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  2. Hello everyone, I'm here today to ask you if you know of any other option except for antidepressants to make depression better. I've tryed a lot of different antidepressants over the last four years, but all of them, when they really started to have the desired effect, made me behave in a strange way, meaning that i couldn't sleep cause i had too much energy, i was euphoric, i couldn't concentrate on anything for too long, i talked really fast, almost without a connection between the topics i was talking about. This as lead both me and my doctor to believe that antidepressants are not for me. I do fall into periods of depression, though, (usually short ones, from 3 days to a week or two) where i cannot seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and in those periods i am plagued by suicidal ideation or attempts and self-injurious behavior (which are the two things that concern me the most). I don't want to go through another one of those bad moods again. Does anybody suffer from this same problem? How have you dealt with it? Thank you in advance to anyone who will answer me! Kiki
  3. Not relevant just for those who want to seduce!
  4. A success story

    Wow smallstar I hope things get better for you. People do get clean. Don't let your current circumstance blind you. Pursue treatment if you need it. Call your health insurance company for providers and facilities. We are always here to talk/listen.
  5. A success story

    I bet he uses again. It's impossible to forget. I don't believe anyone stays clean forever. Not to mention it's just everywhere. At my work I swear almost every employee is on sub or selling sub. They don't even try to hide it. Life just sucks and people want to feel better. I can't blame them. And then people work so hard to get and stay clean and for what, you just die in the end either way. Some people have impossible situations and will never be able to have a real life. My life is impossible. It's like I just knotted everything up so bad that I'll be dead before I can undo enough knots to actually have a life. My life is actually so pathetic that my parents have already planned out new babysitters for me once they die. That's really encouraging. That's how much faith they have in me.
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  7. To measure or not to measure

    Hi YOTH, I'm small on both sides of the equation but I could see how being small flaccid and average erect would be somewhat difficult to deal with since most people in casual situations will see the flaccid size and make assumptions or impressions from that.
  8. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    This from a guy that sends dick pics to women on the internet in hopes of achieving coitus that evening ๐Ÿ˜† Just bustin yer yarbles big guy, always a hoot ๐Ÿ˜Š
  9. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Actually, the point of my post was that Western culture now is really quite debased and probably the values of modern Western culture are worse than those of non-Western cultures. Certainly, the traditional values that we expected would exist - the values we expected even in the 1990s would continue to hold - are gone now. For many people, the traditional family - that of a married heterosexual monogamous couple raising children - is dead. Yes such families do of course exist, but they are only one of many options available now whereas in the past it would have been the only option for men and women who loved each other. If that essential building block of society is dead, then how can we have anything even remotely resembling a sane society? What is worth preserving about the culture I live in when it's all gone to shit? Certainly the working classes in the society where I live have a completely debased culture. There are loads of things for me to be depressed about. Race differences. Sex differences. The social class system. Political correctness. Physical attractiveness. Health. Penis size, whether too large or too small. What bugs me most of all is this cult of equality. The obsession with saying that everyone is equal, when it is plainly obvious that people of different races, men and women, different social classes, as well as individuals, are inherently unequal, and this has a largely biological basis. Another term for it would be "Social Darwinism" - not an ideology in and of itself but simply a recognition that the strong thrive, and the weak die out. And the Orwellian tyranny of prosecuting those who tell the truth about certain controversial topics as "hate speech" - not in America but in the UK and Europe yes that can and does happen. But honestly, I don't want to go back to my old ways, so I'll change the subject immediately. Have been talking to some more women online. Once there is significant progress in stuff happening I will give you an update on that.
  10. To measure or not to measure

    It's a funny thing measuring. Apparently I'm perfectly normal, the planet average. But it fails to take into account flaccid size and focuses on erect. My fluctuating flaccid size is my hang up, so measuring for me is useless.
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  12. Hello from Texas

    Hi LaLa, Thanks and I look forward to the discussions and the support!
  13. To measure or not to measure

    I have a tendency to be somewhat OCD about measuring at times. It seems to come and go but recently I have been infatuated. I think it started when I began researching studies about penis size (over the past month). I literally created a spreadsheet with all of the average sizes and standard deviations of the medical studies conducted. I then took probably 30 measurements over a two week period to determine how I "ranked" among the different studies. Most of the studies referred to 2.5 standard deviations below the mean being in the "unusually small" range and I am about 13% below that limit which means that I am very very small by this definition. It definitely did not make me feel better, although for some reason when I started the process I was hoping it might. In the end it just reconfirmed what I have known for years and it was quite depressing when I started calculating what percentile that I was in (0.05%).
  14. It's definitely embarrassing to give these kind of details but I feel that I need to be open or else I won't be able to address it. Flaccid I am about 1.2" bone pressed and visually I can be anywhere from 0" to about 1" normally. Erect (bone pressed) I am about 3.6" but again that looks like 2.5" visually. Erect girth is about 3.7". My ideal size would be around 3" flaccid and 6" erect with about a 4.5" girth. I'm not wanting to be "huge" but high normal would be a wonderful change. I'm not sure why we are discussing this because in reality we have what God gave us and that's not going to change but if I had my ideal size then I tend to believe that I would not be on here discussing this topic.
  15. Hello from Texas

    Hello, Lostboy, welcome! I hope you'll find here the support and the conversations you need. Good luck and take care!
  16. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to preserve the best bits of a culture, doesn't seem racist to me, it's your tribe and you care about it. Harmony is one of the most important things though, sometimes other cultures can influence in an interesting/good way, sometimes not - this applies to Western culture and it's influence as well - but life features change and change takes time to get used to.
  17. Self worth/confidence with a small penis

    Hello RazU, You and I are very similar in size so you are definitely not alone with this issue. I get it. I have wondered for years why I was cursed with such a small penis. At times I don't even think about it but at other times I become almost obsessed with my size. I am married as well, and have been for a long time, with a couple of children. Early in our relationship I would want to discuss my size with my wife, I guess just because I needed validation of my suspicions and someone to talk to on the subject, but it made her very uncomfortable so now it is basically the "elephant in the room" no pun intended. It is very good to hear that your wife can have orgasms with you because that is what really matters. If she is able to climax, with penetration, then in my mind you are a rock star! I use toys and such with my wife to help her (which isn't unusual regardless of size) but I totally understand the feeling of worthlessness and questioning of whether you are truly satisfying her because I feel that way almost every time my wife and I make love.
  18. Hello from Texas

    Hello Everyone. I'm glad to find this group and I look forward to discussing these personal issues with others who understand. I've known for a long time that I have been very small and I've dealt with it by not being nude in public places where this could be known (gyms, locker rooms, etc...). I've learned to adapt and deal with it but it does limit me.
  19. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Have to post twice because don't like post count number sitting at 13 (superstition)
  20. Back again with a whole new set of issues.

    Feeling really low tonight again. There are things that I want to say, but I'm not even sure if I should post them because what I fear the most is that I'll go back to my old ways.
  21. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    This. It sounds as though you have overcome a lot, Vic, as well as learning much along the way. I sometimes wish too that the learning part didn't take so many years (or decades). Klingsor, I hope your plans for a new home come to fruition. I am in your corner.
  22. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    My thoughts exactly. There were still such things as apprenticeships up until the era you are talking about, which was a far better system. Perhaps I would've had a better life in a different time and place, or at least one suited better suited to my nature. Who knows. Sorry for going off topic. It just got me thinking about my life. I hope everyone else has some success with their plans or whatever they are doing to find a bit of peace or happiness.
  23. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Until the late Sixties when the impact of the Vietnam War started to be felt, college was for the upper middle to upper rich socio-economic classes. It was a rite of passage for the well to do. It was never meant to be the pseudo-trade school that it has become. I think we would all be better off going back to the way it was. Especially these days where anyone can learn most of what they need on line. The rest could be on-the-job training. Give young people real world skills and problem solving skills that they need to earn a living. If after that they want become intellectuals or artists or whatever, fine.
  24. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Stick w the job Klingsor, play the game. It beats the alternative.
  25. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Without a little guidance and support it is really hard for a guy 18-22 or so to handle college life. So many distractions, so much negativity. My freshman year I chased girls some but always ended alone. I had been an occasional pot smoker in high school but not during junior or senior year. But in college I saw how smoking pot brought people together, instant friendships were made so my sophomore & junior year was a smoke out. If I wasn't smoking it was because I just couldn't find it. I hung w a nice group of guys and we had some good times but nothing productive came from it that's for sure. Come senior year I was old enough to buy beer and that was it for pot. Now I was just a drunk and my self esteem was at an all time low. Moving back home after college was horrible. Just whole thing has been pretty rough. Very few good times outside of some drunken debauchery. A lot of worry, fear, anxiety, guilt, self loathing and even some depression.
  26. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    On a daily basis, I guess I'm trying to put this shit behind me. I'm starting another new job and doing everything personally possible to keep it. I'm trying to be more optimistic, confident and stop worrying so much. I'm also planning on taking a trip to the beach. The last true vacation I had was over 15 years ago, and it was to the beach. It was the only time I've been to the sea, and it was very enjoyable. So that is what I'm planning for and looking forward to now.
  27. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    For young men attempting to plan for the future, if I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I'd go to a really reputable trade or technical school and learn a foreign language.
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