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  1. I should probably also note that this post was written by Dr. Domback when the forum had different ownership and a different name. The forum community existed as part of a different site that also featured articles. When that site sought to remove the community, some of the members got together and moved it here to mental support community.net. Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Domback didn't come with us to the new forum. I hope I am remembering everything accurately.
  2. I found this that maybe explains a bit about how this forum started.
  3. Renni, I wonder what happened to cause you to feel this way? Did you decide this yourself or was it something your parents said?
  4. Welcome to the forum and to our community, Josephine. This all sounds very distressful for you. Have you ever discussed with your boyfriend the possibility of going to couple's therapy together? I don't think this possibility can work, though, unless he decides this relationship is something he wants and is willing to work at. So many of us struggle in relationships as adults, I think, because of how we learned to relate and were responded to in our very first relationships. The way things are going, as you have described it, may not be healthy for either of you. If both partners want the relationship and are willing to work together to stay together, I do think that healing can be possible. But I also think that has to be equal give and take...it can't be just you doing the work. I hope whatever you decide that your heart finds healing.
  5. William that sounds very painful for you. šŸ˜¢ I think all of us want to be remembered. The high school years can be so tough. They were for me as well. You matter, William.
  6. Hello William and welcome to our community. šŸ™‚ Kids can be very cruel sometimes. I hope their behaviors won't cause you to question yourself. It's okay to be you. I'm sorry you have been hurt. šŸ˜¢ Social interactions have never come easy to me either throughout my life and especially during my high school years. Do you have any hobbies or interests? Maybe it could be healing to connect with the things you enjoy. You might even make some connections with others who share your interests. You mentioned your mom. Are you able to share with her and receive support?
  7. Welcome to the community, Choco. I'm sorry you have been feeling so poorly. šŸ˜¢ I also hope you consulted a medical doctor about your symptoms. It sounds like you could be describing migraines. I have never had those before, but I have dealt with tachycardia and that can definitely make a person feel anxious. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. Hello, Jktw, and welcome. It sounds as though you would like to share meaningful, supportive friendships with others and that is wonderful. Do you think you are having difficulty relating to why someone feels as they do or is it that you have trouble understanding different feelings? If I'm trying to understand another person's experiences, I might start by thinking about how I would feel in their circumstances. If I can't relate to their response because I likely wouldn't have a similar response, then I try to relate to the feeling itself. How does it feel to be sad or angry, hurt, frustrated, lonely and how might I support that person inside that feeling? Autism can be a complex thing. It often doesn't look like what we would think of in a sterotypical sense. There is a wide spectrum and each person may be affected differently, in different areas. It can look quite different in each individual, according to severity, gender, and a number of other factors. Science is always evolving and hopefully we will learn more. Are your struggles new or have they been lifelong? Are there other things you struggle with, such as obsessive thoughts or difficulty with focus? I hope you find a therapist you have good rapport with who is both helpful and supportive of you. Take care.
  9. I think there is good information in that video. Positive thinking does help me at times, but I think Jazz is right about balance. I would call myself an optimistic realist. And that works for me, but might not work best for others. Situations are always evolving too, there are adjustments to make and that might also include adjustments to what helps and what doesn't. There is always more to learn, when we are open to it, I think. Open-mindedness, actually, may very well be what helps me personally the most. I am very interested in psychology as well and read whenever I can.
  10. IrmaJean


    Hello again, NewHere. My name is Beth. We're happy to have you here with us in our community. šŸ™‚
  11. IrmaJean

    My MIL

    Hello, NewHere, and welcome to the community. I'm sorry you went through this. šŸ™ Your mother-in-law's behaviors were abusive. I think sometimes it can be best to cut someone out of your life, especially when it has affected your mental health and well-being. It can be a very difficult and complex situation when someone from your family who you love is tied to another person who is abusive and cruel. Have you spoken with your husband about what happened and how you feel? I hope he has been understanding and supportive of your needs. I had a situation in my life some years back when a loved one was involved with someone who was manipulative and abusive. I struggled too and eventually had to remove that person from my life. In my case, though, life circumstances helped me to be able to do that. Sometimes we have to protect ourselves and it's okay to do that. I agree that talking with a mental health professional could be helpful. Reaching out here has been a first step. I hope you will keep sharing if it helps to talk more about your feelings. If not here, with a therapist, friend or family member. I wish you wellness and healing. Take care.
  12. Welcome to the community, GeomaHalfcolor. Anxiety can have an effect on so many areas of our lives. šŸ™ Anxiety can make it difficult at timea to function in our society. I'm sorry for your distress. I recall one time I got confused about my work schedule. It happens. Maybe if you called your boss, you could cover a different shift to make up for the one you missed? It sounds like you are being hard on yourself. I hope you won't judge yourself harshly. Are you working with a therapist, Geoma? Take care of you.
  13. Klingsor, have you thought about trying to socialize with others outside of work? I know it can be difficult, but maybe the connections could help?
  14. X.x.x, I am sorry for your loss. You are grieving and this can be an immensely painful experience. There is also trauma around the loss because of the way your friend died. šŸ˜ž I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be to lose a loved one this way. Try, if you can, to care for yourself through all of the feelings. It's okay to feel anything you feel, you are trying to process what happened. Please keep talking and sharing if you feel that is a need, write, cry, scream, reach out to friends.. Sending care to you.
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