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  1. I can't seem to find anything specific on how to handle stealing and lying with children with attachment disorder. My new stepdaughter appears to have stolen my earring about 7 months ago and recently returned it to a convenient shared area in the house. Because when she took the item it could't be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt she was not held responsible by her father (no one else was home at the time). The Earring returned just before Christmas. It just appeared on the kitchen table. Again no one was home but us when it happened. These kinds of unexplained occurences are more common since we have become a blended family. I have over ten years of experience working with treatment foster care children and the many mental, emotional, and physical challenges they bring to the family. I have worked with RAD in the past, however I have never had to co-parent with a birth parent at the same time. I feel like we need to confront the issue head on. Children with RAD appear to be experts in deception so catching her red handed is difficult. When it is obvious no one else can be to blame I think they should have to deal with the issue and its consequences. Any thoughts
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