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  1. Go out there and explore! She wants you, NO ONE ELSE but you! Every girl out there has options, she dropped those options because she sees value in a relationship with you Good Luck!
  2. Okay, no problem malign! Thank you for welcoming me to the site. Yeah, I completely agree. We all get rejected by "potential" sexual partners for properties that are out of our control. What do you do? You keep on walking and hope you have better luck on the next pit stop. @Jessie - Thank You!
  3. So I have no idea how I ended up on this the forum last night, maybe it was meant to be, but after reading some of the threads I decided to sign-up and share my thoughts. I should start off my saying that I am a 25 year old gay guy; therefore my POV will be skewed towards gay men, although I am sure that heterosexual men can find some relevancy. I am not sure how many gay men are on this section, but I am specifically talking to you. In the gay 'community' there are mainly three types of guys: Tops (those who penetrate during anal sex, give), Bottoms (those who are penetrated, receive), Versatile (those who like to give and receive). I happen to be a Bottom guy w/ very little Topping/Versatile desire. When I am having anal sexual desires, I mostly imagine the other man penetrating me. Okay, that was the background, now back to this topic: Although, I am 98% bottom, I would NEVER reject a guy for his penis size! I don't care if you are 1", 3", 5", 7", 9", it doesn't matter. If I go out with an individual and I like the guy, I will work with anything. If someone is "unable", for lack of a better word, to Top me, then that's okay since this is only one aspect of our sexual life. I am not going to be unhappy if a single aspect of our sexual life is a little different than the 'norm'. Even at 1" you can have sex with any man you want. Sex is not only about penetration - in both straight and gay relationships. If you go out with a man, you like him, he likes you, there is no shame in telling him of your smaller than average penis if this is going to make you more comfortable. I think many of your are obsessed with the porn-filled world. Men and woman are sexual, but they aren't out there, in the real world, looking for the biggest penis that they can find. If my 'soulmate' was destined to have a 3" penis then so be it, I will love all three inches of him. I know the gay 'community' comes off as very judgmental. We mostly are. You know why? For the same reason that everyone judges us, it's a defense mechanism. In the end, many would not reject you for your penis size. Those that do reject you don't matter, move on, it's life. Additionally, some might say that I am an exception and not the rule. This may be so, but think about it we are out there! Wouldn't it be worth it to go out there, take a chance, and maybe get rejected a few times (as we all have been for other physical characteristics: too thin, too tall, too fat, too short. It's the name of the game, we all get rejected) in order to find a guy who is more than willing to love you for YOU! Maybe you feel like very few guys will 'like' you, always remember you only need one man at a time to date/have sex with/partner with - ONLY ONE. I noticed that the gay men that post here are mostly virgins or have very little experience. I get it, you have a syndrome. But I think it's time for you guys to put yourself out there! There is nothing wrong with your small penis! I have been through my own struggles in life, we all have, but it's time for you guys to start using your peckers - no matter their size! I feel similarly for straight guys. I have so many girl friends who have told me that they find it hard to get orgasms through penetration, so their partners must do other things (foreplay, fingering, etc) to stimulate them. Any one of you is capable of all that. If you search, you will find someone. It may be a little harder for you guys, but life isn't easy, even for the guy with the 9 incher. I will be checking back on this thread to answer any questions or respond to comments made. I don't know if this is appropriate, but if anyone wants to e-mail privately do so at <email removed>. I hope that my post will help some of you take one step forward. Best of luck!
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