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    Girl of My Dreams

    So, when I was married, my buddy and I used to go for wing Wednesday every week. We had been going for a while and then he mentioned that a friend of his was coming with us, which I said fine, it ended up being a really good looking girl. And because I had a wife, I didn’t care and just talked to her normally. We got along great. We talked mostly instant of her and then buddy. The next day at work, he said that she had told him that if I didn’t have a wife that she would totally go on a date with me. She loved how normal I was. I tell that story because could it have been that subconsciously you knew you have a great girl with you right now, so therefore you could actually be yourself around her? I had never been good with chicks that I had liked before, but because I wasn’t thinking about trying to impress her, I didn’t care.
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    New Here, but Longtime Struggler

    @itsSmaller I know what you're saying, it's daft that there's a cut off point for suffering over size issues, but anyone is welcome here. I think, if you're in pain because of this and looking for a place to feel at home, this is the place. There are sub-sub-sub genres of SPS, but there are no cornered markets on pain and suffering. On a happier note, where are you from roughly, USA?
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    New Here, but Longtime Struggler

    Thanks YOTH, and thank you too PDX. I don't want to cause other people frustration. I really am struggling and going through pain. My non bone-pressed is 5 on a really good day, and my semi erections are smaller after the peyronies injury. YOTH, I told her about my injury. She didn't say much. Once when I mentioned it in bed after sex she asked, "how did it happen again"? Other than that she never commented when I told the story. She just listened. I think the relationship is done, but we never called it anything special. We partied together at 6 parties last year and got closer and closer till we had a fling last year. I couldn't get fully hard, but enough to penetrate. She came with oral before trying intercourse. These past two weekends were dinner dates, then sleeping over at my place. I've built a small house that I haven't completed and it is messier than it should be. I think that factored in.....and she probably had another interesting opportunity open up with someone else around Valentines Day. That day is treacherous! I really would like to be a part of the community here. I walk on eggshells at r/smalldickproblems because it isn't a syndrome inclusive community.
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