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    I've lost all hope of ever being confident enough to be with a woman or ever having a job that makes me happy. The only hope I have is certain religious beliefs I have. Don't worry, I'm not here to proselytize, lol.....But having hope of a better life to come is what keeps me going, really.
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    That is not my idea of manhood. I was just letting tbd know he isn't alone and that it reminds me of one more thing I couldn't do that 99.9% of other boys do growing up. I could've tried and failed and been a bench sitter and a loser publicly, instead I chose to avoid the humiliation. Same with every other activity I've pursued. So to answer the OP, I pass time in front of a computer either looking at bullshit or pornography. Or posting on the mental support community about passing time.
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    Meh! Women do it all the time. High heels make them look taller than they really are, make up makes 4's and 5's look like 7's and 8's. Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eyelashes, and in some cases, fake asses and fake boobs, even fake personalities. Fake fake fake. I don't see them dying slowly inside because they feel like liars. You? Fake bulge?... Thats it?...You're good man.
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    I've been an MSC member for 3 years, and here is how I sum up a small penis. We, as a people, are seen as sub-human. Now, the sooner we accept that the better. It seems to me, that so many small penis men are exhausting a great deal of mental resources to fight this fact. Accept it, take the L, and live your life within these means. Conversation, or internal dialogue should be in regards to how to live this way, and the emotions that come with that. It's limiting, it's debilitating, humiliating. However, most people are trying to convince themselves & each other that they are on an equal keel with other men, when they simply are not. Stop lying to yourselves.
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    Hi, First I want to say that I am sorry for my bad english. I don't know why I am writing this but hopefully it will save some other boys and men. I am a man in my middle 30's and I have had a very good childhood and family. When I was about 6-7 years old I noticed that I had a smaller penis and scrotum than other boys in my age, from then I was always worried if I ever can get normal size of the genitals. I had tight foreskin and when I was about 10 years old the school doctor sayd that I have to do exercises to get it looser. From when I was 10 years old I didn't show me nude anymore because of my genital size. I exercised the foreskin and it gave results. I don't know if my mother was worried if the foreskin was ok or if she was worried about my genital size but she asked her friend (a woman in same age as my mother) to come over and have a look at my penis which I remember was an awful thing, when I had to show my little penis to her. Maybe 1 or 2 years after that I was outdoor playing with some friends. Then a man came to us (the man was my mother's friend's husband who had seen my penis) and said that we are on his property and we have no permission to be there, at the same time he said something about my small penis so that my friends heard it. First I thought that how can he know that I have a small penis but later I knew that my mother's friend had told him after seing me. When I was 12 we had to take a shower after sport in school, and then I had to show me nude, after that I was bullied because of my small penis. I told my parents and then they talked to the sport teacher that I didn't want to take showers anymore, and the teacher accepted that, so I didnt' take showers anymore after that. The teacher maked sure that I shouldn't be bullied anymore, and I wasn't. When I was 15 years old I heard when two adult men talked about a man who had been dead for 40 years, they said that he had a small penis and was laughing. The dead man was an alcoholic and didn't have a wife, and I know that he tried to kill himself when he was younger, but didn't. I have also heard that he took his life later but I don't know if that is true. So my small penis comlex became worse and worse. I am about 6 feet tall and quite muscular with much body hair and I know that if I didn't have this small penis complex I probably would have a wife and children today. Many girls has been interested but I can't bee with a woman, it is a lock in my head. I am always thinking that later when she see me nude she will laught at me or will leave because of my small penis and scrotum, it would destroy me totally. I have never been with a woman, one time when I was drunk i was dancing and kissing a woman. I have a very small scrotum ( sometimes the scrotum is not visible at all) and small flaccid penis and when it is erect it is little more than 5 inch long and 4 inch in circumference, but it is working. I am a hsp (highly sensitive person), so this situatione is probably even worse for me than for somebody who isn't a hsp I don't know how many times the school doctor has seen my genitals but did nothing. I had probobly something with the hormons and now when it is so easy to read about that on the internet it is a shame that the doctor's did nothing. Last time when a school doctor saw me was when I was 14. I didn't know that it was possible to receive hormons then because I had not the internet. Why didn't I receive testosteron or something, that question I have asked me many times. I have been very depressed in my life and it has become worse and worse. The suicide thougts has became very strong and I don't know how this will end. I know that my sister's and their children and my parent's would go under if I killed myself. But i have noticed that when I am at the lowest point the thought's of my family if I kill myself is disappearing. Life is hard
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    @Small - totally agree. We are who we are. Each of us. I wish everyone the best, whatever "the best" means to them. When I share I am just writing about how it is for me. I am in no way saying I am right or trying to argue others into seeing it my way.
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    I have the opposite issue; I communicate and express myself more effectively through the written word than I do verbally, though I still feel uncomfortable writing on my phone. :/ Me write good, me speak not so good. I think it helps if one enjoys the work one is doing and gains something out of it, aside from money. For me, I like to see that I make a positive contribution, both at work and at home with my family. I generally feel at peace with my life as it is, my main concern now is my children's well-being and their future. Take care, everyone.
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    That's what I'm told. I'm one of these *humans* everyone is talking about. I'm writing a book (I can't even look at it). I'm writing a musical which I love (can't bear to think about it atm). I made a magazine to sell on the street and now my spare room is filled with them (I could sell them, can't be arsed). I started painting, and then turned against them and threw my paintings in the attic. I wanted to start my own cleaning business so I arranged to meet a woman who had one. Before I met her I'd fucked it off and wanted to eat own head, so I cancelled on her. I write tons of music that I love, then if anyone asks me to play something they like, I hate the song forever. I started a band, got a great response, got back on the booze, had to kill it. I'm not unhappy, I just don't get any satisfaction from the things I'm supposed to do. If I followed any of them even half way down the line they'd work, but I'm not interested. I can create, but I don't have the patience to nurture. I make an exception for my kids ๐Ÿ˜‚. I absolutely HATE being complimented or acknowledged positively, that's why 95% of bands never top their first album, after that you're scrambling for validation. I dunno what I'm talking about. I'm happy, why chase peoples expectations? Get a job, provide, be a man. It's almost like people will sacrifice being a good person to be a 'working' dickhead. Lead follow or get out way!?!..........I'll get out the way.
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    Hey Klingsor I read what you wrote last night but was really tired like usual on a Friday night. Sorry you are going through these struggles. I hope things get better for you. You are a smart guy and there is nothing I could say that you haven't already thought of but I'll echo what Yahweh said to feel free to vent here.
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    Fistbumps all around? Sorry I missed that. I've been busy this week working up in a church tower.It's about 190 foot tall. When I was working for my former employer one of the churches south of us (actually down close to Evansville) had us do the repair work in their 'bell' tower. There's no actual bell, but they have loudspeakers that broadcast a bell ringing on the hours. They also have a clock on one side at the 150 foot mark. This was built in the '40s. The clock gutworks are electric, but all the bearings and bushings need attention every 5 or 6 years. I guess they contacted my old company who told them I no longer worked for them. The church then called me directly and asked me to come and work for them for one week while they were having the clock fixed. They offered me a decent amount of money, so I agreed to oversee the project. I was supervising a couple guys I'd worked closely with in years past, so everything went pretty well. A carriage bolt had lost its nut, dropped out of the woodwork above the clock mechanism and jammed a gear. This caused the motor to burn out and tripped the breaker. (A few years ago we pulled the old fuse box out and replaced it with a new breaker box.) I replaced the bolt with a stainless steel one and secured it with a nylock self locking nut. We finished up by fabbing a simple metal box and covering the clockworks up so's no bolts or birds could get into them. The worst part of all this? Climbing that infernal ladder up and down and up and down every day. Didn't have to do any walking working out this week. It has rained....and Rained....and RAINED. The wife and I are aching to get the garden tilled and get some plants in. We've only got one row of sweet pod peas out, one row of greens and one row of radishes. I'm ready to till and get some cucumber and tomato plants out, but it will be late Sunday or more likely Monday before the grounds dry enough.
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    Today was a pretty good day out. I'm really starting to trust my ball stretchers. Although they're not so much stretching as they are keeping my balls from retracting at this point. With it being my major hangup I appreciate my anxiety being lessened to an extent. I'm not anxiety free by any means, I still have mini panic attacks (probably debris from previous summers). Feeling normal is all I've ever wanted in life and I'm really hoping that's it's starting to happen. It's so crazy how long I suffered with this, it had ruined so many opportunities and potential enjoyable days out. I've missed out on parts of my son's childhood by just not joining in or not doing it at all. I still haven't got the confidence to go swimming in public (I don't know whether that'll ever change). I really don't want to miss anything from my youngest son's life, it's such a waste of life and potential. I really want to get back into work as well, maybe doing something in the care industry. I've still got a ways to go, but hopefully by next year this feeling will be a distant memory. โ˜ฎ
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    *Fistbumps my main guys* ๐Ÿ‘Š @Resolute @Victimorthecrime @Klingcorn @retr0john Eh fuck it the girls too ๐Ÿ‘ง @jazz @IrmaJean
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    I do a lot of jogging and weight lifting. Mostly to keep myself healthy. But also to look good in case I ever meet a woman. Which I doubt.
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    I can be funny at times and in the right environment. I have to be careful because lately my wit has turned dark & sardonic. Plus we live in a society where people are just waiting to be offended. I don't want to paint too bleak a picture. Some of my isolation is self imposed and a result of learning how some "friends" are a waste of time, money and energy and I would prefer to be alone than w some dip-shit. Also there are some green shoots that I hope to cultivate. Don't want to say too much 'cause my brain will get twisted and fuck it up. If I had one piece of advice to give people (here we fucking go!) it would be to embrace your life and who you are. I used to say 'accept' but 'embrace' is better. For example if some dude is a weird looking rather under gifted individual who lives w his mom I say "embrace it". Be who you are and live your life for real. I mean what the fuck is anyone doing that is any better? Are they curing cancer? Are they crime-stopping super heros? No. In a short time they will be in a box underground w the worms eating out their ass. So fuck 'em! Whatever they have was given to them by nature and family. Ok rant over here's your taffy ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿ˜
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    Sports is just another visceral reminder of how I don't measure up. I'm not denigrating people who do, that's just me. It would be different had I been able to compete normally with other boys. I'm not interested in debating it, that's just me.
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    I have suffered serious depression my entire adult life. The small cock is a huge part of it. I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Before treatment begins I will be ending it all. Why? Because having the prostate removal surgery will expose my small cock to so many in the health care world I would rather die that face the embarrassing humiliation. I work in health care and I know how it works. In the mean time aside from the humiliation I would face from treatment, why would I want to fight a fucking cancer battle that even if I won, the best case is to return to the chronically depressed person that I am? No thanks. I am so ready to be free from this life. I have been ready long before this diagnosis. Now to find the perfect way to do it.
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    I spend almost all of my free time watching films, or daydreaming about literally anything. Playing out hypothetical scenarios etc.
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    Hey tbd & jackbolin - I totally get it, I feel your pain. I am a few years older than you are jack & just feel like life is one big lie. If you are filthy rich it could be ok 'cause you could afford to get completely away from everyone but anything less than that is hell.
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    I've told 3 or 4 therapists about my small penis. No biggy. Well that's what they all told me.
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    I've been called a coffeehaulic. I drink at least a pot a day, usually more. I love it too! We're planning a week in Gulf Shores right now.
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    This reminded me of a bizarre "statistical observation" that the number of suicides is much lower during a war - people "suddenly" want to survive. Who knows; you might also change your mind. But I hope war won't come to test it...
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    So a few months ago (6-7) I decided I'd give ball stretching a whirl. I'd been extremely dubious for obvious reasons, the main ones being that I'd damage myself and render my junk exactly that, junk. So I made a concerted effort to start gradually and slowly work my way up. At first I'd place a silicon ring around my balls (1/2 inch in width) and wear it for short periods, which was ok, but I'd ache afterwards and become disheartened, but I kept at it. I decided that I wasn't going to weigh my balls down with steel weights for at least a year, at least until I felt I'd made enough progress with the silicon rings. Over the months I've gradually added length to my testicles. The next part I learned the hard way, stretched skin that isn't being treated with some sort of cream/lotion/moisturiser will itch like an absolute motherfucker, and it did, until I started using Shea butter, which not only aids itching but also allows the skin to stretch further than without it. I don't know if it's appropriate to share photos, so I won't today, but I've gained about 3 inches in walking about ball hang, which is a God send with my balls (baaaaad circulation = Testiclelevator going up). But tbh, this is only an inch longer than what I'd have if I got out the bath and they were warm and hanging freely, but an inch on top of what I'd have anyway is pretty damn good. I had a mild panic attack a few weeks ago as I'd started trusting in my package and it was fucking hell on earth for a while. I know strangers don't know what I'm feeling as I walk around town but I was feeling really nervous and felt like they could hear my inner thoughts (I sound like a neurotic lunatic, but w/e). This whole experience has given me a new lease on life and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, but I'm waiting the full year before I use the first of the weights available. The site is secret leather if anyone is interested, but I'm still using homemade stretchers out of silicone penis extenders. I chop off the tip/end and cut up the shaft for stretchers, some pre stretching may be needed, but you soon bladder them out and need new ones. I've gone through two extenders so far. (Which ain't cheap, but it's worth it). I know this isn't for everyone, but it's really given me my life back and it's just the beginning. There are still kinks to be ironed out, like slipping out (not as common as I'd thought, once a month) and sometimes a little pinching (manageable). The main thing is my bulge. It actually looks normal. Not bulging at the seems but not non existent either, just right. But watch this space I guess as summer is coming in hot and being out and about in the hot months is where the rubber meets the road we'll just have to see โ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ
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    Your English is good Grief. I am not happy w my body either. But we have as much right to life and happiness as anyone else. I hope things get better for you.
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    hey vic. not much really, but i have been visiting the forum a bit less recently. i'd been working on a pet project which didn't turn out as climactic as i'd hoped, due to some bad luck (story of my life lol). anyway, hope you're doing ok, and i read your shoulder is still healing slowly. hope everyone (except small lol) is well.
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    Hey Guys....The only great accomplishment of my life is an unbroken exercise regime of over a quarter century. I've run marathons. Exercise is the only thing that keeps me same. Just do it. No Excuses.
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    Hey all, was just wondering if anyone else has had dreams about another persons significant other? I did last night, and it's not the first time it's happened. I even had a dream about my ex wife over the weekend.
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    @Small No reason. I know TBD is from South Africa, I just wondered.
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    @Small I have the same problem with writing, I really enjoy writing but don't enjoy what I've written until a few months later. I wish I could express in words how I talk, because I read like a different person. Me speak good, me no write goodly. All my working class charm is juiced out of my writing leaving nothing but a fruity husk of my former blah blah yada yada blah!
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    @YOTH I tried to write once but, my writing came off either rushed or lethargic. I've said this before on the forum, but I'm at constant odds with the 9-5 working day & 40 hour week. Most people slave away and for what? A roof and running water? There's something very wrong there. We're not designed to live like this, some adapt and others never can.
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    I've kind of been lacking motivation. It's not necessarily cock related, but that defo factors in. I'm not unhappy, I just can't answer the "What do you want?" question. I have no clue what I want to do or where I want to be. I've wound my passion for ideas in too. I'd get really excited and hyped up about something, that'd last a week or two then I'll hate whatever it is with the same passion. I'm just not that interested in money, so that closes a lot of doors. Most people do things for financial freedom but I personally put very little stock in it. I don't like being poor, but I'm happy with enough, which we have right now. I'd love to know what my next move is, but as it stands I'm at a loss.
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    Dreams and fantasies here all the time! I like to find a porn clip (i like amateur clips as opposed to pro shot) with a girl that looks like my ex-wife. I've had very taboo dreams, i won't even share them here lol....I think when you're not having regular sex it's normal to have dreams and fantasies that normal people might not have.
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    The worst mistake i ever made was dating someone I work with. This was about 15 years ago. We dated for almost a year. The sex, for me, was fine. And it must've been for her as well 'cause even after we broke up she'd show up at my door just wanting sex..and I obliged her. But then a really bad scene happened between the 2 of us (having nothing to do with sex) and naturally she told the female with the biggest mouth where we work how small i was and that she could only feel me when she was riding me, etc etc....The whole place knew I was small. It was tough...it was humiliating....but I just tried to spin it that I was normal size and that she was extra large in her vaginal area because of her slutty past and would offer to whip my cock out on the spot to prove i wasn't small....they'd always stop me. I called their bluff and I won. I sucessfully spinned the story against her, even though I was lying my ass off. But I'm not above lying if it avoids me feeling humiliated.
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    (If fantasies count) I've been fantasising about a former, married colleague of mine since the beginning of the year. I still need porn to get hard but I'm constantly thinking of her the entire time I'm helping myself. If I weren't ashamed of my cock I would certainly be an asshole and try my luck with her. As far as actual dreams are concerned yes, again, I dreamt of two other former colleagues from the same job. ๐Ÿ˜Š Hey, what can I say... I had hot colleagues.
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    Mate I have no idea what to say honestly but I hope things get better for you.๐Ÿ‘
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    @Klingcorn Don't apologise, we're all downers at some point, just part of this bullshit. I think when we hit rock bottom we hit it harder than most people.
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    I'm glad you felt better Yahweh. This thing is a fucking mental curse like no other. I'm convinced it's driven other members mad and/or killed them as its attempting to do to me.
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    Almost nobody admits having a cock smaller than 6" because for years that was the average in the sole study that was available (Kingsley), so in popular culture around the world, 6" is average. And they don't even know what Bone Pressed was when reading the results, so the "popular average penis" it's almost one inch bigger than the real one in that study. Now, thanks to internet, we know much more studies and we know that the average penis is not the usual one in porn and movies. Nobody wants to show a penis that is not impressive, that's the truth, and regarding erect size we are habituated to see big ones, not average ones. I don't think you can say with 5.5" you are small. Aprox half men are smaller than you and the other half are bigger than you. That's it. Average is not a number, it's a range, and you are in it (it's not that 5.9" is small and 6.1" is big). But you are not big. And what we perceive as acceptable is big, not average, for many men and women "average is too small" even if it's paradox. Flaccid it's another story... if you are like 2", then aprox 95% of men are bigger than you, and that's the real issue because, as growing from that to 5.5" is kind of exceptional, nobody will think you are 5.5" when it sees you naked. We are very small flaccid, that's it. We are special (in a bad way) in that sense. That is really connected to apperance and perceived masculinity so we have serious issues with it that affect us. I'm sure if I were 3.5" flaccid and the same erect size I am, I wouldn't have SPS.
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    Welcome, Catti. It can be difficult to accept compliments when this goes against beliefs we already have about ourselves. I can recall in the past feeling very conflicted and uncomfortable whenever someone offered me a compliment. Maybe it helps to work on your relationship with yourself and how you feel about yourself? I think too that others are often coping with their own stuff and so aren't judging us as much as we might fear, but even if they were, this isn't something we can control. I try to balance my emotions with rational thoughts such as this. It doesn't always stop difficult feelings, but I have found that the more I talk to myself this way, the more I am able to be less reactive to situations. Maybe when you are able to feel more accepting of yourself, you won't feel as much anxiety around this? I understand this isn't easy. No worries about the length of your posts...write as much as you need. I hope you feel better.
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    Not that long to put it on, it just takes a while for your balls to get used to the stretch and start responding. I don't go out without it on now and I'm a lot more confident and it has very few drawbacks as you're only accentuating what you already have. You get a natural hang that doesn't shift with the drop of a hat and it avoids weird shapes from forming when padding/socks get bunched up. I'd suggest ball stretching to anyone out there with my problem, but I imagine it's not for everyone, it took me 10 years to pluck up the courage to start the whole thing. โ˜ฎ
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    Thanks for your message. Basically I just don't have the confidence. I have no problem talking to women in terms of asking for numbers or asking them out, but I usually end up backing out during the dating stage. Nowadays even when I practically have women approaching me I still find ways to avoid dating. Just 2 weeks ago a really cute girl at work probably about 5 years younger than me "suggested" that we hang out at a local beer festival. I told her I was busy even though I wasn't.
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    Hello everyone. I'd say I like to read and write. I have an old journal passed down to me by my grandfather with his memoirs and scribblings on life. I had a shoe tailor remove the binding and fasten it onto a pad of oak paper and voila. I enjoy nature, and take my sons out on hike trails when we have the time.
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    It's all good, brother. I know EXACTLY the sentiment you feel. I'm a man myself & we are bred from birth to compete for the King of the Hill. In some way or another, we want to be THE BEST at something. That's why I don't come here will bullshit platitudes & good-feel sunshine without substance. Check my post history & you'll see in one of them that I say the symbol of the Male is a directional arrow shooting off from a circle. โ™‚ That represents ACTION. That represents ADVENTURE. That represents The PURSUIT. It simultaneously looks like a penis while also showing the biological male role. This is why I know taking you guys out of PASSIVE VOICE & into ACTIVE VOICE will do a lot to change the thinking you have on this subject. This is why I know that I have to allow YOU YOURSELVES to take part of the command of your fate. The clichรฉ says Women are Human Beings while Men are Human Doings. So I have to put the power in your hands so that you get a sense of accomplishment. When you take that conquering attitude to your own demons, there's no feeling like it in the world. When you have mastered yourself, ain't a DAMN thing a MFer can do to you! My job is to help you find the command controls so you can then commandeer the ship. Even men need help & in studying this issue it has awakened my eyes to male issues in general in society. Men don't even like helping men! And that's why I see so many men looking towards women for help but coming up short since women are focused on their own issues. Women have little sympathy overall & men have little sympathy overall... ...SO NO WONDER you guys suffer so much!! Men have problems too. Men need help too. And there's a way to help men without chopping up their agency & self-direction. We're not Gods. We're not Superheroes. We're Human. The Action-Based Men STILL have a need to show weakness & frailty without being thrown away. With the right kind of help, men make better ACTIONS. You may want a 'big fat cock' in your irrational animalistic back brain. But I'm gonna help you find the proverbial equivalent with your own small size. When your smallness strikes fire like bigness, you won't CARE about the 'big fat cock' anymore. Using the power of our overriding frontal lobe to correct these self-image issues will allow the front brain & back brain to operate in tandem for maximum impact. Instinct & Intelligence combined is a lethal combination. You will cause the same effect you desire YOUR WAY. This removes the need to want to be like someone else. With your own personal arrow, you too can be the King of the Hill. Thanks for the compliments, YahwehOrTheHighway. Humanity is a family. We gotta look out for each other. Friendship is the way to Peace. John Lucas P.S.: Not a professional writer even though I did write some things for a blog years ago. But even that opportunity came about from how I wrote overly long elaborate posts in forums & comments boards. I pretty much write how I would speak out the words in conversation & try to format it so all that text is easier to read.
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    Sorry to hear that, griz...That's tougher than what I went through. My wife really wasn't all that into sex, I don't think she is even to this day. We still talk on a regular basis though we haven't seen each other in 5 years. Still, I can't help but think that if I could've delivered the goods to her in a better way, things might have been different. People are really cruel to one another. In the end, we're all going to get old and get sick and a mate is someone who should be there to see you through those times. How do you measure (pun unintended) a person's loyalty and genuine affection by dick size or even by looks? I've known many women who go after the "bad boy", the one that treats them like shit....but "he's cute" and "he's hung"....they usually end up divorced, then repeat the pattern. It's an insane world.
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    Me neither. Not even back then because back then is now. I went camping and canoeing about 4 years ago. I got to go on vacation to the beach and see the ocean about 17 years ago. I've never been to another country or done anything exciting. When I lived at home I could at least go outdoors and do outdoorsy things, now I can't even do that. So I sit on my ass like a recluse. Solitary confinement would be no punishment for me, I've basically lived that way for a decade.
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    small likes to pretend he's batman, and constantly dreams about that. unfortunately, he can't even cut it as batgirl.
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    Like x10000. That's been my goal for a decade but it looks like it will never be possible.
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    A blonde woman was speeding down a highway only to be pulled over by a female officer, who was also a blonde. "May I see your license Miss?" asked the officer eagerly. The driver looked in her purse, agitated at first, before admitting she didn't know what a license was. ''It's a square thingy with your face on it" insisted the officer. The driver immediately reached for her pocket mirror and handed it to the waiting officer. After studying the mirror for a few moments the officer shrieks "Wow! You're a cop too?!".
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    Not that I'm peaceful and kind, or moral, but as for the rest of this old post: me too. You can't spend your whole life weaseling your way out of every humiliating situation and not be affected by it. It's a life long training of dishonesty and unconscious avoidance of any situation that seems too uncomfortable. How far would you go to avoid people seeing your penis?
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    Screw society. How has she made you feel in the bedroom? Don't worry about what everyone else is telling you. She's your woman. How does she make you feel? How do you make her feel? That's what's most important, not what everyone else thinks she wants.