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  2. Only thing I ever tried to fake was being a bad boy. It felt really unnatural and very uncomfortable. Couldn't keep it up. I've entertained the fake bulge thing before but have never gone through with it.
  3. @TinyBlackDick It's true, women are like real life buckaroos. If they had earthquakes in the UK most girls would shed their accessories like a shook Christmas tree lol. But tbh I never felt confident when I was stuffing. It made me constantly worry if the bulge had shifted or moved and I was constantly looking in mirrors and reflections. But if it works for you tho then power to you, I just didn't get a system down that I trusted out and about.
  4. @Small That's true, look at old men, they have to tie em in bow lol. But mine are ridiculous, they shrivel up to nothing when I take off my stretcher, but they're getting there. They've got a bit more give to them recently but that doesn't stop them yo-yoing back into their cave on a whim. I've just started pricing weighted stretchers which I'll start using in a few weeks, but it's an exact science. You have to get the size right or it's one hell of a waste of money. @Lodz was saying he used a penis stretcher and had some ok growth results.
  5. Meh! Women do it all the time. High heels make them look taller than they really are, make up makes 4's and 5's look like 7's and 8's. Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, and in some cases, fake asses and fake boobs, even fake personalities. Fake fake fake. I don't see them dying slowly inside because they feel like liars. You? Fake bulge?... Thats it?...You're good man.
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  7. To expand. I find thay saggy balls lose their bounce while gaining a swing, which could be because stretching skin loses it's elasticity. For me, that bounce depicts a sense of life and virility, paired with that thick, crawling skin. Low swinging balls seem lifeless to me personally. Just my opinion! Thanks for sharing!
  8. WeIl balls sag with time don't they. I'm guessing that to stretch them is just to achieve this saggy look? You can do this well by not wearing underwear (synonymous for a woman not wearing a bra and getting saggy breasts). I personally Don't find this low hanging look particularly nice,b ut I'm glad you are happy with it!
  9. Thanks Res, knew I could count on you - now, how many tins of beans do I need for a thousand years...?
  10. @Small I suppose if you hung weights off your cock it'd just stretch with no girth growth but I think jelquing adds mass like a muscle (apparently, I've never done it consistently so I couldn't say). The balls on the other hand will definitely stretch, I can guarantee that. To be honest, if there was a real and tangible process to stretch the penis successfully and permanently we'd know about it by now. I'm waiting for the pill that gives you a 24 hour semi on without damaging the penis.
  11. I think that the experiences we have can offer both darkness and light. If we are able to stand with and care for ourselves through all of it, I think that can help. I hear you that this can be difficult. Thoughts can become distorted too during times of depression. How is your self talk, scruffycat? Have you thought about getting a new companion? Pets can heal the heart and spirit. Sending love and care to you.
  12. You're all so kind. Thank you, LaLa, for your heartfelt reply. It really makes me feel grateful that you took the time to write that. There really is a part of me that wants to live, I think - but that part gets overshadowed by the darker thoughts. I just feel so confused. One moment everything's sunshine and rainbows, the next everything is black and horrible. I just want to feel truly happy again like when I was a kid, you know?
  13. If anyone can answer - by penis stretching, won't you by definition lose girth and add it to length? If its erectile tissue thats being elongated doesn't the shaft get thinner? Thank you.
  14. We're in safe hands. Phew ✋
  15. @jazz i'll do what i can to stop the war, or at least delay it as much as possible. but you should make preparations just to be on the safe side.
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  17. Yeah, a stretcher is different than stuffing a sock.
  18. Yup, stuffing isn't good for the soul. But my ball stretchers just stretch what I already have. My authentic small self can fuck right off XD
  19. Faking a bulge makes me feel like a liar, and i am trying to live an honest lifestyle. I realized the lie and the hiding is more isolating and saddening than just being my authentic small self.
  20. @jackbolin I went through a whole range of methods from a sock one half in and one half out of my boxers under my pants to actually stitching foam into my underwear. I've trialed pretty much every homemade contraption I could think up. But they ALL had downsides and lacked consistency. I recently read a magazine and they were selling boxers with a pocket at the front for your 'phone'. I thought for a sock more like, but very nice of them to beat around the bush (no pun). But everything I came up with and even boxers I bought online promoting bulge enhancement never gave me confidence. I'm just getting that back now with the ball stretching. What a farce 😵😵😵. 😂
  21. Having a small dick sucks, but only as much as we let it. Loneliness will hurt you much more. That's my opinion. I actually had some really good luck finding women interested in cuckolding me, but most of them had serious issues. It reinforced my feelings of inferiority, but it made it into a fun novel thing that i could be an essential part of. And it helped me accept myself as a small man with a small dick. Yeah, he was fucking her better than i ever could, but they were doing it for MY arousal. I was an essential part of their very exciting sexual experience. It worked for me. But it's definitely not for everyone.
  22. @jackbolin have you heard of EMDR? My therapist introduced me to it, and it has actually healed my penis-related ptsd to a large extent.
  23. I can really relate to a lot in this thread. I married someone i wasn't all that physically attracted to (i'm divorced now). She'd never had sex with anyone before me, so she didn't know what she was missing I suppose. It turned out, i married someone who wasn't at all interested in sex. She told me a couple years into the marriage that she thought she was pretty much asexual, even though she was attracted to guys. So i was in a sexless marriage pretty much. I started to hook up with anonymous guys and give them oral, even though I'm not really physically attracted to men. I somehow needed to be sexually useful to someone. Of course i did this behind my wife's back, and she never found out. I'd feel guilty for weeks after each episode of this. Then i really got into watching cuckold videos and actually talked online to some actual cucks. They talked about how great the lifestyle was and how much their wives loved it. I thought this may be an answer. So I tried to bring this up to my wife, but I didn't get started good and she shut me down and told me she wasn't interested in sex with anyone. This wasn't the reason for divorce but i gave up hope after that. Still have no hope. I think eventually I'll get used to being a hermit. Most of the time it doesn't bother me.
  24. I've done the sock stuffing as well, lol....My taste in clothes hasn't changed much since the 90's, so I like to wear fairly snug fitting jeans. I wasn't really all that conscious of the fact that people "looked", but one day a woman I worked with at the time saw me outside work in a store. She actually had the brass to say to me "you ain't showing too much in those jeans". So for quite a while, I'd stuff a sock into my underwear so it would appear I was packing way more than I actually was. But that was very uncomfortable and probably not at all healthy, so now I just don't give a damn. It's good to hear that others have tried this, lol....Makes me feel less the freak.
  25. See, I'm the exact opposite. It's been a long while since I've pretty much given up on ever being normal, but I've seen therapists in the past. Male and female. I could definitely be more upfront with the female. Now this was yeas apart so maybe I was more open to talk about my issues when i saw the female therapist...but i have a hard time admitting weaknesses to other men. Now if it were just some chick i met in a bar, it would be different. But in a professional environment it didn't bother me at all to talk about my size. It turned the therapist was a lesbian (which came up when i discussed my bisexuality) so she really couldn't relate. I found out a little later her practice was mostly for other lesbians, though she didn't advertise that. I quit going 'cause I wasn't getting enough out of it. Sometimes I think about going back to therapy, but I realize I'm just looking for someone to listen to me. In other words, I'd be paying someone just to listen to me talk about my shit. I don't expect anything to ever really change.
  26. Oh man. The sock. Ive stuffed socks before but not in a speedo. I think you're lucky it fell out because it would have been obvious through a wet speedo that it was a foreign object. I've also used one of these:
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  28. @Lodz I remember when I was about 13, I joined the swimming team in army cadets. When I got there they said I couldn't swim in trunks and gave me Speedo's. In hindsight I should have thrown them at him and walked home but instead I stuffed a sock in there and went out to the pool. I did one lap and the fucking thing came out and I just kept on swimming. It was just floating there. *How.The.Actual.Fuck* I walked out and past all the people watching I don't know. Not only that, but it was a time trial so I was in the fucking pool on my own haha. Jesus wept XD. I've often wondered about cuckolding or humiliation but I'm couldn't be that submissive with a woman. With a man maybe, but even then I'd end up butting him if he insulted my cock lol.
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