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    Anyone want to discuss favorite films or films in general? Can also be television shows, theater, anything related really. I watched Ingmar Bergman’s Magic Flute today; seen it before but it’s truly a great adaptation imo, worth watching again.
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    I got a new phone today.

    Thank you @Victimorthecrime good to hear from you. The reason I have the phone is because I worked out a better deal with my carrier, over $30 less a month! My next purchase is a bed...I’m sleeping on the bed I had since college, mattress is over 8 years old and is completely shot. Wish I could claim its due to massive amounts of Olympic sex ha ha. Murder on my back. It’s to the point I have to do something. I’m taking things one bite at a time. Otherwise I’m overwhelmed and defeated.
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    Wife needing advice

    This is pretty common with men who feel small. It could be as serious as it is innocent, but I've used gay or curious men (online) for their opinion before and although I'm not in denial about my bisexuality, it's not why I was looking/asking. It was strictly for reassurance that I wasn't alone or an unlovable freak. It strikes me as curious that he did this during your pregnancy as this will have been a time when his needs weren't top of the priority list (and rightly so). It doesn't mean that he's gay or even bi, but sps runs so deep it's sometimes even hard to explain the actions of our emotions in our own head, let alone explain it to someone we love and respect. It took a lot of communicating with my missus before I was even comfortable telling her how much my size affected my day to day life, especially as I'm quite a proud person and don't like to feel weak or vulnerable. It can be an absolute living nightmare to exist in this world as a man who is or is convinced that he is small. Their is no body positivity movement for smaller men so we're left to suffer in the shadows in silence and from experience I can tell you that it can have catastrophic outcomes. Communication really is key here, it has take priority above anything else in the relationship (any relationship, but more so here) so opening that dialogue and keeping it open is unbelievably important. Just be careful to choose your moments as if he's feeling relaxed and comfortable and you bring it up it might be met with anger and frustration. Not that that should put you off, just something to consider. I've never cheated on my partner, not would I, not in a million years. But I know exactly where he was mentally when he downloaded those apps, so I know for a fact it isn't as black and white as some people think it is. I really hope you manage to resolve any issues you have with your husband. Sometimes we live in a cloud of guilt that our wives/girlfriends/partners aren't being satisfied (even if they are) and it slowly eats away at our sanity. Good luck with whatever comes from visiting the site, I hope you find what you're looking for.
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    Wife needing advice

    @Sheepish Attempting to talk to any man except a gay man about this will lead to a hamster wheel of comedic deflection, denials, and bullshit. Men are intrinsically resistant to discussing or admitting anything that may give the perception of weakness or inferiority. This itself is not unrelated to the phallus issue. This is why I can post the article above in size 500 font and it will be ignored or denied. But everyone knows it. Some argue locker room/sports culture and banter its more of a Western, Anglo-American thing. Perhaps so. But phallic symbolism is universal.
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    Wife needing advice

    @Sheepish This article will explain how SPS operates: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/penis-size-does-matter-in-the-locker-room-at-least-9202855.html Are you going to suggest that all these professional athletes are "gay"? The overwhelming majority of men would rather swallow bleach than ever admit this to anyone, but men crotch check and look at one another's equipment. A man's identity is wholly vested in his penis. It becomes the primary dominance trait in establishing a pecking order. Bigger is better. It is the symbol of male potency and vitality. Women struggle to understand this because they fail to understand that this problem centers around other males. I personally know at least 2 members of this forum who have had sexually successful relationships with women - the women were satisfied, content, in love - yet who still are eaten alive by this insecurity. Other posts made by transient members also reflect this reality. How can this be if it is not a problem among MEN? It also must be remembered that the majority of porn is generally claimed to be produced for men. If this is indeed true, then why is there so much "big cock"..."massive cock"...."huge cock" type tags, if this isn't something that men find arousing on some level? Are all of these men gay? Even everyday language reflects the common perception of a man's penis as his "tool" or his "equipment". It's no different than two boys on the playground seeing who has the bigger toy. It seems nearly impossible to make women understand this. Men are competitive by nature. Only MGTOW cultists and other kumbaya nutjobs deny it. Homosexual relationships are defined on this principle...dick size is the only currency in the gay hookup world because it's basically the symbol of male potency which most gay men feel they lack in some way. Just because your husband sent some pics online doesn't mean he's gay and wants to be in a relationship with another man. You have to realize that he feels insecure, ineffectual, and trouble identifying as a man. Because everything in our culture is phallo-centric. Everything. The pressure on men to conform to this ideal is overwhelming. Speaking from experience, if this episode is going to remain on your mind, if you're constantly going to be asking yourself if he's gay/not gay, the two of you should consider splitting up. He will never get rid of this insecurity, and I have yet to find a woman who understands this problem deep enough to be able to live with it for extended periods of time.
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    Hi William. I can't imagine how tough it is for someone your age today with all the social media. When I was in high school it was still limited to Myspace and crappy, single-page HTML websites. But kids still had ways to make you feel like you were worthless or didn't matter. Apps like snapchat transform ignoring people into a form of bullying. Society is a jungle. You have to bray like a jackass or screech like a monkey to be heard. It's not much consolation, but the people you consider friends now are not really your friends. They're just people who are in your life...sometimes directly, sometimes peripherally. In a few years, they will literally disappear and new people will enter your life. Maybe some will be your friends. Most won't. That's just life. I never had "real" friends. I'm not even sure such a thing exists. Human relationships are contractually determined through mutual self-interest. Therefore, if you desire "friendship", you must bring something to the table, so to speak. As a quiet person (and I speak from experience), very few individuals will exert the effort to include you in anything. Especially males. I haven't celebrated my birthday in over 15 years. I get a text message or a couple of phone calls from family, but that's it. I haven't had a "cake" birthday since I was younger than you are. You have your entire life ahead of you though. I would highly recommend if you suffer from social anxiety (I do) to ask your parents to take you to a doctor and get some medication for it. Social anxiety can cripple you. If you don't suffer from it, then I would advise you to figure out the things you enjoy doing most, and focus your social life around that. Again - mutual self-interest will provide the basis for friendship, at least in my experience. Many guys your age are into sports. I never was, but that might be an option.
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    I didn't tak eit personally, but thank you for mentioning it. I know Tom did speak up and was dismissed . I meant not just some individuals occasionally talking about their problems, but many people, explaining these issues as clearly as many of you do here. I had no idea . At the same time, I think this still means they do not know, because they don't really understand; if they did, they would have a very different opinion, approach, and reaction. Yes, I agree. BTW, I once (2 years ago?) e-mailed somewhere (I don't want to mention where, because I don't want to "spoil their image" / "shame them") - to "some" people who make popular YouTube videos about psychology - and I sent them a link to this SPS forum and asked them if they would make a video about this subject. I didn't get any answer. At the same time, I don't think such a video would make a big difference, but still... They probably just didn't know what exactly to say about it, how to present it. (Just BTW: Thank you; I'm glad I give / create such impression. I guess I'm not "too bad" nor "bad in general", yes. But I'd like to be better (kinder, more sensible, ...) in so many ways... Never mind. Sorry for not resisting the "urge" to mention it.) Take care, everyone.
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    Nurse, hurry up for Christ's sake! This woman needs a normal dose of penis, repeatedly...STAT! A normal dose of penis, repeatedly, twice a day after eating. Do not mix with alcohol or if using heavy machinery. Of course, not to be mistaken with an abnormal dose of penises, repeatedly.
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    I got a new phone today.

    First new phone I’ve had in 4 years and second smartphone in my life. How can people be so spoiled and entitled? I felt like a king, like I was a child again opening a present. It’s not even top of the line, just fresh and better for my eyes.
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    Well, I'm not a mental health expert by trade. My therapist seemed to know what it was given my couple sessions. I've known I had inadequacy issues with my penis size and body (I'm a George Costanza body type) for 30 years+, but I didn't know it had a name. SPS is a type of body dysmorphic disorder and part of the obsessive-compulsive disorder cluster. For me, this mainly has led to dysfunction of interpersonal relationships, i.e., starting and maintaining intimate relationships, and less with overall social avoidance. Severity of mental health disorders of the same ilk and their resultant disabilities are different and unique to the individual. Treatment is with cognitive-behavioral therapy and anti-depressants, such as SSRI's.
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    It seems to me that it is the lack of awareness caused by the reticence of most men to discuss this topic. I saw several men here mentioning something of the kind that they "couldn't" speak to a therapist about this problem because they "wouldn't be understood"; but how can the mental-health-care community learn about the issue when nobody talks about it (to them or somewhere where they could see / hear it)? Just imagine the world where nobody with some different kind of problem wouldn't speak openly about it, seek help for it etc. - would you expect there being awareness and available (specialized) help? I don't blame the men suffering from SPS. I see that their issue itself prevents them from talking about the issue. At the same time, I feel partially responsible. Because it seems to me that probably the only people who could now create the awareness and advocate for change and better help would be women who, thanks to forums like this one, understand what a huge problem it is for quite many people. Yet, there's another problem: If the woman is married / in a relationship, then such 'advocacy' would lead people to believe she's doing it "for her partner", which would, in this horrible world, as you know, bring a lot of stigma to that partner (even if he wasn't 'small' at all). That's also my problem . Yet, I could do it somehow anonymously. I just don't know how (yet?). I think I should find a way... Any ideas how to do it?
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    @Toosmallforcomfort Why do you think this problem is ignored or dismissed by the medical community? It affects the lives of many men to the extent that some have committed suicide. Here is how Wikipedia categorizes a disability due to mental illness (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_disorder#Signs_and_symptoms) - Personally, SPS has affected all three bullet points of my life (especially occupational functioning), and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that most men who post or visit this forum can claim impairment in at least one or two of these criteria. Is it simply lack of awareness? I find this explanation difficult to accept. Or is it due to the reticence most men have discussing this topic openly? Or something else entirely? I'd like your thoughts.
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    She is a mean spirited human being to say such things. You are entitled to enjoy your sexuality too. What has she done to enhance your sexual satisfaction? Your size is not the “problem”. She seems so self-absorbed that she is incapable of sexual intimacy and wants only physical rubbing or friction. That’s boring as hell being with a woman like that. Oral, digital, anal, etc, are all fun as hell and don’t need a big penis. You can use extending sleeves at times, dildoes, et for additional play fun.
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    Small sph

    After recently seeing a sex therapist, I've been diagnosed with SPS. I've had this idea that I didn't measure up since I was 11, but did not know until recently a known psychological illness could be established. I've never heard of it before, despite being in the medical field. But, SPS is becoming more and more prevalent in our society due to many cultural and technology evolutions that have been covered in many other threads. I'm impressed with the many thoughtful and intellectual opinions expressed by those that suffer from SPS here. So, I don't feel that this diagnosis is a coping mechanism, but it explains and confirms, based on my life's experiences, why I feel the way I do. Now, the challenge for us is how we develop coping mechanisms to overcome or contently ignore this affliction. I'm 46. While it's never too late to change, it's more difficult to rewire your frontal cortex neural pathways that have been firing the same way for 35 years. It'll take a lot of therapy if you are committed to overcome this and achieve the goal of a healthy sexual lifestyle. Some of us may decide that it may not be worth all this effort and just accept the way you feel and live out your life the status quo. I honestly don't know where I sit as I'm pulled both ways. I don't like defeatist attitudes, however, it's still a personal life choice and should not be scorned.
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    Possibly the greatest thing I've found online since the introduction of YouTube itself: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/toggle youtube comments/ampjnmipdgicjjidohpkidhghakoidfm Please, all of you highly sensitive introverts like me, remember this monumentally positive contribution I made to your mental health. I hope this will atone for all of my negativity, cynicism, and pessimism.
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    Small penis syndrom

    I don't work because my size effects my confidence and people inevitably pick up on it, probably because I wear it on my sleeve. I struggle in summer because I can't cover up with a coat, but during the winter I pretty much cover up constantly otherwise I just don't go out at all. It sometimes gets so severe I won't even get out the car if I've forgotten my coat, makes me unbelievably uncomfortable. My bulge (imo) is fucking terrible, it looks weird and small in every single pair of pants and drives me mad, more so in the past than at the moment. But I'm not affected by depression tbh (except for the odd blip) but anxiety can sometimes cripple me. Like it was today when I was trying on new coats, I get angry and agitated within seconds. It's crazy, because I'd be so confident if my flaccid size was bigger, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I just wish I could feel happy in my clothes like everyone else in the world. Even smaller people than me don't have an issue with how they dress, that really pisses me off if I'm honest. Uggghhhh lol, anyway.
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    Question #1: Good question, never really looked at it that way. Just as a job. But, I would honestly say, I'm in left side of the bell curve. Question #2: Electrician
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    Welcome to the forum and to our community, Josephine. This all sounds very distressful for you. Have you ever discussed with your boyfriend the possibility of going to couple's therapy together? I don't think this possibility can work, though, unless he decides this relationship is something he wants and is willing to work at. So many of us struggle in relationships as adults, I think, because of how we learned to relate and were responded to in our very first relationships. The way things are going, as you have described it, may not be healthy for either of you. If both partners want the relationship and are willing to work together to stay together, I do think that healing can be possible. But I also think that has to be equal give and take...it can't be just you doing the work. I hope whatever you decide that your heart finds healing.
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    jude law naked

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    Small penis syndrom

    Thank you for your detailed answer. You are right that it is important to be stable and love yourself, i know that and i am desperatly trying to find some inner peace. You said you dont work because of it, why is that, because of your anxiety or depression(or both) and are you just not working at the moment or longtime .. obviously this is an important part of life for me too and It has been very exhausting lately and i cant imagine a life where i am not working but its very hard for me . One more thing im curious about is if you have any compulsion to "hide" your size like specific clothing or covering with a jacket or smth. because i catched myself doing some things like that and im getting used to it .. If you dont want to talk about this in Details here you can also write me a private message Thanks
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    Small penis syndrom

    I know what you mean, mate. That was always my issue as well. Sex never bothered me because I've always had a good sex life for the most part, but being small flaccid and not being able to function like a normal man fucks with my head. I don't work because of it, I don't work out because of it. I don't feel comfortable being outside because of it (especially in the summer) and I don't like using public toilets because of it. It's a non stop head fuck. So instead I just carved out something that was mine and stopped letting it rule the day. My size doesn't change whether I'm angry, depressed or happy, so I just try to stay happy and relaxed (which works for the most part with varying results). You're still young, I'd just try and focus on being stable and proud of yourself. If you let this mindset creep into any new relationships you'll poison it before you have a chance to connect. I've said it a good few times on here, but you have to have your own back. Fist bump the guy in the mirror and say enoughs enough. Even if the world thinks of you as small or a freak (which most people won't because they're too obsessed with themselves), you'll never join in and agree. If you hate the guy looking back at you in the mirror, you'll fracture and create a life of constant mental turmoil. Nobody wants to be with a person in turmoil, it's too stressful. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better today, but if not, keep posting as there's always someone who'll reply.
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    Rocky horror

    Any fans here of RHPS ? One of my absolute favourite musicals
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    Wife needing advice

    I really am not sure what to think. I have lurked this support board and I think I have a better understanding but maybe I am wrong. I have been with my husband for 10 years. When we started dating he was very sexually inexperienced. I knew that when we started to date. I later found out it was because his entire life he was afraid to date and have sex because of his penis (his words). My husband is 5 in. He has measured it several times while we have been together. We have always had a great sex life until we had kids but I feel thats normal? I never had any complaints about our sex life other than our work schedules being opposite shifts got in the way. There was a point in our marriage while I was pregnant that we did not get along. He hated me and even researched getting a divorce. I found out during that time he was very unattracted to me while I was pregnant that he had downloaded hook up apps to his phone and made accounts to look for women. I found out one of the accounts was grinder. Which is for gay men. When I confronted him about the gay app he swears he isnt gay or bi curious. But that he didn't think anyone would want him because he believes he has a small dick. And he doesn't believe he satisifies me with it like I say. He said women wouldn't talk to him on the apps and he wanted to know if his penis is as small as he thinks it is. He said he sent a pic of his dick to two men to get an honest opinion because a gay man would be more honest about what they think. He said he was made fun of by both men. He then decided he wasn't going to cheat and deleted all of the apps abd we then worked on our married for 5 years after that. But I am just now finding out he sent pictures of his penis out into the world. Should I believe thats why he sent it out to men? He has always been extremely sensitive about his penis. He constantly mentions how its small or makes small dick jokes. He has asked me about my previous relationships and how he compares to them. He also compares himself to men in porn and refuses to watch any porn with me at all. He wont even pee in public urinals if other men are there. I really have no problem with his penis at all. But I just am not sure about his dick pic sending excuse. I have never thought he was gay or bicurious before. I can understand him sending a dick pic to get opinions because female friends have send me naked pics that I did not ask for to ask me my opinion on their new piercing or to help them pick which lingerie looks better. Is this a SPS issue or am I just reaching for excuses?
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    Wife needing advice

    I didn't intend to start saying anything over night that would be out of character in reguards to his penis. I think the main time he has felt insecure with me was when we first dated and while I was pregnant. The rest of the time he has no issues being naked in front of my just casually or doing a helicopter with his penis at me. I feel he felt more insecure while I was pregnant because I wasn't into different sexual activites with him during my pregnancy for reasons already stated. First you told me to separate because I feared he could potentially be gay and that if I will forever think he is I should leave him. Then you suggest I separate from him because he will never get over SPS. Both are totally unreasonable. I am going to assume you aren't married. Marriage is more than just sex. Marriage is hardwork. Its give and take and loving your partner through the bad times and being able to work past issues and problems and knowing how to forgive and love them at their worst.Its helping them when they aren't even able to help themselves. It is not reasonable to leave him because of his SPS. I am pretty sure that is exactly what many men on here experience in non marital relationships that lead them to believe all women are bitches only wanting large penis. Your advice to separate is the exact sort of behavior that men on here fear and hate women for. So I really don't understand why you keep pushing that as an option? I am really honestly sorry you feel this way. I can't imagine the pain you face everyday. But there is no way in hell that I would ever agree Eugenics should be a thing we do and that men like my husband should be weeded out of the gene pool because of his penis. My husband is a damn good man. Hes intelligent and hilarious and I love everything about him. I would do anything for him to make him happy.Including leaving him if he had ended up being gay if it could mean he would be truly happy. I really don't understand why you have turned my concern for my husband into something else. I really don't know how you find it possible to equate a small penis with being a slave and rotting and dying in a nursing home but kudos to you because you have managed to do just that. I feel like you are projecting your own feelings about yourself and your life and I feel awful that you feel this way. And I am sorry that society has conditioned you to this point and feeling this way in general about any man with a less than average penis. Words aren't going to do anything to make you think differently about yourself and the world but not all women think and feel the way you think they do. And I don't know any men that I have dated that have put other men down for their penis size or looked down on them in the way that you do. Where are you getting this from? I have never known any of this to be true. People really don't go around talking about mens dicks, if they are stallions, or if they are impotent. I have never known anyone even anyone second hand to be this way. I don't even have words to respond to this. How is an impotent man worthless? Men are worth more than just their penis just like women are worth more than just their vaginas. I want to say I have never thought about what other men may potentially have penis wise. I never thought about how big guys where and I have never speculated and made fun of men for potentially have or lacking a certain size or ability. Neither has my husband or past partners of mine. I have came across many men though that like to talk crap about women having a busted vagina or feeling like being with some chick was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. But I really haven't came across women making fun of men. I feel like it is super easy to find that online because its easy to find everything online. If you are looking for videos on women saying they don't like small dick you are going to find tons of videos on that. But if you look for porn of women enjoying small penis you are going to find that too. As far as people with other disabilities or chronic illness I feel SPS would have a lot of stigma and misunderstanding like any mental illness would even in a community of chronic illness and disability. People don't understand what they aren't going through themselves. But thats true about any illness. Someone with normal insulin levels isn't going to understand a diabetics struggles. A woman isn't going to understand SPS but a man probably won't understand PTSD from miscarriage or tramatic child birth. Oh I know and I appreciate your suggestions. We had a much better sex life before kids. Kids are great at cock blocking.
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    I think you and I are the same size. I’m 4 3/4 inches long which is about 12 cm, correct? I believe I am entitled to enjoy my sexuality. And, I’ve learned that women can have a great time in bed with someone my size. I’ve had three long term sexual relationships with women. I actually like and enjoy women. Pay attention to the woman you are with. It’s an encounter between two people so touch, kiss, lick, use hands, lips, etc. The penis is part of it too. Vary speeds, depth, angles, etc. Pay attention to her while you are also enjoying yourself. The experience is awesome. Small penis men deserve sexual fun. I believe that and you should too.
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    Hi, William, What you've been experiencing is definitely bullying . Telling your mom and at least one teacher you trust would be a good idea (let's hope they won't do anything that could make it worse - at leats teachers should know how to react and resolve the problem). But you can also educate yourself about strategies that may help you. You can google "how to stop being bullied at school" for instance, but you can start here, by reading these: https://kidshealth.org/en/kids/bullies.html https://dm-ed.com/news/how-to-stop-being-bullied/ https://www.stopbullying.gov/kids/what-you-can-do/index.html#bullied https://www.stompoutbullying.org/get-help/about-bullying-and-cyberbullying/are-you-being-bullied https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/the-couch/201702/6-smarter-ways-deal-bully Also, if you're comfortable watching videos in English, you can find many videos about this topic on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+bullying+at+school Good luck!!
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    Wife needing advice

    @Under5 I have asked for couples therapy. I asked years ago when I was pregnant and several days ago. He refuses. i know its most likely because he is afraid to go and say what his issues are and listen to me say what mine are to someone. As for doing something like nude beaches. I am pretty sure there is nothing like that in our area, we still have small children, and its not something I think either of us would be comfortable joining in on. But after reading the posts here I feel like I have a some what better understanding. I have looked back on the past events and realized times I probably made him feel insecure with himself and hurt him without meaning to or trying. We have talked about it and his feelings and I have apologized and so has he for the dating apps and nudes. I never realized his penis was an issue for him after we were together. I have asked him how it effects his daily living that I don't even know about. He mentioned fears he has every time he has to go and use a public restroom and I had no clue he did any of those things. And everything he has said about his feelings or things he has done are all things I have read on this board. @LaLa its alright. You are a mod here and I'm sure you regularly see all the posts made on the sps board. I don't. So the very idea of sps is a totally new world for me. When I wrote my message I was trying to google if what he did was normal and looking up info on husbands with a small penis. The fact that so many men do the exact same things he does and for the same reasons was reassuring to me but heart breaking he feels the way he does about himself. I love my husband but finding out about the pictures he sent felt like a total betrayal. Even though hes not gay and I understand his intention behind the photos it feels like cheating to me. I can move past that but I have to understand the why and where he is coming from. I don't want my marriage to end because there was a point we weren't communicating and he felt unwanted. I didn't realize he felt his penis was a problem but now that I do I want to make an effort to make him feel wanted and make up for any ways I made him feel that where negative about himself. It has also cleared the way for us to talk about some other issues in our marriage.
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    Wife needing advice

    So I want to respond to the big question everyone keeps asking. Why would you automatically assume it means hes gay? My reason being is I grew up around an LGBT community. My sibling was gay and had lots of drag friends around. Many who where married to women and did drag insecret and had affairs with men regularly. That has always stuck with me. I have my own issues about being cheated on previously . My first initial instinct was to think he is gay. Think of it like a reflex reaction. I asked for opinions here because well I'm not a man. I admit I don't understand. I don't understand the fear and worry surrounding SPS. I did lurk the board like I said and some of the posts did make me think he was telling the truth and just wanting someone to compliment him like he said bit I reached out to the board for opinions. I'd like to add I did read the links you all provided. Thank you! They where hepful. I have talked to my husband since posting when I have been more calm and in a more clear mental. I discussed why this is not ok for me. He agreed if I sent nudes to a woman for confirmation on how I look he would be upset. And I agreed I understand he felt a man would be more honest about his penis. YOTH thank you for the input about when I was pregnant. My pregnancy was high risk and I was sick non stop. I would puke often the entire time and I refused to do oral sex because everything and anything made me get sick. I would get sick just from water. And I was so large now that I think about it that typical pregnancy sex positions didn't work and I didn't think about it at the time. But I am wondering if the positions not working out messed with him. You have given me a lot to consider and think about. Also for those telling me if you will always think hes gay or if you can't handle the sps divorce him. Really? I am more than willing to understand and work on my marriage. Which is why I reached out here for men with sps to give me advice. I don't think its unreasonable to gut reaction think your spouse is gay if you catch them on a gay app having no context on why initially. If he was gay I wanted to know. Hes my bestfriend and if he married me for reasons to be a cover I deserve to know and he deserves to be happy. Before we discussed why he did it sps never occurred to me. I had never heard of sps. I never realized how insecure he is until I thought long enough to create my first post on the things I know he does similar to other sps posts. Now that I know what suggestions do you all have for helping him feel wanted and secure with me?
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    Wife needing advice

    https://www.outsports.com/2013/3/3/4061150/the-gay-side-of-hazing Outsports has a lot of good articles that make straight men furious because it rips open the lid on a bunch of this shit; my only reservation is that it's written from the perspective of gay men, who don't understand the difference between homoeroticism and homosexuality per se:
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    Wife needing advice

    Hello and welcome! I don't know how many posts in the SPS forum you have read, but I suppose reading them could reassure you that what your husband has / had been doing is totally explainable by SPS. Quite many people posted their "dick-pics" (even more than one, really) on this forum during the years the forum exists - you just cannot see them because we, moderators, try to delete them ASAP. I have no idea why some people have this compulsion (to take such pics and post them publicly to be "judged / commented" by others), but they really do it. Your husband does't need to be gay to do the things he did. I know it's not "proof", but... why would you rather think he's gay than believe the more probable 'option'?
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    Stress? Anxiety?

    @LaLa Hello! I stopped taking my medication almost 1 year ago! I mean ı dont think thats the reason, but ıf I have to start again, I will and never going to stop until I complete my time... I learned my lesson there. in fact I took this morning but it has literally no effects because I think its too low for me now. Once I get myself checked up physicially I will go to a psychiatrist to talk about it. I mean I hope its psychological and not something physical.
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    Stress? Anxiety?

    @Victimorthecrime Thank you! Last night it got worse ad I think ı had a mild panic attack. So I'm going back to my country to get it checked up properly. I hope its just Anxiety. Wish me luck
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    William that sounds very painful for you. 😢 I think all of us want to be remembered. The high school years can be so tough. They were for me as well. You matter, William.
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    Stress? Anxiety?

    Thank you for your kind comments, last night I talked with my friend who had been in the same situation and showed me a few coping skills, I have been trying those, and it helps a little bit, I feel a little bit better I guess. And no, My collage dont have any counseling center unfortunately.. thats why ım having these problems the college situation is stressing me out sooo much.
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    Penis Size Measurments

    In what other area are we content with "good enough" or "average" as our saving grace. The fact that my girlfriend tolerates sex with me in spite of it being unsatisfying is supposed to make me feel good?
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    My (Short) Story

    My story is similar in that my flaccid is very very small. But, my erection was only 4.5, so I actually had something noticeable to worry about there too. I don't think any of my partners ever saw me flaccid. That would have been a disaster. Also, I was lucky that I could get blind drunk and still fuck. For some reason, maybe size, no girl ever orgasmed from insertion with me, but I could eat their pussies to orgasm OK.
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    Yes I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It was a huge embarrassment to think of all those who saw my small unit in surgery. I am cancer free now. I have my continence almost five months post op, but still suffer from erectile dysfunction. I have great hopes it will come back. I guess the lesson here is even know I have a small cock, I still had great fun jerking off with it. One can still have a orgasm without being hard, but it just isn't the same.
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    I would like 9x7, thick at the base uncircumcised. Really my ideal life would be as a gigolo. I saw a young homeless man a few weeks ago at an intersection holding a sign that read, "Seeking donations or a sugar mama". I thought how wonderful it must be to just literally live off the tit, servicing desperate suburban women and getting paid for it. Basically the opposite of a traditional harem. I suppose if I do have problems, it is that I really want to be objectified by women as a sex object. I have no interest in relationships. I just want to be in high demand sexually. That's the answer to my existence: I want to be a man whore, but can't. I guess I need help. Or killed, exterminated like a rodent.
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    I'd be satisfied with 6x5, but i don't think that's realistic either. But fwiw, baggy clothes can conceal a lot, and i'm convinced that all big dick problems are good problems to have.
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    It's definitely embarrassing to give these kind of details but I feel that I need to be open or else I won't be able to address it. Flaccid I am about 1.2" bone pressed and visually I can be anywhere from 0" to about 1" normally. Erect (bone pressed) I am about 3.6" but again that looks like 2.5" visually. Erect girth is about 3.7". My ideal size would be around 3" flaccid and 6" erect with about a 4.5" girth. I'm not wanting to be "huge" but high normal would be a wonderful change. I'm not sure why we are discussing this because in reality we have what God gave us and that's not going to change but if I had my ideal size then I tend to believe that I would not be on here discussing this topic.
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    I'm 46 years old and have an erect penis under 5 for both length and girth. Married for 15 years, but wife was really out of the marriage for the last 5 of them and told me to leave because she wanted to pursue another relationship. About 5 years ago she told me that she was not being sexually satisfied and wanted an open marriage feeling her age setting in. I thought that was a bad idea, jealously and all. I suggested therapy, we went once, but she didn't want to go anymore. 4 years ago she had 2 affairs that i knew about and then one that lasted for 1.5 years that i did just recently find out about. We have two kids and my older daughter now knows all about these. Now I filed, she has a bf, and I'm very sad about it. She has told me multiple times that I am a "little man". I prolly shouldn't have stayed all these years, as it just hurt me to know she preferred others, but I did for the sake of the children. Bad idea. I've seen a sex therapist and there is no doubt I have SPS. My first sexual experience was my next door neighbor when i was 11, he was 14. He was quite well endowed and made fun of my junk. This had a lasting impression on me. While I don't think im gay for many reasons, this feeling of inadequacy prevented me from having heterosexual relations for much of high school and college, even when women were clearly interested in an intimate experience. My roomate in college was very well endowed and would bring multiple women to the room to have sex. He was proud of his junk, and I would be too, it was quite large and he would have sex in ways in the room that I could only dream of. I was jealous and I dont' know why I didn't leave the room. I lost my virginity to a bigger girl in college who I could not make orgasm. Had one dry hump experience with another girl when i was 29. Then met my future wife at 29 where i wanted to wait 3 months to make sure the relationship would last, despite her wanting to have sex earlier. Despite the fact that we got married, i was never an initiator of sex because of my feelings of inadequacy. She was the initiator. My wife had a difficult delivery with my daughter and her vagina changed to the point were I felt I was clearly too small for her. This made my SPS even worse, I withdrew, became disinterested in sex, and our marriage went on as described in the first paragraph. My SPS and then learning of the multiple incidences of infidelity spiraled me downhill to the point where I'm not sure where to go, but here and therapy. I've considered a celibate life. I"m a successful physician and business owner who will be 1/2 less wealthy quite shortly.
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    I am the problem

    Hi everyone. It has been a while since I last did one of these. I am writing this because I am having somr problem in my life in general, and today my parents went to my school to talk about it and then they had a long talk with me. Long story short, I am the problem in my life. It is not new, I havw known it for a while. I guess what makes me sad is that I am not accepted because of my personality or my mental dissorders. I dont know what I should do. My parents wont take me to any more therapies and what does one do with problems? One ends them, but how am I going to get rid of the problem if I am the problem? I guess I am back to where i once was, accepting that I have to make myself small in order to not cause any more problems.
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    @ToosmallforcomfortI was at the pool!!!!! SSRIs (I my case Zoloft) does nothing for me. except causing severe insomnia and problems with my libido. I have yet to meet a therapist where cognitive-behavioural therapy made a difference. Definite no-no's for me.
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    Tom begged for help. His GP was aware of his size issues and did absolutely nothing about it except the bare minimum of prescribing some loopy pills that made his insomnia 10x worse and regurgitating all that 'motion in the ocean' bollocks. They even begged the mental health team at the hospital for help the night he died but they just laughed, because it's hilarious, it's a funny joke that everyone can have a good giggle about. They're both dead because of that ignorant bullshit, but hey, it's not the medical staff at fault, who doesn't love a good small dick joke? After all, laughter is the best medicine. The mental health care community don't give a flying fuck about SPS, and it is not recognised as a genuine psychosis and it is solely the medical health care professionals at fault, not the person suffering. Ok, so most men dealing with this can't or won't speak about it in public because of the stigma and shame, but don't be fooled, the health 'care' professionals know all about SPS or phallic psychosis (as it should be called) and they ignore it and dismiss it regardless of evidence or first hand testimonies. But you're right, it might be time for compassionate women to protect the men. If more women like yourself who know what we go through actually went out and made people aware of this issue, it could go a long way to finally getting the condition recognised. My rant wasn't aimed at you btw, lala. I know you're a good person, but I think it's a path that would require transparency and honesty rather than anonymity.
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    Mr Lostboy1: I say this respectfully, ok? But don't you actually have nearly a true micro-penis? AND Small Penis Syndrome? IDK?
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