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  2. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    That's the standard lifecycle of every SPS thread
  3. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    Hi @Klingsor your point is understood. I can agree that the psychological precedes the physiological. This is true for any sexual attraction between humans. I would dare say arousal typically starts before physical contact. I'm still not sold that the physiological is subordinate. Again, not a scientific experiment due to sample size, but most woman I have been with in life own a small clitoral vibrator as well as at least one dildo or vaginal vibrator. None of them had dildos less than 5" and only one had one over 7". I didn't really pay much attention to girth but I'm guessing they were also between 5-7". I've looked and it's very difficult to even find a dildo less than 5" and practically impossible to find one less than 4". I revert back to one of my earlier points, 6" to 5.5" may be psychological but 6" to 3.5" is both psychological as well as physiological. Yes, some woman can orgasm with the palm of their hand but this doesn't mean that it's the easiest or best feeling way. If it was, sex toys would go out of business. This topic has went somewhat in a full circle, which is great. The entire reason that I don't want my wife to see me my small flaccid cock is that I don't want the psychological to detract from the physical. I've spent most of marriage trying to determine how to satisfy her and my fear is if she really pays attention to my size (especially when I'm retracted) then she won't want to have sex as often or that it would be more difficult to stimulate her with that "picture" in her head. This is the reason I constantly "fluff" when I'm around her nude.
  4. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    For men it's psychological. For women it's mostly physical. They want that "filled up" feeling. For some that means 6x5, for some it means 9x7.
  5. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    I hear you. This was discussed some years ago, the alleged distinction between a clitoral and vaginal orgasm. I think you're missing my point - the physiological reaction to the different sizes is subordinate to and preceded by the psychological stimulation provoked. In such a scenario, you are correct, the small dick won't satisfy. But it's possible for a woman to orgasm with nothing more than the palm of her hand. What I'm saying is that the mechanics of the thing are subordinated to the psychological arousal provoked by the idea of a big dick (aesthetics, appearance, conception). It would be edifying to know the sizes of dildos purchased exclusively by women, their own preferences.
  6. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I don't know that it's a conspiracy or deliberate so much as it is simply an expression of the zeitgeist. It's television so by definition it's meant for mass consumption. Sex sells.
  7. Hmm good point. It is definitely a deliberate thing.
  8. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I think it depends on the movie and the style. If it's just a "tittie show" like some of the fraternity comedies then there probably wasn't deep consideration of the nudity, it was just good jerking material for young boys. On the other hand, if we are talking Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct then I think there was purpose behind the flash. Was it to prove her sexuality? Was it to show some level of domination or control? I don't know for sure but I do think there was method to the madness. You have to consider, showing a cock in a non-porn movie is a fairly rare event and it typically makes a strong statement when it happens. It also limits the producers latitude for other things (I don't remember the statistics but there's a limited number of nude scenes or specific cuss words allowed to maintain content ratings). If you're not trying to make a point, then why show the cock at all? You could probably show many more tits and cuss like a sailor without the cock shot. BTW I debated on Peni or Penis' but Peni sounded cooler so I went with it.
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  10. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    Hi @Klingsor I'm going to have to partially disagree. I do agree with you that "obsessing" over cock size is a male thing but preferring an average or larger cock is a female thing. I've seen it most of my life. Does that mean they can't live without a larger cock? No, just like saying you preferring a limo doesn't mean you can't get by with a Smart car. Size is also only psychological to a point. I have personally tested this theory with a variety of female companions (although they didn't know it). I've varied the number of fingers used as well as the size of dildo's and vibrators used and there is a "sweet spot" for most women I've been with and, depending on the woman, it's somewhere between 5" and 7"in length and between a 5" and 6" girth. Of course YMMV in this and by no means is it a scientific statistical study just my personal experience. At the end of the day, they may not be able to tell 5.5" from 6" but I would bet any woman you slept with could tell a 3.5X3.5 cock from a 7X6 and it would not be psychological in nature. I've mentioned this in another thread but I'll repeat myself here, a woman's vagina is designed to stretch and it has folds in (with lots of nerves) that can only be reached when it is stretched. If it's not stretched some then there are nerves going untouched.
  11. Do you think hollywood casts slender young women with perfect skin and perky breasts to make a point? Or is your logic only applicabke to peni? Btw you're the man for using the word peni 😂
  12. I'm not sure why this thread even popped up on my feed. I thought it was new until I checked the dates as I didn't recognise some of the people replying. I'm thinking, who the fuck is that guy? And that girl? Who the fuck are these people? 2013! Ahh, I see.
  13. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I checked out Ben's because I hadn't seen it before. It does look large for sure but it's difficult to tell at that angle. Jason Segal's doesn't appear to be as large as his but I still think it's high average anyway. There were several different pics of Jason's online and some made him look larger than others. I also used the term "well endowed" and not huge and in my mind well endowed is anything over the average mark. Also, look up Charles Vane Penis (Zach McGowan). This is the guy I was referring to on Black Sails. He looks very large to me and there are pics of him naked in multiple movies so I think it's real without a doubt. He might have the perfect penis! Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist but I still think there's a rhyme and reason for every little thing they show in movies. If they show a guy's cock I believe that there is a backstory as to why and that they are trying to make some point.
  14. The Bathmate Diaries

    Yup, it seems to be a lifestyle rather than a fad. Most of the guys I see with actual gains are really passionate about it and really put the years in.
  15. @Klingsor the more you invest in that fantasy, the less happy you will be. It's like a guy who's 5'2 and uncoordinated dreaming of being in the NBA. Yeah, it would be cool but it's entirely unattainable. Focus on your reality and the things you actually can improve in your life. Btw i'm saying this to myself as much as to you.
  16. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    It is a male fantasy, first and foremost. But there are women who enjoy it and even a few who specifically seek it out. I dated as a prospective cuckold for almost a year, met and actually dated 6 women and had a long term relationship with the 6th. Of those 6, 2 were specifically looking for a cuck and had experience, 2 were dominant women who were jnterested in trying it out, and 2 were just slutty and liked the idea of trying a new kink that involved sex with multiple men. I ended up with one of the latter. I also emailed and talked with probably two dozen other women who were interested in that lifestyle. So yeah, there are plenty of women who are into it, but it's driven by the men. They onky know they're into it because a man wanted them to try. The idea that huge cocks are the best is culturally driven. There are some women, though few, who really do want the biggest of the big, but for most women, average or a little bigger is what they consider ideal. As far as women becoming more vocal about size preference, i think that's mostly a result of it being more acceptable for women to talk about their preferences at all, particularly naughtier preferences. I think there is a bit of it that is a backlash against patriarchy, a kind of way to get the upper hand over men in some kind of way. But mostly it's a legitimate preference and component of their sexuality. Men in the past were shielded from this reality because women weren't allowed to be promiscuous, so they either weren't experienced enough to have preferences or were far too ashamed to talk about them.
  17. Also, Ken Jeong has an amazing life. Gave up being a doctor to be an actor. His wife is super hot (imho). And he's comfortable enough with himself to let the whole world laugh at his penis and laugh right along. Life goals like a m*********er.
  18. Yeah i just looked those up, and ben affleck's is hard to size up but it's definitely big. Maybe huge. Jason segel's looks high average, maybe a little better. Who cares tho, Ken Jeong is still the fuckin man!
  19. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I undertook an image search of those and the Siegel dude doesn't look any bigger than most guys I've seen in a change room. I would say that's average. Ben Afflecks looks like a monster from the angle I could see in the image. I never knew he had a monster. He was in some movie where he played a dude from Boston or other heavily Irish area and he and Matt Damon were in a bar and one of the bar whores he had been dating made a reference to his "Irish curse" or something like that, implicating he had a small dick. I guess the whole movie set got a chuckle out of that and his willingness to play that part.
  20. Great thread. Being 6" and feeling small can seem absurd to some of us in the < 4" category, but it also seems very common. Porn is the obvious suspect. @martyofuk do you or have you watched porn much in your life?
  21. Peni in Movies (Does it reinforce SPS?)

    I completely agree with you on this. If that is his real dick then I definitely have the utmost respect for him because I couldn't imagine doing that in front of the world at my size. If I was Jason Segal or Ben Affleck I would likely never wear clothes.
  22. I would like 9x7, thick at the base uncircumcised. Really my ideal life would be as a gigolo. I saw a young homeless man a few weeks ago at an intersection holding a sign that read, "Seeking donations or a sugar mama". I thought how wonderful it must be to just literally live off the tit, servicing desperate suburban women and getting paid for it. Basically the opposite of a traditional harem. I suppose if I do have problems, it is that I really want to be objectified by women as a sex object. I have no interest in relationships. I just want to be in high demand sexually. That's the answer to my existence: I want to be a man whore, but can't. I guess I need help. Or killed, exterminated like a rodent.
  23. Embarrased in Front of My Wife

    Exactly. It's a male fantasy. Obsession with dick size is a male thing. I've said this for years. It started in the bathhouses and later locker room culture with athletics. Homosexuals made it mainstream. Feminist women naturally picked up on this and realized it could be used as a particularly cruel "pro choice" manifestation of their sexuality. Again, perception shapes the reality...the idea that huge cocks are the best has become so ingrained now in the popular imagination that some women probably truly require one to feel pleasured or satisfied. It is entirely psychological. But cuckoldry, by and large, is a male fantasy.
  24. Btw Ken Jeong is the man for having the balls to show the world his small soft dick and being totally cool about it. I admire his courage. I don't think any of us would be able to do that.
  25. The Bathmate Diaries

    @YOTH i've been using the bathmate for over 2 years now. Most of my gains came during the first 6 months, but in the last 6 months, i've noticed some improvement with how big i get in the tube and how long i stay pumped afterward. I had to keep tweaking my routine and schedule to find a new sweet spot that seems to work. I haven't measured in a while though. Enlarging the penis is a much trickier task than stretching the foreskin. Skin is like spandex. The tunica albuginea is more like canvas. But i do want to stretch my foreskin too. I hate the uncomfortable rubbing against my underwear when i'm fully soft and barely protruding.
  26. There is a book out called "Size matters", co-authored by a male urologist. It is self described as a woman's guide to the penis. I don't care for the title, probably meant to grab your attention and sell more books... The title only serves to propagate small penis body shaming. I know it was not the intent of the authors, but they should know better and could have chosen better. I am curious if anyone has actually read it and if so what they thought. https://www.amazon.com/Size-Matters-Facts-Sexuality-Should/dp/0307406598
  27. Are you still around, Marty? Have you had any improvements since 2013? Get back to me, I'd love to chat.
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