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  1. Scruffycat, I'm so sorry for your pain and confusion. There are people out there who care. We are listening. Is there someone there with you tonight? Are you possibly able to see a therapist sooner? I hope you stay safe. Sending gentle care to you.
  2. Welcome, Joe08. Have you spoken with your girlfriend and expressed your discomfort with her behavior? Do you both share the same expectations in your relationship? What are her feelings about a committed relationship? What are yours? How are things otherwise in your relationship?
  3. IrmaJean


    Jai, I think of you. I hope you are doing okay. Peaceful holiday wishes.
  4. IrmaJean

    So stressed

    Andromeda, that is awful. 😢 I'm so sorry. I hope you and your boyfriend can lean on each other through this difficult time. We are here to listen and support you. Sending care to you.
  5. IrmaJean

    So stressed

    😥 I'm so sorry, Andromeda. Does it help to talk about it?
  6. I think it depends on the person and it depends on what that person is experiencing. It does help me to talk and write about my problems/challenges. I read some new research recently, though, about trauma and how bringing things out in the open may not be helpful to some. I think listen to your needs and try to be aware of what helps and what doesn't.
  7. I have loved Josh Groban since the very first time I heard his voice back in 2001. 3 concerts. Every album. On the day they're released, lol. I do like Michael Buble too. I can't sing, hahaha.
  8. I should probably also note that this post was written by Dr. Domback when the forum had different ownership and a different name. The forum community existed as part of a different site that also featured articles. When that site sought to remove the community, some of the members got together and moved it here to mental support community.net. Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Domback didn't come with us to the new forum. I hope I am remembering everything accurately.
  9. I found this that maybe explains a bit about how this forum started.
  10. Renni, I wonder what happened to cause you to feel this way? Did you decide this yourself or was it something your parents said?
  11. Welcome to the forum and to our community, Josephine. This all sounds very distressful for you. Have you ever discussed with your boyfriend the possibility of going to couple's therapy together? I don't think this possibility can work, though, unless he decides this relationship is something he wants and is willing to work at. So many of us struggle in relationships as adults, I think, because of how we learned to relate and were responded to in our very first relationships. The way things are going, as you have described it, may not be healthy for either of you. If both partners want the relationship and are willing to work together to stay together, I do think that healing can be possible. But I also think that has to be equal give and take...it can't be just you doing the work. I hope whatever you decide that your heart finds healing.
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