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    Hi All MSC pals :)

    Hi all really enjoying my new place have my old one for a lil while longer still have no internet there
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    Hi All MSC pals :)

    Thought you wrote 'it would be more honey', Vic 😄
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    Hi All MSC pals :)

    So glad things are cool at the new place. As you get settled it will be more homey.
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    Extremely interesting essay, supports much of what is discussed on this forum. The modern phenomena of cuckoldry is rooted in this. It also demonstrates the true nature of the political theater current year...not "left versus right" but neo-liberalism versus populism (of whatever variety) - "hegemonic" masculinity being the flabby, materialistic bourgeoisie sentimentalism dominant since the 18th century, and the two subordinated masculinities encompassing the left/right popular, practical, carnal understandings of the relations between the sexes. Phallicism will be the new religion. http://www.njas.helsinki.fi/pdf-files/vol18num4/groes-green.pdf
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