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    Hey guys, Wanted to stop by and wish you all a wonderful Christmas/ holiday season. Hope that you're able to spend time with family and friends and treasure the little things, the happy moments, the peaceful and quiet times, the tranquility of nature or a gentle snowfall. Although I've been absent, I think of you often, and hope you are well. I will touch base in the new year and see how you're adjusting to your new president... ? Sorry, that was a cheap shot. I can't be all dafodils and moon beams... it's not in my nature. ? But i do wish you were closer and we could raise a glass of rum and eggnog together. I will raise one and toast you all tonight. Wishing you all the best, much love, =j
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    "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche Now I just gotta find the why. In the meantime I will settle for 'why not?'.
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    Why we think a certain way.

    Hmm perhaps those supplements give a subtle yet cumulative effect, but I think I needed something strong to shake myself, bupropion. Bupropion, is for me, the med that makes the big change so the supplements can act in a more effective way. I'm very skeptical about meds too, but I have to admit that this antidepressant changed my life for the better. I also exercise 4-5 days a week, going to the gym. I'm in very good condition and am planning on hiring a personal trainer. Exercise is a another big contributor in my mental health. It helps me reduce stress and its something you have control of. One can see the improvements, fast. Helps self steem. I have been doing things that I find funny a guy with mild schizoid personality disorder would even tought about doing. Last week I had a threesome with two escorts (no gf, and not able to have one yet), also attending a dancing academy (imagine all the extroversion, body expression, "happiness", being with 15 more people in a small room etc) as a challenge for me and I hope this can traduce in having a deep positive efect on my personality. The hard part for me is relationships. I was isolated for a lot of years, with minimum social interaction. I'm planning on paying a girl so she goes with me to "provocative" social places: restaurants, disco, cinema etc.
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    Why we think a certain way.

    Hey Miracle glad you are doing better w the help of medication and I wish you continued improvement. I am extremely skeptical about psychiatry. I will leave it at that. But listen - do what works for you. We are all individuals. Corporations, governments and the elites that run them will hang labels on us for their own purposes, namely: pacification and control. My advice: don't listen to them. Be yourself, live your life.
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