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  1. That's a really nice thing you did, it could definitely help someone in the future. Have you spoken to @IrmaJean? She was a really helpful person to talk to about my struggle. But I respect what you did by messaging the schools, it was a really cool thing to do.
  2. @Griz 😁
  3. @Griz I don't know, In was gonna steal your idea. I'm off to buy some wood 😉
  4. @Griz What have you got going on, anything interesting? I've been thinking about the same thing, just spit balling ideas.
  5. @Griz Mine is similar, not a ton of loose skin, but I'm glad it's there.
  6. You damn straight. I work with a lot of spiritual women, nuns and trusted spiritual advisors and they do it too. But if you pulled their card theyd divert the attention away from themselves by taking about letting go of anger and focusing on acceptance. But they're all at it. Nothing stings quite like a renowned spiritual speaker talking about a small penis like it's the only thing left on the table once you become 'spiritually advanced'. Treat everyone and everything with eternal compassion, but small cocks are hilarious, let's not throw the baby dicks out with the bathwater. It took everything in the forgiveness tank not to retaliate to that, but it pissed me off for a few days. I dunno, man. As humans in general, I think we're all well and truly fucked in the head.
  7. Fuck the even keel. They're all miserable too or they wouldn't make everyone else feel like shit. The day a big dick stops cancer hollowing out your arsehole I'll be impressed. The guy without legs can't run, the old cunt with dementia can't think straight, the kid with down syndrome gets looked at like a sideshow freak. And I'm a neurotic bulge obsessive with anger issues who occasionally feels peaceful enough to love myself. The truth is, we're not sub-human, we're the epitome of a typical human. Flawed, deformed and depressed. They don't hate us because of our dicks, they hate us because our dicks remind them that nature is a harsh cunt with no empathy, and if a small dick is handed out on the regular then what the fuck is in store for them? Laugh and point, I'm a skinny mirror. You look good compared to me, but what does that mean? (A little Seinfeld reference for what ails ya!) WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!! 😲 😁
  8. @Small Now that's a post to start your day
  9. @RazeU The problem with acceptance is it doesn't mean shit unless you love yourself. I can accept that I'm fat, but hate myself for being fat. I can accept that I have a small penis, but I'm small, I deserve to be miserable for not measuring up. You have to accept that you're small and love yourself regardless of the fact. I have my ups, downs and inbetweens, dark days, dark weeks, dark months, but I always come back to myself and remember that I love myself. I have two boys and a girlfriend who love me, but I don't measure up to societies standards, and that can make me crazy. But I don't want to punish myself indefinitely anymore, I want to be free. I love myself because nobody else matters. The world could love me and throw themselves at my feet, but If I don't love me, I'll never believe that they can either. Loving yourself is the most selfless thing you can do, because the knock on effects will ripple through your life bringing happiness to you and everyone you care about. ☮
  10. @Victimorthecrime I didn't mention roid rage either, I had one mate who turned into a fucking psycho on them. He stopped in the end because of acne, so there's definitely a downside too.
  11. I've only ever known one guy who was cut and that was medical rather than religious. I personally think circumcision should be outlawed, (☢Rant☢) it's child abuse in my eyes especially as so many become infected causing serious illness and even death (☢Rant over☢). But mainly because foreskins are fucking great, saves lubing your cock every time you have a wank (my friends main gripe was how sore he'd get because of it).
  12. Yeh, I was gonna be more clear on how my train of thought had flipped to TRT but it was late so I didn't lol. I'll have to look at the squats, sounds interesting. They can @Small but that's with overuse and abuse. I've known tons of guys over the years who call bullshit on it, but the internet tells us otherwise
  13. @Victimorthecrime I always wanted to give TRT a whirl myself. I had friends who took that and steroids too. They're pretty low risk in moderation, some guys know where to draw the line and get a great looking body out of it, but one mate abused the shit out of them. Ended up on the growth hormone and grew muscly bitch tits and had to have then surgically removed. I always shit on guys who did steroids, but after doing a lot of research out of concern I realised they're pretty much demonised but not that bad with the right supervision and knowledge. I feel the same way about most drugs, they are made out to be dangerous and yet I've taken pretty much everything except smack, crack and meth and never had a problem. Most lads do themselves a mischief on the booze more than anything else, that shit is the real nightmare fuel.
  14. I've been doing it a while now, building up to weighted stretchers. If I'm honest the feeling of my balls being slightly tugged is incredible. But fuck me are there heavy ones out there, really worth checking you're weights, some are ungodly. Thanks for the concern tho, I've had some reservations myself.
  15. I've ordered my ball weights (TAKE 2). These are a quarter of the weight of the last ones. I definitely didn't do my research last time as they were heavier than the tire iron in my car lol, I could have beat a gorilla to death with the thing. This time hopefully they'll be wearable and a bearable weight for all day usage. I'll do an update later in the week when they arrive. Fucking things are costing me an arm and a leg.