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    Early entry

    I.know I generally do.this on Friday but after tomorrow I might be in new place won't be able to do it Monday - Out to Saintsburys Tuesday - sign up 11:50am took things to new place at 3pm Wednesday - staying in more packing Thursday - probation 9:30am taken some bigger stuff to new place 2pm CR 7:30pm Friday - might be moving in new place and getting paid Hope to be pack soon
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    Sorry for late entry

    All this week been packing Monday - went out for a bit shopping and done some more packing up Tuesday - Routestowork 9:30 packed more stuff up Wednesday - stayed in and packing Thursday - 9;30am probation and 7:30 CR Friday - routestowork 9:30am took some stuff to new place and back to packing
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    Monday - Humankind at 9am Routestowork - 10am Tuesday - sign on at 9:25am Wednesday - stayed in rest Thursday - probation at 9:30am tried to find new place at 4:00 CR 7:00pm Friday - Routestowork 9:30 New place viewing 10:00am back there at 4:00pm
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    Coming to end of July

    Monday - Went out to Sainburys for a bit of shopping Tuesday - meeting at Routestowork 11:30am Wednesday - stayed in for a rest Thursday - probation 9:30am life healing changes 7:30pm Friday - staying In for rest
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