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  1. hey! i'm the manager... and don't nobody forget it.
  2. i'll have some teriyaki john please. you, john, vic and jazz can probably start a jazz band.
  3. don't be. if you can cook yourself, we'll give it a shot.
  4. edible john.
  5. i miss mts. i've also thought about jessie and robert. i hope things aren't too bad for them wherever they are. beth, you probably also remember nearly dead, lifeless existence, recluse and some of the other tortured souls (before i started posting). i remember you used to try to comfort them. some stories are so sad; one can almost feel their pain just by reading their experiences.
  6. i'll beat the crap out of you for making me use the dictionary.
  7. that's klingsor for you... whenever bitches or nailing, or tearing things apart is involved, kling is there.
  8. i abhor that kind of pressure.
  9. i like the soccer ball pic lol. ya, i told you soccer was awesome!
  10. are they chocolatey?
  11. fiorentina... this reminds of the team when batistuta used to play there in his prime. the italian league was something else then. i remember the competition for best striker between batistuta, bierhoff and shevchenko. their league sucks now and has sucked for years. my life was still shit then, but less so than now. we were so naive... sigh.
  12. i'm just happy your husband isn't vegan lol. and one can never have too many smileys.
  13. do they sell vegan pizzas now? what about the cheese?
  14. you party animals you. that's klingsor partying lol.
  15. penis collectors.