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    It seems to me that it is the lack of awareness caused by the reticence of most men to discuss this topic. I saw several men here mentioning something of the kind that they "couldn't" speak to a therapist about this problem because they "wouldn't be understood"; but how can the mental-health-care community learn about the issue when nobody talks about it (to them or somewhere where they could see / hear it)? Just imagine the world where nobody with some different kind of problem wouldn't speak openly about it, seek help for it etc. - would you expect there being awareness and available (specialized) help? I don't blame the men suffering from SPS. I see that their issue itself prevents them from talking about the issue. At the same time, I feel partially responsible. Because it seems to me that probably the only people who could now create the awareness and advocate for change and better help would be women who, thanks to forums like this one, understand what a huge problem it is for quite many people. Yet, there's another problem: If the woman is married / in a relationship, then such 'advocacy' would lead people to believe she's doing it "for her partner", which would, in this horrible world, as you know, bring a lot of stigma to that partner (even if he wasn't 'small' at all). That's also my problem . Yet, I could do it somehow anonymously. I just don't know how (yet?). I think I should find a way... Any ideas how to do it?
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    @Toosmallforcomfort Why do you think this problem is ignored or dismissed by the medical community? It affects the lives of many men to the extent that some have committed suicide. Here is how Wikipedia categorizes a disability due to mental illness (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_disorder#Signs_and_symptoms) - Personally, SPS has affected all three bullet points of my life (especially occupational functioning), and I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that most men who post or visit this forum can claim impairment in at least one or two of these criteria. Is it simply lack of awareness? I find this explanation difficult to accept. Or is it due to the reticence most men have discussing this topic openly? Or something else entirely? I'd like your thoughts.
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    I am the problem

    Hi everyone. It has been a while since I last did one of these. I am writing this because I am having somr problem in my life in general, and today my parents went to my school to talk about it and then they had a long talk with me. Long story short, I am the problem in my life. It is not new, I havw known it for a while. I guess what makes me sad is that I am not accepted because of my personality or my mental dissorders. I dont know what I should do. My parents wont take me to any more therapies and what does one do with problems? One ends them, but how am I going to get rid of the problem if I am the problem? I guess I am back to where i once was, accepting that I have to make myself small in order to not cause any more problems.
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