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  1. So, what music do you all listen to? I love classic rock •Pink Floyd •Led Zeppelin •Black Sabbath •Deep Purple •The Doors •The Who •The Kinks •Spice Girls What about you lot?
  2. So, what music do you all listen to? I love classic rock •Pink Floyd •Led Zeppelin •Black Sabbath •Deep Purple •The Doors •The Who •The Kinks •Spice Girls What about you lot?
  3. I love hairdryers. I listen to the sounds on YouTube pretty much everyday. My mother was a hairdresser so it's a sound that I'd have heard in the womb, it brings me so much comfort. When I'm ill with a cold I'll sit with it on all day keeping me warm. I also like blow heaters, they're so chill. When I was a kid, I lived across from a huge supermarket, and around the back they had huge extractor fans blowing warm air down. Sometimes I'd climb over the barbwire fence and just chill under them. 💚💙💛
  4. The hard-on is a curious thing, it can happen at the most unusual times leading us to think that we're attracted to things that we're not. It's not like you can help it, you're not in control of it. You just have to look at the erection as an extension (no pun intended) of an unwanted thought. The penis is not a verification of how you feel in reality, it's as unimportant as the thought that preceded it.
  5. Having an attraction for small, cute women is normal. She's not a child, she's just small and cute, who doesn't like that? Now tall girls, they intimidate me lol. It makes you look bigger too, taller, can't argue with that. You're over thinking a normal attraction I think. Has somebody said something to you? These things normally come from idiot friends making stupid comments. Hope you go for it, seems a shame to miss out on a potential relationship over this.
  6. Mash potato. I fucking hate it with a passion. Over the years I've had people serve it to me even though I've told them I hate it because "You'll like mine" and I've had to stop myself throwing up on the plate. I feel like it's going to choke me if I eat it, like it'll get lodged in my throat and suffocate me (I'm feeling sick thinking about it). When I was a kid I was wetting myself in school and they didn't know why, turned out they were feeding me mash. My stepdad would make me eat it as a teenager (psycho) so I'd feed it to the dog (what a dog). My son absolutely loves it though, and I don't mind other people eating it.
  7. anxiety

    @Flower Bobo She doesn't sound abusive, she sounds stressed. It seems like she's carrying a lot of burden with very little reward. I lack motivation and I find it really difficult to get myself in the mood to do anything productive. It's usually down to how much sleep I get, is that an issue for you? Try and figure out when you have the most energy and surprise her by doing something she won't expect, maybe when she gets home from work you've done the vacuuming or the dishes (I find mornings easier, but it will vary person to person). It's the little gestures that make a big difference. And the one thing that gets overlooked in relationships is talking. Sit and have a long chat, tell her how much you appreciate what she does and how proud you are of her working. Sometimes people just need to know you see what they do for you.
  8. Hi, don't know if you're still around. How did your test go, did they say it was ADD? Your story has a familiar ring to it, I went through this shit too. Either it not being considered a real condition or it being chalked up to being a moron. Even years later I was basically ignored by the doctor who said "It's nothing, what do you want me to do?" I don't know, that's why I came. I'd say one of the best things is sleep, get enough of it (not too much) and lay off the coffees/RedBull as they fuck me up when I'm tired. I'm saying this whilst drinking a coffee, but I have a young baby and I'm always tired atm lol. Exercise always helped burn off some energy too, maybe a 20 minute a day thing 4 days on 3 days off. I recently stopped exercising and I definitely get worse as a result. Hope you're doing ok and managing well 👍
  9. @ancientangel I find art to be my own personal refuge. But even that can fall in and out of my favour, especially painting or drawing. I can be extremely enthusiastic for a short time then ditch it on a whim. I went undiagnosed through childhood, I was one year out of it being recognised as an actual condition, so I was put in 'motivated children' (disruptive kids class). Although, I recently went back to night school to get my English GCSE in 2014 and told my teacher that I struggle in classroom situations especially if I'm not interested in what is being taught (Shakespeare) to just understand I'm not being belligerent on purpose. She seemed to take it as a personal insult and I had a terrible time there, although I passed barely with a C. One of the more telling moments for me was when I went to college in 2010 doing a course in food hygiene and also in bartending. The lady who was in charge of the course had done the food hygiene class over 200 times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I came back to college the next day she was doing the bartending course and admitted before it started it was her first time. After about 10-15 minutes I became really irate and agitated, at one point I actually shouted out loud "fucks sake". I pretended I banged my leg on the table and left the room and didn't go back. I found this to be quite telling as the same teacher was teaching me two separate courses one she did over 200x times and one which she'd never done before, and it stands to reason that she held my attention in the first class because she was so knowledgeable and practiced, but in the second class she didn't have a clue and I was fantasising about ringing her bloody neck lol. It's taken my girlfriend over 10 years to understand the subtleties of my attention problems. The one she is baffled by is how she can be talking to me and I don't respond. I know I'm being spoken to, but it's like they're on a different frequency. She then shouts at me and I shout back because she shouted to get my attention and I respond like she's speaking for the first time. She now puts her hand on my shoulder until I'm looking at her like "what?" She then says "didn't you hear me?" I say "no", she repeats it and I answer. I told her that she'll know when I'm ignoring her on purpose because I'll make a joke out of it like saying "waaaaa?" Or "Ehhh"? But If I don't respond, I'm zoned out and don't mean to be rude. It took me until I settled down and raised a family to keep out of trouble. My life wasn't rosey by any stretch (not an excuse) but I was always in trouble and ended up in jail for a few months. After that I ditched my old friends and moved away for a fresh start. I still struggle with it every day (some more than others) and sometimes it's really fucking tiring, especially repeating things in my head, songs or phrases etc (although that sounds OCD it seems to happen when I'm hyperactive). But it gets easier with time and age. And I truly believe it's an artist's condition, it keeps the mind rolladex flipping and is great for new ideas and musical leaps, but you probably already know that from your art.
  10. What games do you play and on what console? Where abouts are you @ba51th
  11. Hey @ba51th. What do you do for fun where you are? Are you big into anime?