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    youngest of 4 children and the only girl. Married with 3 children


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  1. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

  2. IrmaJean

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Do you usually have issues with the flu shot, Vic? I'm fortunate and have never had any problems. I still need to get my shot. It's good you're on top of things with your health. I hope it helps you to stay healthy this winter.
  3. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

  4. IrmaJean

    I Need treatment

    Has any of the treatment and therapy helped at all, Thomas? Are you still in therapy?
  5. IrmaJean

    New Member

    Welcome to the community, Thomas.
  6. IrmaJean

    Day 8

    We have kettles, as you refer to them; we just call them pots. A pot of coffee. Same thing maybe, but just with a different name? Or perhaps it is different? Okay, don't mind me; Malign knows better (and I type slowly)
  7. IrmaJean

    Day 8

    *Another confused American here* In America, a shop could be a place you leave your car to be repaired or it might be a store that specializes in a particular trade. We have utility/oil/gas companies that provide us with electricity and deliver what we need. I hope you can get your gas and electric turned on very soon.
  8. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

  9. IrmaJean

    Day 6. New week

    I have never figured out the brevity thing myself, lol. I hope the peaceful days continue for you, Daveuk.
  10. IrmaJean

    Happy weekend

    Weekends are usually busy for me with work, but today is an off day. The weather was lovely Saturday and Sunday, but it looks like we're back to overcast today. ☁ I am in the USA as well.
  11. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

  12. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

  13. IrmaJean

    Nice cool Sunday

    We had a summer of extremes this year. Very hot and very dry☉ and then very wet. ⛆Today there is a nip in the air. 🍁🍂
  14. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

  15. IrmaJean

    Let's do a new game

    The Green Monster