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  1. I do think our forum can be like virtual group therapy. Every interaction, even the uncomfortable ones, can teach something, I think. How we respond to others can help us learn about ourselves. I have to remind myself that it's impossible to know the motivations of others. I also have to remind myself that people won't always interact with me in a way that I need or want them to. I do think that most people who come here don't stay... It's difficult to know why or why they stopped by and decided to post. I could speculate but only the OP knows for sure. (Talking to myself here too) Lostboy, I think you're a great contributor to the site. I enjoy reading your calm and insightful, supportive posts. I get triggered sometimes too and/or have a strong response to some posts or posters at times. Why do you think this kind of post elicits such a response for you? Does it feel diminishing of your experience? I hope not. Maybe you're right about the OP, maybe not, maybe we will never know. Either way, I'm sorry the post was frustrating and upsetting to you.

    Welcome to the community, Precious. Are you able to listen to your needs and care for yourself through these distressful times? When in self destruct mode (I have been there), it can be easy to abandon yourself. Deep breathing helps me to center myself. I try to slow my responses down, sit with myself, and be present. . Anything that frees the mind could be helpful. Everyone is different though, I think, and your needs might be different. Jazz has some good suggestions with exercise and art/creativity. I also agree with Vic that the combination of medication and therapy might also be helpful. Has anything been helpful to you in the past? I hope you feel better, Precious.
  3. feature request: android app

    It's good to hear from you, ba. As far as I know, we don't have an app available for the site. I access the site almost exclusively on my android cellphone. I use a browser that has quick shortcuts to favorite pages, so it is easier to find. Maybe something similar could be helpful to you? Take care, ba.
  4. Unhappy with my weight, again.

    Doctors often use references such as these, but I don't imagine many of us fit perfectly into any mold. I do hear that this distresses you. There are a lot of diets out there and I think it makes sense to research before trying anything new. Did your doctor offer advice or suggestions? I hope you feel better, Renni.
  5. My so called life

    I like this thought. I have decided that I want a green burial. Yeah!!! That is awesome! I knew you could do it. I need to search for some more happy emoticons.
  6. My so called life

    I hope you have some positive moments today on your birthday! I find it feels rewarding to learn something new, to an even greater degree now than when I was younger. I doubt anyone could put on a pair of skates for the first time and immediately be great at it. It'll take some practice and patience, but you'll get there.
  7. My so called life

    (I wasn't referring to cremation, but in truth my wishes may not be possible, yet anyway. I have read about it, but it doesn't seem like common practice. I may need to live another 40 years. Sounds like a plan.) I'm glad you find comfort visiting your grandmother's grave, Klingsor. I like the idea of planting flowers. New growth. I you find it peaceful and healing. I hope today is a better day for you, Small.
  8. My so called life

    I have thought about how I would like to be laid to rest after I die, yes. I don't like the idea of being inside a box and buried; I would much rather be out in the wide open and give back to nature as my last act, become one with it. Maybe it would be a small comfort to plan your wishes in writing? Death and funerals (or even birthdays) can trigger fears around it, I think. I think most of us likely have some struggles around that. I personally draw comfort from the thought of deeper connection. My energy and essence will live on through nature long after my form ceases to exist. But I think everyone has to find their own path to peace. Maybe talking about it and sharing is helpful? I hope so. Did you have the chance to skate yet?
  9. Service Dog?

    Hi Turtle. :-) Animals can be very therapeutic. Service dogs are specially trained and if you have the paperwork, I believe you can take your service dog with you anywhere. It's something I have considered for my daughter as well. We have 2 dogs already, but neither of our dogs would be suitable for the job. You might need to go through the county mental health in your area. Maybe your parents could help you with this (as long as they agree)? I hope that whether or not you decide to pursue this option, that you continue to consider different ways to help yourself. Take care, Turtle. As an aside, of it was permitted, I could totally see my daughter E taking a support chicken or turkey with her while traveling...
  10. My so called life

    That's great. I hope you enjoy your skates. Happy birthday to you.
  11. My Depression

    Reni, is there a trusted adult in your life who you can talk and share with? Are your parents supportive? You are coping with a lot and it's okay to reach out for help. Your description of your feelings is heartfelt. I'm sorry you are going through this struggle. Does it help to express yourself like this, perhaps through journaling or poetry? Painting? Art? Do you have any opportunities in school through clubs or other school activities to connect with others? I agree that friendships can be healing. I hope you are safe today, Reni. Write and share here anytime. Take care of you.
  12. Who Do They Think I Am?

    Education has its value and I understand that the requirements in school are necessary, but I think knowledge itself can only go so far. One has to be able to apply the knowledge to life situations. I think that is particularly relevant in this field. How does one learn to empathize with others or learn to have psychological insight from a course? How does one learn to make human connection, to sit with a person in his/her pain? You have those qualities and those abilities, the ones I personally believe count the most. I hope at least you don't doubt that.
  13. Planning. I'm not good at it.

    I think the key is to not become immersed and allow emotions to take over. This has been a struggle for me too, especially if my feelings have been around my fears or insecurities. Sometimes I would even have awareness this was happening, but could not step back enough to break out of the spiral. Over the past years, I have been working on my coping skills and how to care for myself. I try to recognize my feelings, sit with them, slow things down some (so as not to be reactive), listen to my needs, while at the same time have some space from the feelings.. Feel it, honor the feelings, but know too that the feelings are not me and balance all of this with my rational parts. Always an ongoing process. Challenges. I wish you all the best. I hope you find a path that works well for you, Vic.
  14. My so called life

    I have found blogging very helpful over the years here on site. I hope that you do too.
  15. My so called life

    It's always good to know that someone cares. I recall once a friend of mine responded in a way that surprised me too, but I also appreciated that they cared enough to respond the way they did. It shook me up and I listened. I hope your friend can be there for you. I hope you have a serene weekend.