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  2. most likely. the USA has a safety net. All you have to do is show up at the hospital, but you will lose most of your assets if you can't pay the bill. Then you go on Medicaid, medical welfare. Obama care health insurance was too expensive with huge deductibles. Worthless. Becoming a dead letter.
  3. Obsessive behavior has damaged my marraige. My husband has siblings that are much larger than himself, and though his penis is almost average, he is driven to cheat with other women to prove himself. Does anyone experience this? Wife, alone in the world...
  4. Why the hell are our taxes so high then....is it only to fund the health care system?
  5. Are you really doubting that??? Yes Denmark is close to the east-block but obviously a capitalist economy. Does real socialist/communist states actually exist in the world today? Maybe Cuba
  6. Yeah, but you still have capitalist production by and large, don't you? Real socialism embraces state enterprise across the board. I don't think our social welfare checks are much smaller though it is hard to compare.
  7. We have that in Denmark we are not afraid to use the "s word". There are downsides to it though. very high taxes removing the incentive to work. A single mom with one child gets a 2.200 USD social welfare check every month for instance The most right wing parties we have would on a right-left scale be equivalent to your democratic party. We only have one declared liberal party, and it's a small party. The rest of them (the biggest ones and the ones in power right now) are social-liberal parties adhering to Keynesian economics. Your own Bernie Sanders likes to refer to Denmark as an ideal-state. we have an election coming up and the socialist party is going to win.
  8. I don't agree with that at all. Well as far as the small tits go. I don't think most guys give a shit about that. It depends on how good looking she is overall. Most of these models that movie stars seem to want to have hanging on their arms have very small tits or no tits at all in some cases. Obviously having small tits does effect some women more than others just like having a small dick effects guys differently but even women who do feel self conscious about their breasts aren't going to seek out a guy with a small penis. If they happen to end up with a guy with a small one then they might be a bit more willing to accept it. I just think that kind of acceptance has more to do with a woman's own sense of how important sex is to her. Does his inability to provide X amount of sexual pleasure override all his other qualities. I've never noticed women with small tits having trouble getting a man.
  9. There are some important distinctions to unpack in this which I’m not comfortable discussing openly for privacy reasons and also because it generates a lot of emotional discussion. I promised the moderators a few years ago I wouldn’t cause any more problems here. If this has any interest to you or you have questions PM me, otherwise I’m probably going to take a hiatus from here. Take care.
  10. I know many conservatives. I can't recall any time any of them "made fun" of the less fortunate. More like everyone needs some survival pressure for motivation and be discouraged jumping into the safety net. Conservatives appear to me, even at close range, to be "goody two shoes." You might be confusing alpha thugs with conservatives. Usually fairly weak betas or deltas consoling themselves with religion.
  11. @divorced for the most part I am indifferent to politics. I’m too jaded and cynical to believe any of it makes much difference. I don’t really care who’s running the carnival as long as I have personal access to quiet and solitude. When I was younger, I was full of a lot of rage, and I was a firm advocate of eugenics and euthanasia centers like in soylent green. To an extent I still am, not so much out of anger, but out of mercy for people like me who are destined for nothing but loserdom in the world. Some people don’t belong in this life and it’s apparent from grade school. It would be a mercy to kill them in the womb. However, this brings up another point I’ve spoken about, which is namely the necessity of losers for the winners. The two compliment each other and the polarity requires both terms. You see this on display with “conservatives” who will scream about abortion then ridicule and relentlessly make fun of the less fortunate.
  12. I think women with small tits or a physical disability would be less concerned about the size of a penis and just be grateful to have a man. I think women like that can be sexy.
  13. Steve Ormsby


  14. I gave-up on the sexually competitive usually usually large penis crowd and finally married a near virgin with a small penis. Didn't turn-out well as he was more mentally damaged than I imagined or he let on. However, I was ready to and did forgo access "to big cock" for over 20 years. I am very orgasmic, however, and didn't feel the need to have peak sex experiences. I was satisfied with "good enough" sex as long as family life was good. Big cock sex can't be eliminated anyway without genetic engineering of the whole population! High masculinity would have to go too, in my opinion. I assume you are not serious about that, but only making a hypothetical point. Interesting that in Brave New World, alphas continued to be "hatched" as well as subservient classes. Why not genetic engineering equality?
  15. Because I was victimized so badly by the HS elite, I have been obsessed with how power works in society at large. Are all elites like the ones that abused me? There are many other obsessions I have developed as well--severe abuse tends to define your life--probably not just in my case. If socialism means a safety net, I have no problem with it. However top down control with no private property or individual rights or my freedom to find a niche would be a disaster.
  16. Interesting. I was naturally low masculinity and very non-assertive, but my parents exerted pretty extreme pressure to be highly competitive and active in sports. I easily accepted "my place" unless the alphas were especially mean. I pretended to have an attitude and ready to fight so things didn't get out of hand. Fortunately, I was small only in the nether region so I was able to get away, for the most part, with the bluff. Interesting variations.
  17. Yes I have and that’s a good way of putting it. I don’t know. Economics is second only to team sports in the list of things I find excruciatingly boring. Socialism only interests me to the extent of questions regarding private property and individual rights because I generally can’t stand people or dealing with the public. Marxism-Leninism is a hydra that employs dialectical thinking so a straightforward analysis is difficult in any event and impossible in an online forum discussion. I didn’t intend to open this line of conversation although I probably should have foreseen it. I merely made the comment as hyperbole to make a point.
  18. That would mean, I think, that the current campus radicalism is"bourgeoise" by Marx's standards, not real communism. Clever de-fanging of communism by the ruling class?
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