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    Trying to accept my size

    Hello. I sympathize with many of you here. It is hard dealing with this kind of disability. You can't really be yourself completely or feel totally confident, I know. I am average length but below average girth. I can say that it has definitely played with my mind. I used to think I was okay, and that there wasn't anything wrong with it, until I started becoming more sexually active. I realized from my experiences with women, that they had better, and their standards are kind of high now in this society because of the porn/online dating. I know that it must have been the lacking of thickness that has caused me not to reach the sexual performance I was always hoping. I could tell that they didn't want to compliment me on my size or stick around to have sex with me again, because I was pretty much a cocky guy with a not so cocky-cock. I came to this conclusion one night after realizing I never really could please a woman and I felt stupid. I felt ashamed. I felt worthless. I didn't want to accept to it either. I still don't. There's a lot of pain when you are a sexual being, you like sex and you want sex, but there's this little thing holding you back -- making you insecure. I can't get the monkey off my back. It seems like each time I try to feel good about myself, it always ends up in disappointment. I cry about it sometimes, I will admit.
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    My Friend Tom

    Horrible! What does "sectioned" mean?
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