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  2. Ugly, malformed, unemployed and worthless in every practical aspect of manhood...so status quo. Nothing wrong, just slowly rotting away and raving about it. Thank you Irmajean, hope you’re well and they are giving you some much earned time off at your job.
  3. It was 81 hot degrees here today and I was only out for a short while but noticed that mask wearing compliance has plummeted. Masks are even more uncomfortable in the heat. Added to that we are set to move to “yellow” on June 04 and I think people are over it and ready to move on. I am too but just hope it holds. Don’t want to have to go through this again in the fall.
  4. The Memorial Day weekend was as crazy busy as ever where I work. We wear masks and most of the customers do as well, there is plexiglass, we are sanitizing frequently.... Today was the first day in 2 1/2 months there were no new cases in our county. We are in a lull with the virus here at the moment, but I don't think this is over. I don't think we should let our guard down either, but things are moving in a positive direction with gradual reopening. Let's hope this continues. I'm sorry you were locked out, Dave. I never received any messages about it, but glad to see you back again. I hope everyone is staying healthy and hanging in there.
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  6. Hmm...I hope you're okay, Klingsor. Sending along my care.
  7. TL;DR TL;DR TL;DR FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A DROSOPHILIA: Does a “real man” have big muscles, thick skin, strong chin, and a dick and balls because he “identifies” as a man or is he a real man because he has big muscles, thick skin, strong chin, and a dick and balls?
  8. That’s been my entire point all along and one reason why I say there’s no fundamental differences. They say the same thing where I am except there isn’t all this sophistical bullshit surrounding the issue...it’s just taken for fucking granted. Which ought to be obvious considering that feminism is considered so aberrant here so as not to even exist. And isn’t that basically the premise of feminism? That a woman can do anything a man can, but without a dick and balls, can essentially BE a man without the corresponding genitalia? That it’s all just a matter of “attitude”? But if that’s true, aren’t the dudes here (many who like to lay the blame for all this on “liberals”) who say that masculinity is more than a penis, aren’t they actually feminists? And isn’t political feminism seen as the underpinning of “gender identity” politics, the idea that biological sex (genitalia) is not essential to determining gender identity? So if you call yourself politically opposed to that, and firmly believe that biological characteristics determine gender, how does it NOT follow that you will place an emphasis on the size/development of these genitals as a determinant of the degree of gender identification, in the same way that muscular development or skeletal structure is evaluated as the degree of approach to a masculine ideal? It is unbelievable to me that people are so stupid or so fucking bullheaded that something so obvious has to be laid out this analytically.
  9. I think this issue cuts across the political spectrum. Where I am is very much Left and those folks will immediately ask “what’s he compensating for?” the minute they see a guy in a fast car or in reference to can type of achievement really.
  10. There’s also the instances of the same type of guys pulling out their balls in the break room and sitting them on another dude’s shoulders or making “bat wings” with their ballsacks, etc...too numerous to count. I’m sure they were all just closeted homosexuals or feminists though.
  11. Please don't minimize the problems of those of us with a small penis. While the poster in question is not really small and needs to realize that, many of us really are small. The social acceptability of "small penis" humor, even in public creates a very serious problem with which victims must deaL.
  12. Personal story I avoided sharing here for a long time: I (used) to work in factories and safety training is regular thing when you work in one. At one place I worked, the safety coordinator decided in the interest of making the training engaging, instead of the customary PowerPoint slides and shitty VHS tapes, to do an interactive “game show” type thing where the employees could join through their phones and answer questions about the safety topics kind of like jeopardy. As part of this, you had to come up with a name for yourself at the start of the game that is displayed to the whole room on the overhead screen. I’m in there with about 35 employees, all floor workers, technicians, mechanics, etc. in other words all working class. Only me and one other guy had college degrees. I live in the heart of Trump country and none of these guys could be considered liberal in any sense of the word. I am not exaggerating: literally every single made up name they chose had something to do with dicks or penis size...”Dirk Diggler”, “Dingler Road”, “Blake the Snake” (that dude was frequently a topic of jokes because he supposedly had a gigantic dick), and on and on, too many to remember. A group of straight working class men, no women. Yet when I bring something like this up here, I’m told by the experts it’s fundamentally different than when a feminist mentions a penis. No one has ever been able to explain this to me...they just make a stupid fucking joke or tell me it’s just different. I’m told, “oh it’s boys being boys”, by the same people who tell me only women and gay men make an issue out of penis size. In terms of training engagement, it was one of the most successful I’ve seen, they loved the naming part before the actual game, trying to outdo each other metaphorically with dick size. @uptight outasight thoughts? You of anyone here would be most likely to know what I’m talking about.
  13. Conservative Christian, anti-liberal, anti-gay, anti-immigrant Ann Coulter: It’s always there hovering right under the surface, waiting for an opportune moment. The reason you don’t hear it as much is because there’s a real “conspiracy of silence” surrounding the topic. So much emphasis is placed on masculinity and the masculinity crisis in right-wing politics that they really can’t do anything else because to acknowledge it would be risking the accusation of FAGGGGOT and FEMMMINIST, but to not mention it runs counter to the anti-trans politics and what it means to be a man, etc. So they can’t do anything except skirt around the topic until a breaks loose at certain times like above. P.S. Nearly 7,000 likes and counting! Her posts normally only hit the 1,000-1,500 range. P.P.S. For some context here, Coulter posted this after a very long, very insulting twitter rant about Trump, whom she feels has betrayed the conservative movement. As part of that rant, she questioned his masculinity several times.
  14. Last week
  15. Wow. Hopefully there are some rivers or lakes for people to enjoy ‘cause they ain’t driving to the beach anytime soon. Or maybe water parks are a big deal I dunnno.
  16. Couple things.... While I enjoyed a Creighton basketball game and hearty steak dinner in Omaha, this location is not the geographic center of the US. This spot resides in Kansas. #2 If you have had great sex in the past, that tells me you can do it again. Unless your wife has sought other suitors who have given her a different experience in the interim. If not, and you have performance anxiety, I would recommend PDE-5 inhibitors, i.e. viagra, cialis, etc. You get erect more frequently and for longer and might be worth the money. Easy way to be 18 again per your penis. If your back goes out, don't blame me. IMHO, it seems that a physical response can override any psychological hindrance you may have given your admission that you have had a positive sexual experience with your wife in the past.
  17. There will be many, many books, documentaries, articles written about COVID, including the huge baby boom that will be upon the World starting in several months.
  18. Well what I would say that guys like us have to "trick" the opposite sex that we are confident enough to deserve their attention, despite our specific physical shortcomings.
  19. Someone should write a book “Love in the time of COVID”.
  20. I don't think this forum has many posters these days. I used to be a moderator of it over 10 years ago so I got an email regarding your topic, which requires approval. I have definitely approved it because you have a legitimate emotional difficulty that is worthy of attention. I hope I am not the only responder to your post but if I am I hope you don't take it personally. Nowadays, I participate in many very active support communities on reddit.com . There are probably several forums for you to seek guidance but one subreddit you can try is at r/smallpenisproblems . As a woman, I can tell you honestly that most women couldn't care less what size your flaccid penis is and that the teasing you got is very similar to the awful teasing that most people experience in their lives. All we can do is try to overcome the foolishness. It seems that common and immature human nature is to attack others to try to elevate one's own ego, Good luck and best wishes from Omaha, Nebraska, the geographic center of the U.S.
  21. Same here my friend. I recall you like to keep to a regular schedule so this disruption must be stressful. Hang in there and try to make the best of it. That’s what I am doing. Being really super lazy this weekend is how I am coping lol. Drinking beer 🍺 and listening to music. My local county has great live open mic FB page where some terrific musicians sing and into the night. They all have Venmo tip jar & I have given a little from time to time. Be curious to hear what other folks are doing to cope w quarantine and the stress of not knowing where this is all headed if anyone cares to share.
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