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  1. @TinyBlackDick It's true, women are like real life buckaroos. If they had earthquakes in the UK most girls would shed their accessories like a shook Christmas tree lol. But tbh I never felt confident when I was stuffing. It made me constantly worry if the bulge had shifted or moved and I was constantly looking in mirrors and reflections. But if it works for you tho then power to you, I just didn't get a system down that I trusted out and about.
  2. @Small That's true, look at old men, they have to tie em in bow lol. But mine are ridiculous, they shrivel up to nothing when I take off my stretcher, but they're getting there. They've got a bit more give to them recently but that doesn't stop them yo-yoing back into their cave on a whim. I've just started pricing weighted stretchers which I'll start using in a few weeks, but it's an exact science. You have to get the size right or it's one hell of a waste of money. @Lodz was saying he used a penis stretcher and had some ok growth results.
  3. @Small I suppose if you hung weights off your cock it'd just stretch with no girth growth but I think jelquing adds mass like a muscle (apparently, I've never done it consistently so I couldn't say). The balls on the other hand will definitely stretch, I can guarantee that. To be honest, if there was a real and tangible process to stretch the penis successfully and permanently we'd know about it by now. I'm waiting for the pill that gives you a 24 hour semi on without damaging the penis.
  4. Yup, stuffing isn't good for the soul. But my ball stretchers just stretch what I already have. My authentic small self can fuck right off XD
  5. @jackbolin I went through a whole range of methods from a sock one half in and one half out of my boxers under my pants to actually stitching foam into my underwear. I've trialed pretty much every homemade contraption I could think up. But they ALL had downsides and lacked consistency. I recently read a magazine and they were selling boxers with a pocket at the front for your 'phone'. I thought for a sock more like, but very nice of them to beat around the bush (no pun). But everything I came up with and even boxers I bought online promoting bulge enhancement never gave me confidence. I'm just getting that back now with the ball stretching. What a farce 😵😵😵. 😂
  6. @Lodz I remember when I was about 13, I joined the swimming team in army cadets. When I got there they said I couldn't swim in trunks and gave me Speedo's. In hindsight I should have thrown them at him and walked home but instead I stuffed a sock in there and went out to the pool. I did one lap and the fucking thing came out and I just kept on swimming. It was just floating there. *How.The.Actual.Fuck* I walked out and past all the people watching I don't know. Not only that, but it was a time trial so I was in the fucking pool on my own haha. Jesus wept XD. I've often wondered about cuckolding or humiliation but I'm couldn't be that submissive with a woman. With a man maybe, but even then I'd end up butting him if he insulted my cock lol.
  7. @Lodz I remember being on a beach and when I got out of the sea my pants stuck to me like a vacuum sealed bag. Two girls were on deck chairs not far from the water and they laughed at me. That was a pretty low moment for me obviously lol, but I didn't let it ruin my holiday. Same holiday few nights before the sea incident, a girl starts feeling me up and for some reason I don't stop it, she gets to my cock and I'm totally limp. She stopped and started laughing and got up and went to find her friend, then they both laughed. Jesus, that's happened to me more times than I care to remember. That was a pretty crap holiday cock wise but I actually had a really good time otherwise. Last time I ever went swimming actually and I used to really enjoyed it too. What a life 😛
  8. @Pax Yeh, it's well and truly fucked. I'm about to buy stainless steel ball weights and start the actual stretching but I feel I need to move house or something so I can have a fresh start with new people and new faces. I want to be confident in my own skin, but I honestly feel like it's gonna take a long time to feel normal. The winter is over, here comes the summer 😒. Just have to grind it out 😀👍☮
  9. I think I have a bad memory tbh, but I don't recall being that concerned about my size as a teenager. I knew I was smaller than everyone I knew (at least flaccid) but other than that I dunno. I remember always being concerned with my hair and what I was wearing, but I don't remember my bulge/cock being a big issue until I made it one around 20-22 or something, then it all kicked in. Went for a walk with a pal today and the sun was shining, so no coat/jacket. I felt alright because I was wearing the stretchers, but it still feels strange trusting that I look ok. Just part of my life I guess, so you get on with it. Still, it felt weird and I had to almost ignore every fibre of being telling me to get the fuck out of there and back to my comfort zone. It's just tiring, but it's all good 😀👍☮
  10. It's nothing more than misplaced mental grandiosity really lol. I suppose at my core (at least in fantasy) I'm a misogynist pig who truly believes women are below men on the totem pole. But I recognise that's probably debris from growing up with a step dad who was emotionally absent towards my mother. Funny what rubs off, even if just a little. Personally I'm not like that, I'm emotionally available and caring, but it's all about channeling the beast to make sure I get off. No reality needed for that.
  11. As an update, I've been out and about today as it was unseasonably hot. I felt ok, but a little paranoid that I looked small. This was in the countryside and I only saw maybe 5-10 people, not sure how I'd fare in town. It really makes me neurotic. I saw a teenage kid waking with his mates the other day and noticed (through force of habit) his very small crotch, but he looked content. I thought, what the fuck happened to that guy? That care free teenager I used to be? I was never in during summertime, I was out about enjoying myself like that kid. Not a care in the world about my bulge. Then I hit that age, 20-22? and all that changed. Then I'm playing defence and driving myself insane. I'm thinking of upping the stretching sooner rather than later, take it to the next level. Summer is coming up fast and I need to function without putting off potentially fun activities. I need to trust and be ok with me. I'd love to do a study on what makes a good bulge, I'm convinced there's more at play than cock and balls. Anyway, hope you're all getting on ok, here's to stress free summer ☮🏖🌞
  12. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. #Curb 😀👍
  13. Nothing better than reading an old post and realising you said pretty clear 3 times. It's pretty clear that my mind is not pretty and not particularly clear.
  14. @Lodz I wouldn't mind so much but our sex life had really been picking up momentum before she got pregnant so although I'm happy, it had become kind of nice and something to look forward to. And tbh I've only recently started to revisit old fantasies to get me off, which is a clear indication that porn is becoming my go to place for sexual pleasure rather than a lay by between having sex. But it is what it is. I must admit that my favourite mantra when jacking off to fat girl porn is 'who else would have you' type shit. Not good for the soul but it brings those good tears to my eyes nevertheless 😂
  15. That's a pretty clear description, makes a lot of sense. I think it's pretty clear we're in one way or another we're all fucked up just beautifully. Is it perversion if everyone except the frigid minority are doing it? It's not ideal, but needs must I suppose. Internet porn may be a place for all the worlds sexual depravity to let loose, but it's a pretty clear indication that we're all doing something or other. Whatever gets us up the hill, over it, or through it. I always remember someone telling me about why they self harm. They said it was like a build up of energy every now and again that they had to release. I feel that way about arse play when I'm alone (which I get an itch to do about once a month, maybe less). It's not necessarily linked to feeling like crap but it definitely helps. I'd never do anything like that with my wife, it'd be a huge turn off for me (I'll do it to her, just not her doing it to me). But I must admit, I'll be grateful when regular (married regular) sex is back on the cards.