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  1. Oh plenty. It's an orgiastic garden of fleshly delights. A breeder farm filled with genetic rewards. I've built an altar in my apartment to try and capture this sexual energy for a powerful magical rite to grow my penis and make me good looking. I'll let everyone know how it goes. It involves filling three magnum condoms with the fresh blood of a dog in heat and then hanging them above a roasting passion fruit while massaging the genitalia in a rhythmic way in front of a picture of Dr. Ruth.
  2. You think I'm being facetious but the first day it got above 70 F the jocks were out running in nothing but those spandex type running shorts and tennis shoes - shirtless, crotch bulging, just human animals advertising their brute physiques like draught horses at an auction. It's nothing new and I highly doubt this university is unique. Females the same, except instead of totally shirtless they do have the modesty to wear a sports type bikini top that shows cleavage.
  3. Yeah, I mainly posted it in response to CNL mentioning books, although I think he had something different in mind. I'm tired of this topic myself. My advice to young guys struggling with sps is mostly the same, optimize whatever physical advantages you have (including brains) and forget the rest. Dump the porn if you can use these advantages to meet women, or at least afford prostitutes. Personally, I would strongly urge young guys in USA to avoid 4 year universities and instead look for technical schools. There is no degree you can get at a university that will give you any skills beyond being some form of expendable middle manager cubicle rat. The only exception to this would be if you had intentions of going to med school, otherwise it's a waste of money and your twenties, and there are a boatload of other reasons to avoid university as well. Just my two cents based on a failed life.
  4. Hi Small. I think size and appearance are inseparable, and I think the appearance of largeness matters more than the largeness itself. Personally I think a thick penis is most appealing, one that is thicker at the base and tapers like an elephant trunk. Those are the most impressive. Excessively veiny ones look like varicose veins, which is unappealing. I'm indifferent regarding circumcision. I'm waiting for the day HBO debuts a new program that is a penis fashion show. If you remember, I suggested once that codpieces would make a comeback in men's fashion, and I still believe that, only now I think they may have slits or grills in them that provide a tempting glimpse of the goods beyond a mere bulge. Really, based on what I've seen recently on a college campus, I think men will eventually wear nothing but a thong with a cod piece and flip flops. And phone booth type cubicles all over the place where people can engage in casual sex when a woman spots a particularly superior specimen and the lust becomes overwhelming to the point that she must have that penis then and there or burst into flame.
  5. Replying to this ^^^ post, I found something online called the "Small Penis Bible" by a guy calling himself "Ant Smith". I was unaware of this book; it must be fairly recent because it mentions that nude painting of D. Trump from last year. It also provides a link to this very community in a support section of the book. Here's the guy's website: I'm not sure who he is or what he does, but apparently he has a small penis. Just thought I'd share. I'm sick of thinking about penises so I'm not sure if I'll read it, but I might order the ebook at some point. Read at your own discretion though - the few pages I could browse freely on Google books didn't do much for my self esteem. It seems to be more or less a recapitulation of every talking point discussed on this forum, retaining only the positive ones, naturally. So I'm not sure how much of it will be original to regular visitors of this site.
  6. My grandmother is back home for the time being; we were able to set up a home health care plan that I hope will be sustainable for a while. She seems better mentally now that she's back home again. I'm working very hard to find a decent job to help keep this going financially so she will never have to go to the nursing home. The nursing home facilities in this part of the country are horrible. The people working in them belong in a prison scrubbing floors...totally compassionless. There was one instance a month or two ago where she had to go to the bathroom and she hit the call button for hours to no avail. Naturally she had an accident but was somehow able to get to the emergency cell phone I had given her to call my grandad. She had to lay in filthy sheets for over an hour. When he got there he had to clean her up and search the entire facility for the aides. He called me the next day and I blew a gasket. I was ready to do murder. I drove down as soon as I was able and unloaded on them so bad the police got involved, fortunately they were somewhat sympathetic. I went to the administrative office for the company that runs this place; its a small town, I know the guy who owns it and I showed him the pictures I took. He made some financial concessions to avoid a lawsuit and I told him that if my grandmother died through their negligence I would personally blow his brains out and every worker in the facility. Anyway, I thank God she's out of there. Schools almost done as well and I cannot wait to get away from this university, and if I never see it again it won't be a minute too soon.
  7. I have it on good authority that John is delicious...ROFL Just kidding. I guess if any of us could sing or play an instrument we could start a band and call ourselves the "Terr Ibles"...🌽
  8. Most people are like that now. Welcome to the Age of Twitter. Only my opinion and everyone who agrees with me matters.
  9. There was nothing wrong with Roger except a sociopathic need to satisfy his own insecurities by gaslighting the experiences of everyone who disagreed with him, particularly Jessie. He disappeared once nobody would rise to his bait because he's a highly refined troll.
  10. That is the truth, victim, I forgot about him. I hope he's ok. I also think about Jessie a lot too. I fear Jessie may be dead though.
  11. If resolute is incorrigible, then I must be insatiable. Small is indeterminable. Victim is ineluctable. Beth is inimitable. John is indelible.
  12. Don't we all. This place is Bitch Central. But what else can you do when you feel like screaming at the world or tearing things apart.
  13. I usually keep a bottle of scotch or bourbon around for sleep and general mind numbing, mostly because I don't have access to pills. I don't like the taste of alcohol, especially beer. I had never tasted liquor until I was 24. Some 'friends' got me drunk and filmed it and compared me to 'drunk gumby'. Assholes. My problem is pills. I like pizza too much...but it's too convenient, especially when you're feeling like dog shit and don't want to cook.
  14. Your posts express the thoughts in my mind so singularly well, CNL. This happened to me when I left home for college and had to live communally, first in dormitories then apartments. It is genuinely psychologically unbalancing to hear what you describe, and it's something you don't forget. Nytaiji was another member who described this. I remember the first time I had actual sex (or tried), and after I got hard enough to penetrate, she simply laid there mute. She didn't even wince when it went in. I immediately began to lose arousal and absolutely hated her and all women in that instant. College was hell. I've just spent the last year back on campus for graduate school, and I hate all these people. The girls dress like shameless whores and when some sit down you can see their ass cheeks. This is normal casual student wear. It's almost unbearable at times knowing this place is simply a buffet of pussy for so many guys, and that I have never had any of it. Only fat girls or a single mother, all over 25. It's a frustration like no other when you review your life and realize not a single women, even the ugly ones, lamented your departure or ever lusted for you. Regarding your dilemma, I would not do a fucking thing for her. I'm normally indifferent to women until they start talking about sex or sexuality, when every fucking word is one more particle in the stream of self-entitled, hypocritical bullshit they spew about this topic. The reason she could speak out against size queens and simultaneously deride poor glue stick is precisely because she's a woman - what's good for the gander is never good for the goose. Appearances matter more than substance. By speaking out against size queens, she's assured herself she's not that shallow, and therefore it's alright to keep seeing Big Dick. Heck, it might even be love, if it feels that good, right? Right. Let her pay the price for that good dick. If she wants it, make her work for it. I wouldn't do jack shit. Question: does she know you have sps?
  15. Hey that's great john! I have pulled more romex than I care to remember...I can wire 3 ways and 4 ways, breaker boxes, rheostats, appliances, and a bit of hvac and small motor wiring as well. I always wanted to know more about 3 phase. At one time I was thinking of becoming a lineman. I've wished 100x over I would've done that. Honest work. Wasting 4-6 years of ones best years in books just to become a cubicle rat is a steep price to pay for the sake of being a "professional" imho. Nice job on the sewing machine, sounds like a fun project. I think I mentioned this once but my grandad has an old Farmall 450 tractor rusting away that I would like to refurbish at some point. However, it is an intimidating project in many respects. Well thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading about things like that. Take care.