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  1. me....

    My daughter thinks both bats and mice are cute. We have used the compassion traps for mice in the past. Once, many years ago, we also had a bat in the house. We found out that it had gained entrance through the air conditioner, so you might want to check that there are no openings. Take care, ba.
  2. Dealing with Perfectionism and Self-Hatred *Triggering*

    Sending you some strength and light.
  3. Dealing with Perfectionism and Self-Hatred *Triggering*

    I'm sorry you feel disconnected. 🙁 Did something happen today that has upset you?
  4. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I usually work on the weekends, but they are early shifts and that is my preferred shift. I am sleeping late if I sleep through until 4-4:30 am. It's been cold and snowy at times here...still. Winter does not want to let go. Winter needs some zen. I am so ready for spring. Can't wait. For me, although I do enjoy company, I find that as I get older, I am comfortable with alone time too. I hope everyone has a good week.
  5. Job fears

    I will add my 2 cents. Struggles for me in the workplace include handling all of the sensory input, remaining calm when there's a lot happening and way too much to do for the time alotted, letting go of my need to control (and my tendency toward perfectionism) and learning to delegate tasks. The key to survival for me is my self talk and how I care for myself during all of this. I usually don't have any problems getting along with co-workers, fortunately. Victim, you l mentioned not saying too much... I think I understand. I try to share only with my h; otherwise my response is "I just push buttons." :/ Stay focused, stay on task, remain calm as much as possible, limit gossiping or complaining, healthy self-care...always a work in progress for me. I hope things go more smoothly for you soon at work, Klingsor.
  6. Beer

    I find that it helps to encourage and care for myself through the written word. It helps me stay centered, calm, and rational. I think too that it has helped me to cultivate a healthy inner voice. I hope it does the same for you. Good for you about your abstinence from alcohol! It's good too that you recognize this and feel proud of yourself. *insert thumbs up smiley here*
  7. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    Wow, more snow. We were fortunate this time around and didn't get any. I'm glad you are able to see the positives even during a difficult time. Let's hope spring shows up soon...
  8. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I hope all is okay with you, Vic. Best wishes.
  9. Hi Obsolete. I'm glad you like your new place. That has to feel good. I hope you continue to walk along a healing path. Thanks for checking in and sharing.
  10. Primal Zodiac! come in folks!

    Erm, well, I'm a penguin. :/
  11. Question for any woman lurking on here

    I think it's part of human nature to at times assign what we personally believe or how we feel about something to others, when in reality things could be vastly different for them. Personally, I did not particularly care during past intimate acts with my husband whether I "finished" or not...because that was not what was important or what mattered to me. What has always counted for me (and I have nerve damage now that prevents this anyway) is the connection and the sharing. I don't know if that's helpful to know...but it's not possible to know how an individual might feel, I don't think, without asking the person. Maybe she loves being with you and enjoys bringing you pleasure?
  12. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    P.S. I forgot about mall drain. It happens to me and one of my daughters. We went to the mall today and I was reminded. This is physical and it makes a person feel weak and near faint. Sometimes it lasts all day. We have been home for hours now and I still feel the effects. I have always thought that it has to do with the fluorescent lights. Energy sap. Anyway, I thought I would share. I hope you day is going okay, Klingsor. Take care.
  13. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    I can definitely relate to all of this! I also find the sensory stimulation all day to be draining, but for me it's more of a mental drain and less physical. I would probably get cranky without quiet time. That feels like a need. I don't think I would do well in a city environment either; I need nature. Do you have any opportunity to connect with nature, Klingsor? It has to be especially difficult if you can't find a space for quiet in your home environment. I also find that daily walks help my mood. I hope you have a better week.
  14. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Klingsor, have you had a thorough physical exam to rule out a physical cause? You mentioned Crohn's. I can see how coping with that could tire a person out. My physical energy is generally very good, but I do struggle with mental drain at times. Does it help to recharge, to do something that feels replenishing or nurturing? Take some quiet time to yourself? I hope the spring feels replenishing to all of us. Take care.
  15. I can’t do this anymore

    I'm sorry you're struggling so much, Renni. I hear that you feel tired and sad. Loneliness and feeling excluded can be very painful. Do you have anyone to talk and share with? Possibly the friends you mention or a family member could be supportive? A school psychologist? The teenage years can be stressful and difficult to experience and go through. I hope you are able to keep a door open to the possibility for positive change. We are here to listen, if sharing more helps. Sending you light and love.