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how to calm myself from rage?

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You have to want good things for your life ba or it will never happen.    We all have things that we could be enraged about if we allowed it.  

Look to the future & see what kind of life you want and let that set your mind.  

Tell me your thoughts on this.  

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I have a difficult time coping with feelings of anger as well, ba. If one considers the neuroscience of this, any action that moves activity away from the amygdala could be helpful. Maybe try taking some deep breaths or counting backwards slowly to ten? This could possibly feel calming and allow for more connection with rational thought.

I think too that each person is unique as to what might be helpful. I have a pink room that I sit in that helps me to connect with my inner calmness. I hope you find what works best for you.

How is your self talk through these feelings, ba? I hope you will keep the door open to the possibilities.

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