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    Honestly I should name mine Nosferatu because I make sure it's invisible to any mirrors in my apt and I refrain from touching it except to urinate and masturbate out of sight.
  3. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    I love the Diaz brothers and will always back & support them. It felt like a personal victory when Nate got paid so well for the McGregor 2 fight setting him up for life. But according to his manager Nate wants $15m for the Woodley fight. In fact Nate has been saying for quite some time now that he won't be fighting for less than $10 mil. They need to be realistic. He isn't worth that sort of money. On a personal level I think he should sit it out & avoid a loss until he's given the McGregor fight then spend his life doing triathlons & weed with his brother. But as a fight fan I want to see him take on a top 10 lightweight. Nick needs a big fight too. There have been rumours that he's turned down all sorts of fights - even a title fight against Woodley. There was a time where he could even have got the Lawler rematch while he was the champion! Could you imagine that??? Diaz v Lawler 2 for the welterweight championship? I like these guys a lot & wish them the best especially Nick. Have mad love for him. Whenever I picture the pair i get a vision of Nick playing with his nunchucks while Nate is on the sofa watching old martial arts flicks. Sharing some deep weed induced conversation. But I want to see them back too, against big names.
  4. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    He is a dork
  5. i just need help

    How are you doing? Are you still feeling this way? Like Irma said, these feelings can pass. It's very likely in the future that you'll look back on that moment and be glad you didn't end your life. Things can get so so much better for you. I guarantee not everyone thinks you're annoying. Your parents would be devastated and inevitably blame themselves, and you have a friend who cares for you too. You're not as easily replaceable as you might think, the pain of your death is something they would carry with them for a long time, possibly forever. But more than that, you will be selling yourself short on a full life and a chance at happiness. Trust me in that your perspective changes a lot as you get older. I would have resented that kind of statement when I was younger, but it's true. You will see that things you worried about now weren't the great things you made them out to be (I hope that doesn't sound like I'm belittling your problems, I just mean to say that perspectives change; especially from adolescence to adulthood) and things can get drastically better for you as you get older. School can be rough and young folks can be cruel. Fortunately, most people grow out of this and I think you could have a chance at a truly great life. As far as we know, it's the only life you've got and things can almost always get better and be worth living for. Depression can warp everything into a pit of pointless despair though and if it's this that you're suffering from then I highly recommend seeking professional help in the form of a therapist or something. It's surprising what even just talk therapy and cbt can do for people, and (while I know people groan when I bring this up) eating well and exercising genuinely changes your mood and views on things. If you can get a gym membership (or do fitness blenders for free on youtube) and start doing that, it's surprising how good you will start to feel after you begin doing it every day. It's like stepping into the mind of a different person. It just takes that initial push to get yourself to do it. I find counting down from 5 in my head and moving on 1 works well. 5 4 3 2 1--> and I'm up and going to the gym. Anyway, hope this helps you or someone else reading this. All the best.
  6. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    @Small I can't see Diaz accepting the pittance they'll pay him for Woodley, but if they do I'm looking forward to it. Tony wants Conor, he's quite possibly the worst trash talker in the history of the UFC, like being called a retard by a kid with down syndrome or calling a white guy "cracker". He's such a dope he just looks like a gimp instead of making his opponents angry. He's the type of guy who I'd fight even tho he'd kill me, I'd still punch him if he gave me shit 😂. But I'd love to see the Khabib fight, and I'd be up for McGregor Diaz 3. It's the only fight that makes sense money wise, Woodley just doesn't have the hype train to sell that fight.
  7. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    @YOTH The UFC are trying to put Khabib vs Ferguson on the 219 card. Khabib has accepted the fight but so far Tony Ferguson has not. I'm looking forward to this if it happens. We have Holly Holm vs Cyborg too & there are rumours of a possible Nate Diaz vs Woodley. That would be stacked.
  8. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    How are the diets and exercise going?
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    Modest Mouse
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    I call mine Limp Bizkit.
  12. My so called life

    That would be nice
  13. Being grateful

    I also am grateful/thankful for this forum. I'm glad I have learned to hang in there even if things aren't perfect. I'm grateful to all those who have shared their story here. It has helped me to see that I am not alone in sometimes finding life a struggle. When it comes to life, a certain amount of suffering is just baked into the cake.
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    I call mine Ringo. He's the probably the least impressive of any given bunch, but he has a certain charm and can keep a fucking beat.
  15. Do I? Nope. Have I? In a former life, that was all i did. Lol
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    I've had a number of pitiful demeaning names for it, but never one that stuck. For me, it's a constant battle between self-deprecating fantasies and wanting to be okay with my size. But I also never call mine a cock for the same reason. Whenever i did in the past, it just felt wrong.
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    In my experience (locker rooms and sex clubs), most i've seen are right around 3". A 4" flaccid (fully soft, not semi) is pretty darn big. Some study i read (too lazy to dig up the source now), said 2.9 was the average flaccid size, and that sounds about right to me.
  18. Being grateful

    I'm grateful for this community, as well. It has been very nice to openly talk about these painful topics that have been bottled up inside me. I'm also very thankful for my family and my health. Overall, I am a fortunate person.
  19. My so called life

    Keep your knees bent Small and lean slightly forward if you wish to remain upright!
  20. My so called life

    Small -- it is core intensive and you have to utilize your whole body. Honestly I always thought roller blades were easier for me than skates, but most people start with skates. Also don't feel inferior; I just said I liked it, but I'm by no means superior at it. If I were to put on a pair today I'm sure I'd eat dirt several times. Wow Beth, I'm exactly the opposite...a total klutz when it comes to catching anything except a virus. My footwork is much better than my hand coordination for some reason. I'd like to learn to dance but I'm too shy.
  21. Being grateful

    I hope everyone here is able to find something they can be grateful for, whether it's health or family or something else. I'm grateful to this community for allowing me a place to let off steam regularly. I don't return to work until next Monday and I'm supremely grateful for that.
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    Sigh. Sorry. Bad joke.
  23. My so called life

    Once you learn something after a while it becomes almost automatic. I have struggled to teach my girls because I haven't been able to describe exactly what I'm doing when I skate. :/ Lean back on your right leg and push off, moving forward with your left leg. Glide forward, alternating feet...left, right, left..Something like that anyway. I can only do it now because I learned a very long time ago; my daughters still need practice to learn. Give yourself some time and with practice I'm sure you'll get it. I find it freeing and it seems to lift my mood. I hope you enjoy skating, Small. I could play softball, tennis, and basketball, but I was just awful at soccer and volleyball. I was always tripping over the soccer ball and my arms would bruise instantly every time I made contact with the volleyball. Tennis was my strongest sport.
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    "Little guy" Im not very creative but the title fits.
  25. Forum Poll

    @YOTH The old boy? That's an interesting name to call your penis. What about everyone else - do you guys have habitual names for your penises even if it's internal monologue? I've noticed that I only ever label mine a penis as I believe Cock should be reserved for the larger sizes. I've never liked the word dick much, seems delinquent to me.
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