) for the cause or charities? But don't quote me on it, I'm quite out of shape lol. But joking aside it must have awful. Really glad she's ok. ☮
  9. @YOTH I think the feeling of helplessness was the worst part. I pray to never go through that again. If there is a god. @Helpless_loner your not alone brother. You got us.
  10. @Smallbeans I can imagine. Nothing knocks you off your feet like that. Your priorities change so drastically when they're born and nothing can prepare you for that feeling of helplessness. Hey, @Helpless_loner where about in the world are you?
  11. I'm 26 years old, 172 cm tall, weight around 130+kg, looks like I'm emotionally unstable, never served in military or law enforcement I want to join military... or mercenary/PMC... as long as I can get military training...
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  13. I've never experienced any of these scenarios, fortunately. Mine though, is a road full of bitterness and sadness on daily basis. I'm 30 years old and I've never even kissed a girl or had a date. I always ponder where or how my life would've been if was at least normally endowed...... I mean, it's been a long downward spiral ever since I turned like 21 years old.
  14. @TimmyStan1967 hey I'm new here and barely know anyone but I just want to say I'm glad to hear you got the surgery and are on the mend. I can only imagine how you felt with the nurse and getting the catheter out. I'm sure she has seen a lot smaller than yours. As horrible as having our "condition" is your story shows there is much more important things in life. I dont know if im trying convince you more than myself.
  15. Sure! And as time goes by I grow bitter and sadder..And thus,lonelier....
  16. It was the worst experience of my life. I'm a 26 year old man with a mortgage and a beard and I cried like a little child. We were the same. Barely went out but I thought I have spent thousands on making my house perfect for me to not leave haha.
  17. @Smallbeans Jesus, that must have been awful, there's literally nothing worse. Glad she's out and doing ok. Yeh, nights out are off the cards for now, not that went out much before, but it was an option. We don't live that close to relatives so for the last 9 years we've stayed in with my eldest boy, then just as you get a bit of freedom and leeway, bam! Baby! 😂
  18. My wife is exactly the same. As soon as the baby starts crying she panics. I have tried to plan nights out for us but she won't leave her for a night. We just had her in hospital for suspected menengitis. She's out now but has to go back every day for more antibiotics. I can safely say I have never been more scared in all my life.
  19. @Smallbeans Cool, congratulations right back at ya. My lad is 14 weeks. It's a good age, lots of whinging, but what else is new?. The missus is still very clingy so just wait for that to wear off a bit, shouldn't be too long now lol.
  20. @YOTH congrats on the new baby. I just became a father as well. She's now 16 weeks old.
  21. Yeh, I could do Manchester. It'd be difficult atm with the baby being so little, but in a month or two when we can palm him off to her mother for a night, definitely.
  22. I'm happy to travel. I could do with the time off work actually haha. I'm sure my wife would come along also
  23. We could maybe do a city in the middle of the UK.. as random suggestion...what about Manchester one weekend? I will bring my Gf we could go for a few drinks?
  24. Sounds like a nightmare. But so what if she said that to someone, they don't know you. But to be honest, most nurses dealing with penises are very knowledgeable in actual sizes especially flaccid. My friend was a nurse in a nursing home dealing with old men all day and I once heard her saying that the average penis isn't what most women fantasise it being. And most flaccid penises are smaller than what you'd think, so I wouldn't over analyse it too much, although I imagine the feeling was quite horrific. I'm just glad you had it done 😃👍
  25. @lookingforafriend I agree. London is an absolute trek for me personally tho lol, maybe somewhere in the middle-ish. I wish I had the money to make it easy for everyone to come to one place but it's not an impossibility. Start off meeting up 2-3 of us and go from there.
  26. @TimmyStan1967 In the UK about 9 out of 10 pubs have troughs. I sometimes wonder why they have walls in the stalls, if we pee able to see other mens cock we might as well shit with no boundaries lol. I once went to a club in Cheltenham and they had separate urinals with little walls, amazing! If I lived there I'd have drank there all the time.
  27. The army thing is kinda dumb, I'm sorry if it came off as lame. But you are spot on - the message is the same. We should stick together and like I have said I am willing to travel to meet you guys. Ideally we should pick somewhere on the train line, for example a major city which is somewhere central to everyone interested in coming. Or we see about all attending an event for example a comedy gig??? How would you feel about somewhere in London? if not here what about Cambridgeshire? - just a few suggestions.
  28. Do you feel more comfortable moving around the site now, Peter? I know it took me a while to feel comfortable with it as well, especially after the most recent software update. If you have any specific questions, we'd be happy to help. Best wishes.
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