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  1. My mom had the same problem she was on MANY depression pills and finally settled on one kind.... for 10 years! It took that long for my mom to get off them because they made her depression worse. Although her depression is really bad still she better without the pills, the meds didnt just take away sadness they took away all of her emotions. Without the meds my moms depression acts up but at least when she is happy i cant tell.... with the medication it was like she didnt have happiness or sadness....
  2. hi

  3. my health is fine. Im fine i dont take to professionals, i was just wondering because when this happened i was stressed out and tired. thank you for you idea!
  4. I was just wondering because i have some questions on self harm and cutting. Im not much of a cutter but i have done it before, when i did i was really angry. I couldn't sleep i was restless and mad, so when i first tried cutting i made a deep scar but now looking back on it ( it was less than a year ago) i don''t really remember doing it and i cant bring myself to do it again like did that time, i was wondering what this means, is it some kind of blackout? The only time i have been able to make a deep gash was that time and now i cant remember it or do it again. Why is this?