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  1. Perhaps. You do seem upset a lot. I sometimes think I have a mood disorder, I go from happy to sad & back. All over the map. Emotions are a blessing & a curse.
  2. Your thoughts.
  3. Well said jackbolin. "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"
  4. No one gets the kind of life they want.
  5. You have to want good things for your life ba or it will never happen. We all have things that we could be enraged about if we allowed it. Look to the future & see what kind of life you want and let that set your mind. Tell me your thoughts on this.
  6. Google your zip code and "human services" and call some of the numbers. If you make the effort you can find a therapist that works on a sliding scale.
  7. Another failed attempt at being funny. I should not post when I am at work. Too over caffeinated & wound up.
  8. Hookers and blow
  9. Looks fine to me. I am too tired to read much now.
  10. I love music 🎶 rock, pop, really nearly all forms. I love the Grateful Dead, Phish, Hot Tuna, Stones, R.E.M., Springsteen, Moe, Widespread Panic, Dylan, Luna, Love, Kiss, the Clash, the Alarm, etc just so many. I like the ones you just named too except Spice Girls. What other ones do you like?
  11. I'm like a shy shelter dog 🐶 grateful but wary 😒
  12. Yes lol John Mayer wore an insane little check patterned one during a few shows last summer as a tribute to the ice cream cone kid which is my profile picture here.
  13. A buldge would look great in my new summer romper. It would say "hi I'm here for fun & ready for anything".
  14. I am a coffee ☕️ guy. I love it. Both regular & decaf. Enjoy.
  15. Yes good point. The only person that should be messing w that stuff is a professional bodybuilder. Just sharing my view, I am certainly not a doctor but I have listened to those that are and what they have to say on the subject.