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    When others know

    @nearlydead thanks for coming back and updating. I am in a similar situation. My mother died in 2006 and I was taking care of her for about 10 years before that. I live alone and don't socialize enough or have good support relationships. I keep going because I want to. Not for any other reason. I won't insult your intelligence w my lame advice but I do wish you well and hope things get better.
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    When others know

    Sorry you are suffering so badly
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    How are we all ?

    I'm OK, but don't often feel like writing 💭
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    When others know

    Years later and I'm still in the same boat. 20 yrs since I last had any female contact.Not left the house other than to work or buy food.for the last 11/12 years. A total miserable recluse with the same mindset. Stuck with "learned helplessness" There is nothing I want. All effort is pointless as the risk does not justify any reward. Cannot commit suicide due to elderly parent. Once dead then I can go, that is the only plan. My biggest life regret, is that I did not commit suicide 40 yrs ago.
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