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  1. I completely understand the stealing and not having absolute proof of it. My adopted son is 9 and he has been stealing from his dad and I, the school, his classmates, businesses, and other family and friends for approx. 1 1/2 years. It has gotten progressively worse and I too have been unable to completely prove it, until he would eventually tell someone else or I would find the missing item in his belongings. While I do understand the stealing and lying, my concern is safety issues. He continues to make serious threats to my family. He has threatened to burn our house down and threatened to put a gun to my head. Although we have taken all the safety measures we know how to take, it still scares me. He is extremely bright and he thinks of things no one else would come up with. You mentioned you had experience working with RAD. Is any of this familiar to you? If so, how do you handle the threats? He threatened to take a ball bat to my house....I ignored it and put the bat away. He took my daughters bat and beat holes in the siding of our house. He has no empathy....and doesnt care if he hurts or destroys things.
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