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  1. My husband pointed this out to me last week, but he told me tonight that it suddenly disappeared! 😳 The mystery deepens...
  2. Hello, Scruffycat. I'm sorry for the super delayed response. How are you feeling now? I have two daughters who are autistic (also diagnosed late) and who also both struggle with anxiety and OCD. What you have shared here does sound familiar. OCD can cause disturbing intrusive thoughts that, in turn, can cause extreme internal distress. I see this with them on a daily basis. I'm sorry you're going through this. 😞 As I tell my girls, it isn't always so much about what the specific thoughts are as it is a pattern of thought processes. I'm not certain if the inappropriate feelings you describ
  3. Have you called your doctor? Your body might need time to adjust to the meds or possibly you need a different medication and/or dosage. I hope your doc has some thoughts about what to do. Sounds stressful. I hope you feel better soon.
  4. I have a weakness for anything chocolate and vegan chocolate is thankfully just as good. Peanut butter cups are high on the list, though.
  5. @Klingpeach, your monthly shopping trips sound like my weekly trips. Not to mention returning during the week for all of the items I forgot...🙄 I'm guilty of using the self serve registers at times mainly because the baggers tend to pack light-weighted and I'm a bag stuffer.😆 @geronimo, I know what you mean about some self check-outs not working correctly..."An unexpected item has been placed in the bag" every time you shift the bag just a bit. I hope everyone is as well as they can be.
  6. Well... there's a lot going at the moment.. We learned today that my h may have been exposed to COVID-19 last week at work. We are waiting for verification and protocols, but it's unnerving to say the least. I will share more in my blog.
  7. He does look different! I think he isn't holding himself the same or "wearing" his Lucifer expressions. He looks more relaxed here. Or he could be wearing eyeliner too..🤷‍♀️
  8. I would tell you that's how I feel about it. There's an ugly side to humanity that attacks vulnerability instead of embracing and respecting it. I would perceive that type of comment to be attacking where it may hurt the most for the purpose of causing pain and to bully... From my perspective the comments are about that ugly behavior and it doesn't mean what they say is truth. Sending you care.
  9. I talk to myself aloud quite frequently. I find it helps me to stay focused and on task. I have found it difficult to stop.🤷‍♀️ DCK, welcome to the community. Does your friend have difficulty functioning? Does he seem interested in getting help for himself?
  10. IrmaJean


    I never watched or liked Star Trek much when I was a kid growing up. My h was a huge fan so I would watch it with him. I started to enjoy it after a while! I even went to a few conventions back in the early 2000's, haha. I once rode in a taxi with the actor who played the doctor on Voyager (can't recall his name) TNG was the first Trek series that caught my attention, but Enterprise ended up being my favorite.
  11. We remember you, Resolute. Thinking of you. The tiger photos are lovely and I think they honor his memory.
  12. Pets are a comfort, aren't they? We have one pup and I look forward to having a kitty soon. Would it be possible to have one, Klingsor, or is life too unsettled right now? If not a cat or dog, maybe a smaller pet? I hope you are doing okay. Take care.
  13. I have been working in retail for over two decades...people are especially irritable right now..sometimes you just have to roll with it. 🤷‍♀️ Don't let it get to you. At least with the mask on, I can sigh inaudibly now, lol.
  14. My daughter and I had a conversation recently about creativity and imagination. She believes that we are all born creative and with wonderful imaginations, but that as adults we often lose this because it isn't nurtured and/or our society stifles it. Too much work, too little play. She thinks talent is largely a myth (except in rare cases); that all of us can learn. Intuitiveness, I think, may be different, though. I suspect some are naturally more intuitive than others. But I still think creativity may be at its greatest when you shine as yourself for yourself...that can draw others in.
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