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  1. I'm not interested losing weight anymore... I don't want to have loose skin...
  2. what is the easiest and the cheapest way to lose weight? I'm 26 years old, 172 cm tall and weight 130+ kg I think. and my daily activity is sitting in front of my computer. I have so much fats from my stomach down to my thighs in these two days, I just use freestyle glider until I'm tired, then I hit the floor do sit ups until I'm tired, then I do back ups until I'm tired, and then push ups (not a perfect push ups, just from upper waist) until I'm tired, and go back to freestyle glider again... I do this cycle until I no longer have a will to continue, usually it last for an hour... what I want to achieve is be able to keep moving for 5 km non-stop with... umm... additional 80 kg weight...? (assuming I fast-walk carrying something/someone)
  3. well, I like Dream Theater... but I also listen to some lounge, electronic, rock music...
  4. because there are some people that I love and care... knowing something bad might happen to them and I can't do anything to save them... imagine that I have a wife that I love so much, and because I can't do anything I was forced to see her turn into sex slave and/or raped right in front of my eyes... I can't let such thing happen... I can't just die before I'm sure that she is safe... if I die but know that she is safe, it's fine by me...
  5. I know that I am 26 years old, but... I still feels like I'm 18-20 years old...
  6. fucking hell, the season 3 of my favorite soap opera already aired a week ago... don't know why I find the drama so hilarious??? I should in tears watching it, not laughing, hahaha
  7. hihihihi (giggle), it looks chaotic and funny (maybe just imagination) hmm... if "0" mean that she is behave like completely stranger and "100" she behave like a mother, the point is... around... 35-40 did I attracted to her? hmm... the level of attraction is around... 15/100 - 30/100... she just like a roommate. she has a bit look like a mistress/dominatrix. she never complain to me, I'm freely do anything I like, there was no sexual engagement
  8. I ever had a dream, and then I woke up for moment, and go back to sleep again, and the dream continue, but it's not always happen. I don't remember if it's intensely crazy...
  9. I don't know if this a bad dream or a nightmare... I had a dream, I choose living with an older transwoman than live with my mother, my brother and other relative... somehow this give me an uneasy feeling...
  10. ugh... the most violent race that I ever watch in this series....
  11. live streaming start now
  12. the race will start in 86 minutes from now
  13. what I mean, there will be a live streaming today on youtube there are two class in super gt, GT500 (500 HP) and GT 300 (300 HP) car manufacturer in GT 500 are: Honda: NSX-GT Nissan: GT-R Lexus: LC500 Car that compete in GT 300 are: Lotus (don't know what's the car) Nissan GTR Mercedes Benz AMG Toyota 86 BMW M6 PORSCHE 911 Audi R8 LMS Toyota Prius Ferrari 488 GT Lexus RC F GT3 TOYOTA MARK X MC SUBARU BRZ R&D SPORT Bentley GT3 Lamborghini HURACAN GT3 edit: there are tire war which are bridgestone, Yokohama, Dunlop and Michelin
  14. I want to tell you guys that I love watching Super GT japan. today, Super GT 2017 round 3 will be held in AUTOPOLIS circuit. You can watch the race in NISMO TV Youtube Channel with english commentary, if you guys interested. I'm waiting right now
  15. I was down because I sense of rejection from an idol that I like on twitter, and then another girl I like reply my comment... she just bandage a wound on my heart.... I'm glad... lovely female like her still exist in this world... their existence that make this shitty world still worth fighting for... I WANT TO PROTECT HER!!!