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  1. Hope you're doing ok mate.
  2. My guy. Sorry you're dealing with such disgusting people. I've cut people off for far less than what you've shared. What exactly is the point of hanging out with people that don't even respect you? Hell I wouldn't even bother explaining myself, I'd just get on with my life like I never knew them. They've shown you their true colours. They are not friends. They never were.
  3. Thanks man.
  4. Reminds me of when I was so self conscious that whenever I walked past some girls and they started laughing I immediately thought they were laughing at me, even if they were far out I'm in the distance laughing at whatever. I still catch myself doing that sometimes. It used to mess with me so much that I started to cross the road whenever a group of girls were walking my direction. The worst would be them crossing the road just after I'd just crossed the road to avoid them. That's no way to live. I don't cross the road for anyone any longer. I watch as other people cross the road instead. Only they know why. 🤷‍♂️
  5. If only I had real musical talent😊. I'll settle for being a good sound engineer
  6. I'm waiting for sex robots. Hopefully they're affordable.
  7. Facebook is trash anyway. Never understood the fascination with it. Sometimes I think not having friends isn't such a bad idea people are just horrible. The whole lot, male and female. A trainer/friend of mine didn't like the idea of the BMW M4 having a 3.0L engine. He felt its too small and useless, and said "its like being a bodybuilder with a small dick, like what's the point.. ". I didn't take offence to that, I didn't care at the time but now I avoid him completely. I can lose weight on my own without having to listen to that nonsense. The M4 is a great performer regardless of its engine size.
  8. Take care Res
  9. Whatever you've seen about South Africa on which ever shows on tv, Well, it's 10 times worse and I'm not joking. We don't even trust the police out here.
  10. I'm not familiar with the UK and its crime stats but do you have a general feeling of being unsafe in the streets? I used to speak to a girl from Canada who told me she's never felt unsafe in the streets in all of her 25 years of life there. In fact she said she could go to work without worrying whether or not she locked the front door to her house. For a short time I thought Canada must be from a different planet. If I had a good solid education and skills to offer I'd definitely be heading off to Canada.
  11. Will do mate.
  12. I hope so. Hope you're doing well Res.
  13. Should be done by next week if not sometime this week.😁
  14. Hey man. Perhaps you're right. I guess I just want to feel like a man for once in my life. But you're right I should probably just get the pepper spray and taser. Also a retractable baton. My spidey senses are always in high gear when I'm in town. It's not safe there at all. I'm glad your doing alright mate. The new member of the family keeping you awake at night?
  15. Well, I was upset with myself recently. Someone tried to pick pocket me but I caught him out. What upsets me was I felt I couldn't fuck him up because he looked like the freaking hulk compared to me. I felt like a little bitch that someone could mess with me like that and I just let it slide because I'm a pathetic little useless bitch who can't defend himself. I even considered pepper spray and tasers because I'm too weak to fight like a real man. But instead, i think I'll buy weights and start lifting and get started on some boxing training as well. Thanks man. I how are things with You?