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    Im worthless

    This week was better. Maybe because Im studing biochemistry with one of my friends so I had some funny moments. I saw my other friends this week too and we will go out tomorrow. Im just scared that when Im not with them I feel bad and suicidal and I dont have reasons to feel like that at the moment.
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    Im worthless

    I'm sorry you're so lonely... I admire that you keep going to the park ! I'm sure it's better than staying home, even despite those feelings of loneliness. Also; thanks for posting on my blog; you're right (in what you wrote there)... Sorry for being so inactive (-not reacting), but you know; sometimes one doesn't feel like writing... But I've been writing some long e-mails in the meantime and that kept me busy (and "off blogs")...
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    Im worthless

    how are you feeling today? any better?
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