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  1. It's great to hear from you again, Eric. I wish I had some helpful advice that might ease your pain. I hope that there are aspects of life that you find enjoyable. Best wishes.
  2. How are things for you, Vic?
  3. Yes, my dad was a gentle soul. Thank you. I hear you about work. It can be a grind and a challenge. I try to stay positive and hopeful because that seems to help me, but I recognize that others may feel differently. Klingsor, Pax, Klingcorn, Klingpeach, you're part of our online family here in the community. I hope you find peace and healing in your heart. Thank you for the well wishes. Best wishes to you as well.
  4. Thank you for thinking of me. My father died in September after a rough few weeks in the hospital. That was a difficult time. We are hoping to move to a new place soon that has more land so we can have some rescue animals. We already bought the land and now have been working on our house to get it ready to sell. It needs lots of work! The hope is that this move (if and when it happens) will be helpful to our girls, who both struggle with depression and anxiety. I have been working a lot and life has been very busy; time seems to fly by these days. I hope you are as well as you can be.
  5. @avoidcruelty Thank you for the kind words and for seeing me. I appreciate that. I wish you all the best.
  6. I apologize that I missed this, but I hope everyone is okay.
  7. I'm sorry you're feeling so down, Obsolete. 🙁This life thing can be challenging, I hear you. I don't have any simple answers, but I am here listening and I care. Depression can make everything feel dark and not possible. I think one of the points of therapy is to have a safe space to openly share feelings. True that therapy isn't for everyone, though. I think we each need to find what works best or helps us most, however that looks for each individual. It's good that you reached out here. I hope that expressing yourself helps. Take care of you.
  8. I think that people have different needs and wants and different feelings about relationships and attraction. I had a conversation with someone recently about how baffling it is to me that some people can find another person attractive at first glance. It doesn't work that way for me? I need to spend time with that person, get to know and recognize them and then they may, little by little, become more attractive to me. They were equally baffled by my experience as I was by theirs. I think we can learn from one another through open conversion and supportive listening.
  9. I'm trying to consider all members' feelings and responses. Different people may be offended by different things. From my personal perspective, there is a connection that I think may be better to not suggest or imply, even if society might. I feel uncomfortable with the suggestion of causation. I'm sorry that Small was upset by the post. It's good that members are being respectful with the discussion, though.
  10. I can understand how that comment would be offensive. I hope we can all be supportive of one another.
  11. Welcome to the community, Captnemo. Have you ever experienced food or other types of aversions before? I have a daughter who has had a lifelong struggle with eating, but her problems are mainly due to sensory sensitivities. Do food textures bother you? How are you feeling otherwise? I hope your doctor is supportive and helpful.
  12. I have wondered about this as well. We can certainly do better.. I still have that hope anyway. Klingsor, wishing you and everyone here peace.
  13. ND, it's been a long time... I remember you well. It's good to hear from you. I'm sorry you continue to be in so much pain. 😢
  14. Hello MDeCa. I think I recall you sharing about Ben here in the past. Is it possible that your younger self needed some way to survive and cope with a traumatic experience and this then led to Ben? I think we all have different aspects or parts of ourselves and it can be challenging to accept and care for all parts. Sometimes the wounded and deeply hurt parts can be especially difficult to manage, especially if one part seems to hurt other parts.Therapy can be helpful and healing. Best wishes.
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