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  1. I probably have the smallest penis at the gym. I started going to the gym after following the advice of a member here to make myself feel good. But after seeing all those penises hanging out just depressed me further. Merry Christmas
  2. Physical attraction plays a major role. We are visual beings. Evolution made us that way. Yes there are other complex factors like establishing a dominant persona. I'm not exactly masculine. Girls are turned off. The only personal quality I'm good at is studying. Not really getting me anywhere. And again I'm here to deal with the SPS issue. Not digress I have seen girls falling for guys based purely on physical attraction. I've been rejected twice because I've been told "You're not in my league, you aren't that hot" An analogy is an analogy for a reason. To make it easier to understand. Comedy like that can only go a certain distance. I've been rejected twice after being set up by mutual friends because I wasn't attractive. I was TOLD about it by the mutual friend So let's just stand here waiting for the 3rd lightening strike??
  3. Physical attraction works too. It helps. Regardless of any 'manly' things I'll do. Read my original post again. Also, I'm going to assume that I don't have to give the peacock example again
  4. Jessie might have that going for him. I don't know if you've read the original post on this thread but I've been compromised in every single department that I can think of. How am I supposed to get by?
  5. http://www.celebitchy.com/171720/enrique_iglesias_i_have_the_smallest_penis_in_the_world_im_serious/
  6. That's a good defense mechanism at play there. It's called rationalization. You have built up an idea that works for you by denying that women aren't the ones responding in those polls or questions. Actual women are not on the internet is delusional. I think she's hot. Jessie is right on the point.
  7. Why read something? I posted a poll. I mentioned earlier that I'm not a huge fan of anecdotal evidence even though it hurts. But when a poll of 165 women says the same you are downright miserable the next few days
  8. http://www.doingthedistrict.com/2013/02/samantha-says-small-dick-diaries.html
  9. She would have seen many penises during her practice. Although she could also just be saying that to allay your fears. Us doctors do that
  10. Current Poll Results for What Is The Best Way To Deal With A Husband With A Tiny Penis? Allow Him To Enjoy Regular Sex In A Monogamous Relationship (13%) Answer #1 - But Tease Him A Little (11%) Answer #1 - But Humiliate And Berate Him To Release Frustration (10%) Forbid Penetration, Allow Oral, Remain Monogamous (6%) Allow Penetration, But The Wife Should Have Sex On The Side (23%) Allow Only Oral And The Wife Should Have Sex On The Side (16%) He Should Not Be Allowed To Have Sex; His Wife Should Have Sex With Other Men (21%) 165 votes cast http://www.experienc...iny-Penis/25769
  11. "Good point. Now be honest with this next question. Would you dump a guy over penis size? Heather: No. Well, if he was so big that he tore me to pieces or if he was so small that I could never reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, then I guess eventually, things would just disintegrate in the relationship. Giovanna: I would dump a guy in a heartbeat. I ask about his penis size even before we start engaging in any sex at all. Veronica: It depends, it's never happened up to this point, so I'll say no. Fadia: If it was less than 4, like I said before, then maybe that would make me reconsider the relationship. And by the way, Ronnie, you just contradicted yourself since the last question. Veronica: Yeah well, these questions aren't black and white ones. They require lots of thought and I really don't think that I could let go of an entire relationship over the size of a man's penis. Giovanna: That's why you should ask off the bat. He wants to know how many men I've been with, fine. I want to know how well-endowed he is. And lastly, if you decide that you couldn't be with a guy because his penis was either too big or too small, would you be honest or give him that "it's not you, it's me" speech? Giovanna: Hey, if I ask how big it is and he says something like "5 inches," I pay the bill and say bye-bye. (Hey, at least she foots the bill.) Heather: No, I would lie through my teeth and make up some lame excuse. If a guy told me he was leaving me because I was inadequate in the sack, I think I'd be in therapy for years. Veronica: I would never tell a man I was leaving him because his penis was too small, but I would definitely tell him I was leaving because it was too big. For some reason, the latter doesn't sound like it would shatter his ego. Fadia: I would never tell a guy I was leaving him because of the size of his penis. That's just ludicrous. I would make up something about "I don't see a future with us." But, no, I would never tell a guy that, it's bad enough you're leaving him."
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