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  1. If any of you feel like talking about your worries, chat to me. This is me :-) [link removed]
  2. Check this out it is worth a look for a bit of support link
  3. You seem to be at the point where you have accepted your body.Finding and keeping this great girlfriend proves it. The rest of your journey is in your head, and you seem to realise it. Perserverance is the perfect name for you.
  4. Maybe I am what you catergorise as ''an ugly low self esteemed woman'', simply because I fell for a man with, what society would regrad as a 'small penis!!'........ Or maybe I am a 'hot' chick, and fell for a man with a 'small' dick... But I must have stuffed up, because if society was correct then I should have fallen for a man with a big one.... By leaving externals out of the equation, you wont use other peoples opinions to determine if you are going to have a good time or not.
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