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  1. i don't think "living in batcave" is a marketable skill.
  2. morality is a purely subjective thing of which no one is exempt. - Resolute
  3. i think you mean "hell is for other people".
  4. most people are stupid and ignorant. most women are hoes. and most men are pussies. the end.
  5. probably because it's not a dark and damp cave.
  6. i missed the action again.
  7. by whom????? lol thanks man; and likewise. don't encourage him (god).
  8. hey vic. not much really, but i have been visiting the forum a bit less recently. i'd been working on a pet project which didn't turn out as climactic as i'd hoped, due to some bad luck (story of my life lol). anyway, hope you're doing ok, and i read your shoulder is still healing slowly. hope everyone (except small lol) is well.
  9. specially now that you have small's approval and blessing.
  10. sorry to hear that, ba. hopefully, no civil war will happen.
  11. i'd try to leave the country if possible.
  12. the physicist joke wasn't bad, but i didn't get the reference in the other thread.
  13. sparta?
  14. you're not talking about yahweh 2.0 are you? and of course the other ones.
  15. so direct... and rhyming.