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  1. new member, anxiety issues

    Hi, @Portent welcome to the forum. Really glad this place has helped. The doctors is a tricky place, I've only ever been examined once when I found a 'lump'. Turned out it was nothing but I shriveled up like a frightened turtle (to quote Seinfeld) and it made me extremely uncomfortable. It's weird as well because doctors see that many penises each year, every penis probably is normal to them, so asking a doctor might be close to useless. The last time I mentioned my penis to a doctor (few years ago trying to get Viagra) I lied about the reasons etc. But I know what you mean about smirk detection, my radar is either broken or extremely sensitive (probably the latter) because I think that quite often just out in the world. I'm slowly getting over it but it isn't easy.
  2. Diet/Gym/Health/Sanity

    Got a bike, went for a one hour bike ride, couldn't feel my cock, balls and left cheek for 2 days. It has a medical name but I preferred the street term numb nuts. It was pretty shit. I had big plans for me and that bike, but it was free so I guess I'll have to buy a new seat. Ain't nuttin' for free, it's like I was handed a bill lol. But it was a nice gesture either way. I really don't want to start work out exercising again, or maybe I do? The baby is sleeping better than ever but he still leaves me with very little energy to work out, but my diet is still up and running. I've lost about a stone which is good but there's still a way to go. I'm writing music again which is therapeutic but I've been cut short and haven't had a minute to myself for a few days which starts to feel heavy after a while. Went to see Annabelle Creation which was ok I guess, but fuck me British cinemas are depressing, there's about 10-15 people right at the back on a good day, I'm not sure how these places stay open, it's probably the Vue popcorn market fluctuating with the price of gold. I've been out a lot this summer, it's been a real improvement for me. One summer I didn't leave the house for about 4 months and after my first son was born I stayed in for 6 which is depressing just thinking about it. This summer has been easier than the 10+ before it and it's felt like it's lasted longer too. In the interest of honesty I've had a few off days, but who doesn't? I went out on the piss last week and immediately regretted it, but I managed to contain the fall out and power through. I'm going to be 35 soon, and it's a good age to maybe change my views on work.
  3. Irrational fear of HIV

    The Looming Tomorrow! I like it, sounds like an Emo band. I just went to type Emo and it auto-corrected it to Emotional lol. Sounds like it know what I was going for. I've had this same fear myself. It's really crap because the thought is almost like a virus itself, it kind of resurfaces when we hear it mentioned on TV or wherever. If it's really concerning you, get tested again for peace of mind.
  4. @Small Ok, I'll count myself lucky then lol. It does sound cheesy some of my posts, but this is the first summer I've actually gone out and lived normally in about 10 years. It's been the best summer on recent record for me where I've said yes to meals out, shopping, walks, going the park, coffees in the day time etc. That sounds cringey af but it's been a reality for too long. I'm not saying it's directly because of the forum, but it defo played a part in the whole accepting myself.
  5. Doesn't matter, man. I was being over sensitive. One of reasons I hate writing is how out of context I come across.
  6. If you knew me, you'd know I don't preach. If you don't want to find that out, that's ok. But it's already been a positive thing for me and others off forum, so I just have to focus on that. You're pissed off for some reason and I'm not sure what I did or said to you personally if anything. If we'd actually spoken and you called me preachy, I'd take it on the chin. But I'm not some faceless forum profile to be harassed, I'm a real person. If you were trying to upset me, it kind of worked, so you've got that.
  7. How to accept yourself

    I have kind of a sixth sense for when a penis joke is coming up. I don't know whether it's because the set up is so obvious as it's an easy laugh or a built in defence mechanism, but I see them coming from a mile away. I'd hate watching something with a whole group of friends, knowing the comedy was kind of leaning that way. But what can you do? Just laugh it off and move on and try not to let it ruin the show, and if it does, watch something else I guess. I've watched a lot of that programme, it's funny, but they're a bit over the top anyway. Have you ever seen Greg Benson do Cell Phone Crashing on YouTube? That's pretty funny. There's a guy called TheHoaxHotel who pranks calls Indian scammers, that's funny too.
  8. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    @lookingforafriend I think we just mirrored eachother posts there simultaneously, spooky. I agree, it's worth it I think. Speak soon 👍
  9. It's almost a year to the day that I made my first post on this forum, and it's not been the easiest thing to do as I'm sure people are aware. But overall it's been extremely helpful. I've talked to people from all over the world with the same problem and stigma that's comes with it and I can't thank you all enough for your words of support and encouragement. I thought this place would be like every other forum, a barren wasteland, but it has a solid community of lads who have suffered embarrassment from this and I've been helped enormously over the year. There have been a few ups and downs and learning curves and a lot of harrowing testimonies that have shocked me and also gave me a much better understanding of the condition, but I'm glad I found it. The moderators are also unbelievably devoted to helping visitors to the site and they do an amazing job. But the one thing that has become apparent in the SPS forum is the lack of a support system for a lot of guys in their personal life, not all, just some. And if I can I want to try and change that. So with no pressure or commitment, if you send me a private message I'll give you my email address and my phone number through the email address so we can start a more personal chat/text w/e. I'm not some loony feel good hipster guru, just a normal lad that thinks it could help, which you'll see if we chat. I personally don't even think it's that big of a deal, but I realise it might be for others. I also get that It'll be easier for the UK based guys, obviously, but I'm also waiting on a sim card that can make very cheap international calls too for anyone further afield. I know it sounds daunting and a lot of guys are anxious about their identities being revealed, but I can guarantee you that that won't be an issue, everything will be in the strictest confidence, and why would I say anything? I know how shit this is, I've lived it myself. Anyway, without banging on about it too much, that offers there If anyone's interested. Hopefully the forum can get back to what it was now, it'd be really crap to see it go the same way as the ADHD forum 😉👍 ☮
  10. Music therapy!

    That's a personal favourite. That and suicide note pt2
  11. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    @Small I agree about the partners, you're completely right. I just went with the flow without thinking how that'd make people feel. It should just be only the guys, it makes a lot more sense. It's not exactly practical anyway with finding a babysitter etc. I hate that this thread has upset people, I was trying to move slowly and it got away from me, but I still believe it's not a bad thing. I'm just a normal guy, and I don't go on about SPS all day, it's just an option to go from forum strangers to friends with an element of trust that isn't guaranteed irl.
  12. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    @Small It's definitely not for everybody, I get that, but you're lucky to have had a friend to talk to. I've definitely never had that, I only recently spoke to my gf about it, before that I suffered in silence. I know the idea went full on for a while there and maybe elements of the thread got carried away, but that's been addressed. But some of these guys want to meet or speak on the phone and I think if it's something some people want, then why not? It's not for everyone but it's not an all or nothing thing. I've missed you posting on here anyway, Jones kicked DC into another division and we haven't talked about it lol. But I honestly don't think the thread has shit on anyone, it's just a thread. And as for the gf issue, it's not really an issue. I've told her what I want to do and she supports me. And I don't think you're negative, you've always been a positive person to talk to. But this whole condition thrives in the shadows, we're just trying to trust eachother enough to break the divide and become friends. I'll be honest and say that bringing our partners is a bit daunting, but we're just feeling out what works, we could meet up just the guys. Whatever works.
  13. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    @lookingforafriend I've ordered a sim that can make very cheap international calls. 1p a minute to the U.S. which might come in handy if those guys want to talk and get in on the support group. If you get the sim when you get a chance we'll speak next week and we can start arranging this meet. Looking forward to it, my friend. Speak soon 👍
  14. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    @lookingforafriend So, did you manage to get your sim?
  15. Worst Experience with SPS

    @LaLa It's not every man admittedly, but there is a certain type of average guy desperate to prove himself as a big man who will take any opportunity to mock small men or men he perceives as smaller than himself. It's not an everyday occurrence, but it happens enough to start a pattern of defensive behaviour which can then become a kind of beacon to other men that you don't feel confident or comfortable in locker room/bathroom situations. For the most part it's not an issue, but it really affects a lot of guys who've suffered this nightmare personally. But from my own experience I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, men do look, sometimes in a jokey way, and it can change the whole relationship and pecking order. But your husband is right, especially with strangers, for the most part they don't look. This is more attributed to situations with close friends and work colleagues where throw away cruelty and rivalry thrives.