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  1. IrmaJean

    Recommended readings

    I think everyone, regardless of gender, copes in their own personal way. Some may find healing from drawing inward or even pulling away. It may not be ideal in a perfect world to respond this way, but it's human. I have learned that I can't make another person share or reach out; it has to be their choice and they have to feel safe enough in order to do so. My hope would be that we don't push men (or anyone) to express themselves openly, but rather help create an environment where others know we are there for them if they want to share. I also agree that it's important to save sharing with another who is open, supportive, willing to listen, and who will respect and care for our vulnerability. Close friendships are invaluable, but I have also found them to be rare. I hope all of us find our way to what we need and want.
  2. IrmaJean

    hello i need some advice

    Welcome to the community, kth. This sounds very distressful! I'm wondering, are you still in school? If so, would talking to the school psychologist be a possibility? Could you speak with the doctor who prescribes your prozac about your current struggles? Are there any activities that bring you feelings of serenity? I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy the summer. Take care, kth. I hope you feel better.
  3. IrmaJean

    My so called life

    I think it's cool that you feel serene during thunderstorms, Small. I think of it as being like a release of sorts or a space to regroup and take a breath. We had those kinds of storms every afternoon during the summertime when we lived in FL. Nature, however we may connect with it, can be calming. Definitely wondrous. I hope you continue to find moments of inner peace.
  4. IrmaJean

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Go with the flow. Sounds like a good plan. Have any tips on just how to do that? :p Seriously, though, I think acceptance can be freeing, but letting go can still be a challenge for me. I'm glad you found a place of peace with yourself today. I'm well. Weekends are usually very busy for me with work and home. Today, I was able to cut our backyard lawn after work. There's still more to do, but it will have to wait for now. I prefer to keep peace with the neighbors too. I actually still struggle some with conflict.. See you mention thunderstorms and now that makes me think of Small...⛆ Take care and I hope you enjoy your Sunday!🌞
  5. IrmaJean

    My so called life

    Balancing can be tough, especially when there are things to throw you off balance.. and if there is nothing to grab onto. I think I would have trouble too so I don't know if I have any useful tips for you. Hopefully more practice helps. I'm glad you're still skating, though. I hope it gives you some enjoyment.
  6. IrmaJean

    My announcement

    Starry, I'm sorry you feel ignored. I know how painful that can feel. I worked from noon to 8:30 yesterday. I had a rough day too...there was a freak accident, I had to call 911 and the fire department and there was an irate customer screaming at the top of his lungs inches away from me inside the store...which I can understand because he was injured, but something happens to me internally when someone yells like that. At least now I don't take it personally, but it took me another 2-3 hours to feel centered again. I got home, went to bed at 10pm and was wide awake at midnight. I have to be up at 3am for another 8 hour shift. If I'm not responding, it's usually because I'm not here to respond, I don’t know what to say to help or I have low energy...it isn't because I don't care. I hope you feel better soon, starshine. I can't tell you how to fix the situation you're in or what to do. Is there any way to share with your parents and ask for help? I don't know your mom, but as a mom, I would always want to know if one of my children was hurting or in trouble. Wow, Klingsor...that must have been upsetting. I hope everyone has better days ahead.
  7. IrmaJean

    My so called life

    I check res's page too sometimes...still hard to believe. Loss can be so immense, it's difficult to fathom and accept. My daughter is also struggling with depression. I can see now how deeply entrenched and complex it can be. I'm sorry for your pain, Small. Have you still been skating? How is your niece these days?
  8. IrmaJean

    My so called life

    I hope you will stay safe. I'm sorry work is so distressful. What type of job environment do you think you would you feel more comfortable in, Klingsor? Have you considered working with animals in some regard?
  9. IrmaJean

    My so called life

    I'm sorry you're struggling so much. Have you considered blogging about your feelings? It's another option if it could help you feel more comfortable expressing yourself.
  10. IrmaJean


    Starshine, I see you being aware, open, and honest. I hear you that this is a difficult battle and has been for many years. My concern for you is a possible escalation of things...do you think that is happening? I could be off, but I hope you will stay safe. I believe there is always a chance things can change and improve. Strength and care to you, Starry.
  11. IrmaJean


    Star, is there a way to get some help for yourself without your parents' knowledge?
  12. IrmaJean

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Our children have all always been avid readers. We still visit Barnes and Noble regularly. I don’t often read books any longer myself, but I still enjoy a good romance novel now and then. I have a friend who indie published several books, though not sure how much profit she made. We watched a panel at the recent convention we attended about Japanese animation. It was informative and interesting. I hadn't realized just how complex the process was. The girls would love to have photoshop for art and animation, but it can be a bit pricey. I think any medium of creative art is a form of self expression that can be invaluable. Best of luck with it, Klingsor.
  13. IrmaJean

    Just googled "mental support forum".

    Hello, Sen, and welcome to our community. 😊 This sounds very frustrating for you. 😟 How is your mood otherwise? Has a difficulty with attention and focus been a problem for you throughout your life?
  14. IrmaJean


    Welcome to the community, Daltoid. 😊 I hope too that you will feel supported here. Take care.
  15. IrmaJean

    Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Maybe we seek neatly wrapped answers because that would give us some sense of control. But life is messy and complex and we have little control. Hooray for positive feelings.. I was in NJ yesterday too. 😊 Edgewater and West Nyack for me, though. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend as best as they possibly can.