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  1. I talk to myself aloud quite frequently. I find it helps me to stay focused and on task. I have found it difficult to stop.🤷‍♀️ DCK, welcome to the community. Does your friend have difficulty functioning? Does he seem interested in getting help for himself?
  2. IrmaJean


    I never watched or liked Star Trek much when I was a kid growing up. My h was a huge fan so I would watch it with him. I started to enjoy it after a while! I even went to a few conventions back in the early 2000's, haha. I once rode in a taxi with the actor who played the doctor on Voyager (can't recall his name) TNG was the first Trek series that caught my attention, but Enterprise ended up being my favorite.
  3. We remember you, Resolute. Thinking of you. The tiger photos are lovely and I think they honor his memory.
  4. Pets are a comfort, aren't they? We have one pup and I look forward to having a kitty soon. Would it be possible to have one, Klingsor, or is life too unsettled right now? If not a cat or dog, maybe a smaller pet? I hope you are doing okay. Take care.
  5. I have been working in retail for over two decades...people are especially irritable right now..sometimes you just have to roll with it. 🤷‍♀️ Don't let it get to you. At least with the mask on, I can sigh inaudibly now, lol.
  6. My daughter and I had a conversation recently about creativity and imagination. She believes that we are all born creative and with wonderful imaginations, but that as adults we often lose this because it isn't nurtured and/or our society stifles it. Too much work, too little play. She thinks talent is largely a myth (except in rare cases); that all of us can learn. Intuitiveness, I think, may be different, though. I suspect some are naturally more intuitive than others. But I still think creativity may be at its greatest when you shine as yourself for yourself...that can draw others in.
  7. I do fine with a cloth mask for up to 10 hours at work. My biggest struggle is with my vision. I find myself taking off the glasses because I can't access my bifocals, but then because I'm so near sighted, I can't see 5 feet in front of me. 🙄 Sometimes I need 2 masks for busy days or if I'm in and out of the cooler, but I'm fortunate that they don't bother me at all. I feel as though I'm at least trying to prevent the spread as best as I can. The company goes back and forth on policy to enforce or not enforce (one customer told me that we "were all a bunch of $#&#&$ sheep" 😑 and then r
  8. I have been a member of this community for over 10 years. I have made friendships here that have been life changing. I have learned here, both by receiving support and by giving support to others. I have journaled here for many years. Part of my story is here. I have blogs that show my experiences in real time. I can go back now and read where I was, see my struggles and see how I have pushed through and grown. I have a message space here that spans over years that I shared with a friend who has since died. I'm grateful for all of this. I would be sad to lose this site and all of concrete memo
  9. The same happened here in a nearby city, and it caused a spike in new infections. I do wish there could be more care and concern for others. It's difficult to wrap my mind around it. 😞
  10. Our company will begin enforcing the mask regulation starting tomorrow. Things could get ugly. Wish me luck. 😑
  11. Hello Dima. What helps you to organize your thoughts? Could you possibly record them verbally first? Or maybe write an outline or bullet list before you write the letter? Sometimes considering a project as a whole can feel overwhelming and it helps to take a few steps at a time. Best wishes to you.
  12. The virus has thankfully slowed down here in NY...for now anyway. That hasn't been the case for some other states, though, unfortunately. I hope there is a safe and effective vaccine soon. So many lives lost.. I have read a number of studies that have shown the efficacy of mask- wearing to help prevent the spread of the virus. To me it's smart and thoughtful to wear a mask.. Klingsor, my daughter has been struggling more too because of this, I think. The civil unrest has also been very upsetting. It hasn't been an easy year... Thinking of you. We're in your corner. I could get a
  13. The Memorial Day weekend was as crazy busy as ever where I work. We wear masks and most of the customers do as well, there is plexiglass, we are sanitizing frequently.... Today was the first day in 2 1/2 months there were no new cases in our county. We are in a lull with the virus here at the moment, but I don't think this is over. I don't think we should let our guard down either, but things are moving in a positive direction with gradual reopening. Let's hope this continues. I'm sorry you were locked out, Dave. I never received any messages about it, but glad to see you back again.
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