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  1. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    That was spooky I hope you have all had a good week, mine has been abit shite with work and some SP comments which I didn't appreciate. What didn't help was I have been trying to locate old family photos to see how everyone has changed, although I am only 30 I look at the college pictures and it just seems like forever ago. There was one where I was standing apart from the study group and I think I just felt a complete sense of not belonging there. I have spoken to a few people by phone which has been good - if anyone wants to talk this Sunday please PM me and we can figure out a time. Take care brothers.
  2. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    Hey just checked my emails - hmm yeah the bringing of partners wasn't supposed to cause upset - happy to revise this aspect, its just if I go to Manchester or wherever she will travel with me - the meet can be guys only. Like Yoth has said I don't talk/think about SDS stuff all the time but it has the power to bring my mood right down and I really don't want to waste my whole adult life looking for a mate like me - I want to skip ahead to days where I feel comfortable with a group...and I believe this may be the way. So tomorrow I will get the spare sim and share the number - although it makes me nervous as hell - I want to try. For anyone reading this who feels alienated/hurt/spited - please trust I am not like that, this whole thing was always supposed to be positive. the initial posts were supposed to get people's attention and although I am clumsy when I write - I know this is something worth investing into, so here is me trying be clearer... We live in a society that is supposed to thrive on diversity and equal opportunities, but this something we are not afforded. We are shamed by both genders, told by media we are lesser specimens and this causes a lifetime of internal hurt. I know the weight of this burden will always be with me and all of you, but we don't need to carry it alone. If you feel more comfortable with the privacy of never meeting that's fine, I still want to be your friend and for those that do want to meet - I think we should at least try. Speak soon. Paul
  3. Worst Experience with SPS

    I am paranoid someone will find me and share my posts - sorry - I am no leader just want friends who understand this and don't make SD jokes all the time.
  4. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    I didn't get round to it last week, been a nightmare just going to work and acting normal - been feeling quite low. I will get the sim this weekend - As I said speaking on the phone is the first step to meeting and I really want to do this meet. How are things for you guys? I have recently started looking at old photos and realising how much I miss having friends - I don't miss the ones the rubbish ones.
  5. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    cool - I am hoping to get the sim today so I will message you guys soon via private message. Have a good weekend
  6. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    To chat on the phone would be ideal to break the ice. I have an idea - go to your local poundland - buy a sim card and top it up by £10. I will also do this today - then I will message you all individually my dedicated number. Then we just pick a time then we chat on the phone, no danger as this isn't our normal mobile number. If we can take this step, it will lead to our meet eventually - very excited to talk to you all.
  7. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    Smallbeans - sorry to hear all the worry. I hope little one gets better soon I can do Manchester on a Saturday, would involve abit of travel. As an example how about 28 Oct 17? This will give us time to iron out details. I think that we should meet midafternoon, public place, i.e. quiet pub?
  8. Worst Experience with SPS

    Sorry folks - deleted a few posts as I feel abit paranoid. Still using the site
  9. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    The Lowry - https://www.thelowry.com/ https://www.thelowryhotel.com/location-and-directions Average price £107 per deluxe suite double. At the Lowry they have comedians like John Bishop and shows like 'The Addams Family'. i think me and gf could do a saturday later this year. which comedians have you guys seen live?
  10. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    Hey chaps, hope you're all OK Totally agree charity work is good fun and does wonders for confidence and helping to channel our energy, I do a few things a month including boxing up food parcels for the local food bank and supporting St Elizabeth Hospice - my dad got prostate cancer and almost died so I think that I owe them. I believe that paying it forward is perhaps one of best things we all can do. So we are looking at Manchester - I once went to the Lowery (Britains got Talent was being filmed) How would you feel about meeting around there? - I remember its near to Old Trafford and many nice shops/pubs We could go for lunch/drinks?? Helpless Loner - we are here for you, what has caused you to feel down? has something happened? Best wishes Paul
  11. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    We could maybe do a city in the middle of the UK.. as random suggestion...what about Manchester one weekend? I will bring my Gf we could go for a few drinks?
  12. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    Manchester as a suggestion for a meet. Edited.
  13. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

  14. A social for the SDS guys to meet and socialise.

    Nope - not trying to be a hero - like said looking for some mates.
  15. Worst Experience with SPS