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  1. I think we've finally exasperated Beth. For me I think my whole personality and perspective on life boils down to one thing: I've never once felt in control of my life or the events around me, but rather always and constantly at the mercy of other people and things. For a self identified man, this is a horrible feeling, maybe the worst feeling in the world. I'm unsuccessful professionally, I'm ugly, I'm broke, I'm not talented, and I'm not physically imposing. What this basically means is that I'm unable to exert my will to any effective degree in any way, I have no power to shape my own life or the influences around me, mainly society's influence, including the power to escape it. My most delicious dream is being able to cave a guy's jaw in when they mouth off, but I'll never be able to do that unless it's a 10 year old because I'm a physical worm. So I get no respect, like Rodney Dangerfield, but for real. I suppose the more one approaches my limit as a man, the more of a "Klingsor" personality they will have. I mean look how I spend my time - my social escapades consist of cat fighting with people I've never actually met on an online forum for men with insecurity issues related to a small penis. My only crime has been to openly state this which has put many past members off I think. That's why I made the poll because I wanted to see if I and others needed to post elsewhere or confine our comments to other platforms away from this forum. I've been called toxic many times, but the way I see it, I'm just channeling the toxicity of the world.
  2. That's a good point too, ba51th. I have family also that I would worry about during bad times. I would feel responsible for them too.
  3. @Small what do you think is the best option for sexually frustrated, involuntarily celibate men? You mentioned prostitutes and the like earlier, but what if you can't afford or find any except crackheads? Would you recommend porn? And what if you're like me and can't really compensate with anything else, if, as I've often claimed, the sex game is just that - a social status and dominance establishing technique like those seen in chimpanzees or hyenas? What if you can't compensate for that loss by being extremely successful financially, incredibly brilliant, or physically intimidating to get respect? Basically what I'm saying is that it's a question of possessing power of some kind, but if you're like me you will have none or next to none. What is the option then? I would suggest being a hermit and never interacting with society which would be my very first choice but it unfortunately requires a significant degree of financial and (these days) political independence few people could ever possibly obtain.
  4. Neither is the sensation of an orgasm. That's why a big ol' Dick is so praiseworthy, even to women who claim to be compassionate. Oh what ecstasy! Nothing can compete with the friction of love. In porngraphy the dirty talk often involves words like, "punish me, punish me" or "make it hurt" because they've been a "bad" girl. Now that's some "hard talk" if I've ever heard it.
  5. This thread reminded me of something I saw once by John Cleese, absolutely brilliant. Very cogent to our times.
  6. Morality is always used to justify the worst injustices. You can be sure that if the species was reduced to just two individuals, one would find something to hate and slaughter the other over and think they were morally justified in doing so. It's for good reason that it's been said "hell is other people".
  7. That's an interesting observation Lala, and I started to comment on that even though I was unaware of the statistic. You could interpret this to mean that people now have a "reason to die", in other words, they can die without the stigma or complications or empty ideation of suicide...how many actions undertaken during wartime would be ordinarily classified as "suicide"? Also, there could be an element of wanting to be proven right - modern wars are waged for economic reasons but there's always some ideological veneer coating it to make it palatable to the masses; I wonder if it makes otherwise apathetic people suddenly committed to a "belief"? I mean we can see that with politics today...every side is absolutely convinced they are right and the "enemy" is absolutely wrong. At that point it becomes less about killing or being killed than being proven right or wrong. I've touched on that before, it's my theory people prefer death to being proven wrong. I'm not being antagonistic, it's a genuinely interesting topic I think. I'm not sure exactly what I would do. It would depend on how angry I was about the situation or how much of an injustice I perceived it to be as to whether I chose to "join sides" and fight or not. I'm generally apathetic unless something makes me angry; otherwise my philosophy is avoidance, both of people and situations.
  8. Why would you want to survive? For me it would relieve the burden of blowing my own brains out.
  9. That's some tough shite for sure, small, but true. Only other option is: 😖🔫☠⚰ We are the punchline that transcend all races, creeds, nationalities, religions, and politics.
  10. Tbd, that's exactly what I do. I didn't have a smartphone till 2014 and it was the worst thing for me regarding the porn issue. I've seriously thought about buying a cheap phone on a limited data plan that would make it hard to use it to watch porn or surf online. But most professional careers you need a smartphone with lots of data. But maybe if I could just check email that would be enough. Until I went to college, it was much more difficult for me to access porn regularly or even masturbate. I didn't realize what a blessing it was at the time. Flip phones were still pervasive when I started college but primitive smartphones were making appearances.
  11. Struggling to find a job with no motivation to do so, social isolation, confidence/self esteem, ruminating nonstop over stuff I can't change...the usual crap...but mostly this sexual/porn addiction or obsession or whatever it is. I can't stop visiting these trashy hookup sites and it's driving me crazy. I keep slipping farther into this cuckoldry/voyeurism perversion because of this shit and it's going to drive me insane. A veteran member here remarked once that "that way lies madness", and he was absolutely right. My life is immersed in filth. I keep trying to crawl out of the slime but can't, which is the most humiliating thing of all. Weak. I feel like such a disgrace to my closest family members.
  12. I hear you man. I had a fucked up past too. Makes you question every aspect of yourself until you become immobilized psychologically and can't do a fucking thing except go batshit. Sorry for being a downer, things have been shitty lately.
  13. I'm glad you felt better Yahweh. This thing is a fucking mental curse like no other. I'm convinced it's driven other members mad and/or killed them as its attempting to do to me.
  14. I completely agree with this and also what victim said about feeling like not having anything to offer. I choose isolation over socializing because I feel inadequate and usually it just puts me in an even worse mood so that I usually leave pissed off. Almost everyone else makes me feel inferior so I go into it like a competition. It's impossible for me to enjoy or have fun with other people because of this.
  15. Me neither. Not even back then because back then is now. I went camping and canoeing about 4 years ago. I got to go on vacation to the beach and see the ocean about 17 years ago. I've never been to another country or done anything exciting. When I lived at home I could at least go outdoors and do outdoorsy things, now I can't even do that. So I sit on my ass like a recluse. Solitary confinement would be no punishment for me, I've basically lived that way for a decade.