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  1. Hello Dima. What helps you to organize your thoughts? Could you possibly record them verbally first? Or maybe write an outline or bullet list before you write the letter? Sometimes considering a project as a whole can feel overwhelming and it helps to take a few steps at a time. Best wishes to you.
  2. The virus has thankfully slowed down here in NY...for now anyway. That hasn't been the case for some other states, though, unfortunately. I hope there is a safe and effective vaccine soon. So many lives lost.. I have read a number of studies that have shown the efficacy of mask- wearing to help prevent the spread of the virus. To me it's smart and thoughtful to wear a mask.. Klingsor, my daughter has been struggling more too because of this, I think. The civil unrest has also been very upsetting. It hasn't been an easy year... Thinking of you. We're in your corner. I could get an antibody test, but I strongly suspect it would be negative. I haven't been sick since March 2019 when all of us had the flu. I hope everyone has some relaxing moments this weekend.
  3. The Memorial Day weekend was as crazy busy as ever where I work. We wear masks and most of the customers do as well, there is plexiglass, we are sanitizing frequently.... Today was the first day in 2 1/2 months there were no new cases in our county. We are in a lull with the virus here at the moment, but I don't think this is over. I don't think we should let our guard down either, but things are moving in a positive direction with gradual reopening. Let's hope this continues. I'm sorry you were locked out, Dave. I never received any messages about it, but glad to see you back again. I hope everyone is staying healthy and hanging in there.
  4. Hmm...I hope you're okay, Klingsor. Sending along my care.
  5. These are trying times for sure.😞 I'm hoping we have turned a corner with the virus (at least for now), but I can't say that I feel sure about that either. Vic, are you in a space where you can go outside and safely walk? Maybe the fresh air might help a bit? Klingsor, is there any activity you enjoy that you find grounding? I hope everyone feels better soon.
  6. Hello all. How is everyone holding up? I hope everyone is as good as they can be under these circumstances. I think of everyone. We are holding up as okay as possible. Still healthy, thankfully. We are fortunate enough to still have work, but at the same time, it's a little frightening to be working with the public as much as we are. The virus, though down in the state in general, has remained steady in my area, unfortunately. A local young policeman just died due to this, very sad. I honestly don't think this thing is going away anytime soon. I think we may need to adjust to a new normal. We see this often in life on a personal level, but the scope of this is nothing I have seen before during my lifetime. The ironic part for me, as a person who has struggled with anxiety for much of my lifetime, is I feel strong and ready to face this, as best as I can. I think maybe now that I'm an old timer and have lived through the things I have feared most (namely losing loved ones), I'm less anxious. Control what you can and do your best to adjust to the rest. My biggest fear is bringing this home to one of the girls, but we are being as careful as we possibly can. Sending everyone strength, care, and love.
  7. It's been interesting working a 10 hour shift with a mask on. My main problem has been with my vision. Glasses fog or I can't see out of my bifocals. I have seen only a slight majority comply with the mask ordinance here. I do wonder if some doubt their vulnerability in this. Humans do seem to have difficulty confronting vulnerability. Whatever the psychology might be, I also feel the less compliance with the distancing measures, or lifting them too soon, may ultimately make this process take longer. I can attest that, at least in my very small town, that people are not buying as much gasoline. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  8. I also received the PM.🙄 I did flag as a spammer. I will see if there is more I can do. I'm sorry for the aggravation. I love your avatar, Klingsor. 🙂 I love big birds, though I seem to have a fascination for hawks and eagles in particular. I like the idea of a nature theme. I agree, Vic. We will get through this. Wishing everyone good health and stay safe.
  9. Klingsor, I'm largely the same, though if the lyrics are deep and meaningful, that's always a bonus. Josh Groban, but everyone already knew that, lol. I like a wide variety of music, though.
  10. I think a lot of people are on edge, both employees and customers. Today, our little town ( population somewhere around 10k) lost someone due to coronavirus. 😢 It was the first death in this county. Please be safe everyone.
  11. It's difficult not to feel uneasy living in NY right now. We do live in a rural area and hours away from the city, but there's no denying this is frightening. I hope you have a peaceful day. Stay safe.
  12. There are now 2 cases in our hometown. 😞 This is a small town, so it's frightening. It's shocking how many people where I live are not heeding the warnings to stay inside. Today they put caution tape on the playground and basketball courts in the town park hoping to get the message across. I think it's a mistake if some people assume young people aren't susceptible to getting very sick too, even if they are less likely to die. I wonder if I'm so old that I'm considered a "boomer"? 😑
  13. I have to catch up on my reading here, but I wanted to check in briefly. How is everyone? I have been working 7 days/ week with my boss on leave of absence. I have to admit that it's a little unnerving knowing this virus is here and I am exposed to so many people on a daily basis. I'm concerned I may bring it home to my kids. The store has been implementing changes daily, but our doors are still open. Stay healthy everyone.
  14. There are currently 15 people in the county I live in now diagnosed with coronavirus. Yesterday, I had to print out paperwork for all of our employees that will prove to the authorities (should we be stopped by them) that we are out of the house in transit to our job, which is considered essential. Our state is going in lockdown mode over the weekend. At work, we are sanitizing contact points every few hours. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and was shocked by how empty the shelves were. How is everyone doing during these uncertain times? I hope everyone stays healthy and safe.
  15. I have been carefully monitoring the news for months about the coronavirus. I think it is wise to be prepared, this virus is concerning. It can spread while those who are infected are still asymptomatic. The potential strain on the healthcare system and the ripple effect is alarming. I live in New York in the US and nearby counties have cases. My daughter's school has been cancelled through early April. My son is on lockdown in his CA apartment. I work in retail so I have an elevated risk. That being said, I think it makes sense to be rational as much as possible. Listen to the scientists, heed their advice, help one another as much as possible...we will get through this. Stay well everyone.
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