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    Not so busy week

    Monday 15th - Humankind 9am - sign onto compass shortly be moving Tuesday 16th - Routestowork 11am and signed on 4:15pm Wednesday 17th - stayed in and rested Thursday 18th - Probation 9:30am Life healing choices 7:30pm Friday 19th - Routestowork 10:30am and shopping, gas and electric
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    1st attempt - Potatoes were too tough 2nd attempt - Too creamy and onions didt mix well Possible 3rd attempt is needed
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    Dear uncle Vic

    Dear uncle Vic. That is all. Just wanted to make this thread alive again.
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    Small Penis AND Gay?

    I don't have an answer but I do know that ending your life is not it. I m over 50 years old now and never give up searching. Even with my wife cheating on me and wondering if my 2 children are mine or not, I never give up. I did thought of it but I always believe there are better solution. There will be someone who will love me for who I m and not how big is my dick size or bank account! And if it mean I have to be gay/trans/bi/whatever to be happy, I will take it. Bro, in case you didn't know, I m asian and even if I have a big dick, all asian male have to live with the small dick stereotype from non-aisan and even from our own women! So your life cannot be worst than mine. Bro, don't give up, keep on fighting and keep on searching... Regards
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    Ashamed and Embarrassed

    It's great to hear from you again, Eric. I wish I had some helpful advice that might ease your pain. I hope that there are aspects of life that you find enjoyable. Best wishes.
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    Ashamed and Embarrassed

    great. i'll try harder.
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    Ashamed and Embarrassed

    I know how bad it is. But can I give a bit of advice? Looking back, when I was younger, there actually were women who were interested in me, and I totally missed the signs. I always just thought they wanted to be just a friend and were just being friendly talking to me. I never even considered the thought they might like to know me more intimately. So, I just chatted with them, and never even thought about asking them to join me for a cup of coffee, or a drink, or a quick bite at the local diner or doughnut shop. Now that I'm much older, I don't have any prospects at all. So please, please, I beg you. If there's someone that likes to talk to you, even casually, and you know they are available, ask them to join you somewhere informally, like I mentioned above. An innocent little get together - no big production, no fancy dinner. It's not really a date. By getting your foot in the door like that, you might even surprise yourself and things might develop further. Please try. Don't be like me - 60 years old with sooooo much regret I beat myself up with it.
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    Ashamed and Embarrassed

    Ever notice how no one ever even questions why porn is completely open and free to anyone, even children, on the internet? Whose decision was this and why is it never challenged? Especially in this day & age of hypersensitivity about nearly everything. To me it speaks to powerful people somewhere having an agenda but that's just my opinion.
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    Ashamed and Embarrassed

    Hello, Eric. You mention being shy. Have you explored the potential reasons behind your shyness? I was very shy most of my life, but only recently have (mostly) worked through this. I discovered that I was projecting fear and so others saw me as unapproachable. Smiling, good posture and a confident demeanor often elicit more positive responses from others. Maybe give it a try?
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