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  1. I plan on seeking professional help soon and hope to get the appropriate brain scans as well. I do not trust the BB, so I will have to seek out family help or someone whom I can trust. I do not want to be another victim of BB. Since the advent of their HARP and PRISM programs, feeling paranoia seems reasonable. I have developed ringing in my ears too. I am particularly concerned with the possibility of MKUltra being re-aliased and still active. BB is everywhere now and are probably NOT professional. And I know they do not care about the individual, especially those without medical care-they become targets. If the cause of my situation does not involve BB, I need to know. I keep a journal and write down my introspections, thoughts and changes. I have changed significantly in order to raise concern. I believe I am intelligent enough to be able to protect against biological influences/attacks, but the thought of doing so without knowing for sure what is happening seems a waste of time and the implications make me feel extremely uncomfortable. I am also savvy enough to protect against NSA sucking installations through encryption, but that too makes me feel like a slave. You cannot trust BB anymore and I am sure there are a lot of people who wish people involved in these travesties be punished so they regret what they are doing and did to we the people. The coincidences aforementioned happen daily. Other advice suggests that its a manifestation caused by anxiety-which is a state used by MKUltra in conditioning. I have access to Fluoxetine, so I may try that out to see if that will change anything. I care about my life and I do not want to be BB's bitch. I think myself far to smart to let that be the ultimate truth.
  2. I will see or hear topics which, I fear, somehow correlate from topics I talked about earlier. TV is the source where I usually notice these topics. For example, I had a bunch of DVDs which practically all were played on DirectTV, as if they were using my collection for their line-up. When I notice these "coincidences", I become paranoid. The state of being paranoid makes my life a lot more difficult and it seems that paranoia begets paranoia. For example, I started to imagine the possibility that They are trying to map or understand my "recognition" neural patterns. One possible reason to do this is to be able to know if I am lying or not. And that possibility makes me think that BB is involved. These simple connections cause great paranoia. When I reflect on these thoughts, I feel like I am losing my mind and do not want to believe it. Can anyone explain what the hell is happening to me and what I can do to change it?
  3. I will be talking and, usually later that night, I will hear or see something, such as a word, phrase, concept or idea-usually on television-which relates to (almost exactly) what I talked about earlier; other instances can be inferred or deduced. For example, I would be making references to "Back To The Future" with my brother and later I will notice that movie being played on TV. In another example, I had a bunch of DVDs which practically have all been newly played on TV, as if They were using my collection in their line-up. These "coincidences" happen so often that they cause paranoia. And I refuse to let them become a part of my everyday life without knowing their meaning. I know that I could research to determine the schedule of the sources from which I hear or see them; however, I would still feel without the real truth. These things make me paranoid to the point that I do not know who, or what, to trust. It is very frustrating and makes me feel violated and hinders progress. For example, if I wanted to validate a new idea, I would find it very difficult having the notion of being monitored. The paranoia enslaves me. What is wrong with me and what can I do to help or protect myself?
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