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  1. Glad you're feeling better. You were missed!!
  2. love it and it is sadly way too true!!
  3. danni


    Sounds like a good time to call. I know you say you don't want to....but I was wondering.....after you see your therapist, do you feel any relief, even temporarily?
  4. danni


    That would be a good conversation to have with your therapist. You could get some reassurance that your therapist isn't going to "quit" on you. Yes wine....wine is good
  5. I see that you mentioned that you have a diagnosis of OCD. Are you taking medication for this to help with the anxiety/compulsions? Do you see a therapist that can help you learn various coping strategies. Have you tried things like deep breathing or listening to music? These are things you can do while you are working. I had a coworker who kept one of those massage things on her chair at work that she used when she was stressed. Any thing like that that may work for you or worth a try??
  6. danni


    I know people who are in therapy for many years. when things are tough they go more frequently and when things are going better they may just check in every month or so.
  7. How about get a cat now and a dog in the spring when the weather is nicer/can spend more time outside?
  8. I just read the article. Sorry I'm a little late in the conversation. I actually felt myself nodding along at the points this author was making. I think there's a few things important in a therapeutic relatiionship. First is finding one that you feel safe with and can comfortably form a relationship with. This doesn't happen automatically but can take several sessions or months of sessions. Or possibly moving on to another if this doesn't happen. It's like any other relationship in our lives....sometimes people click and sometimes they don't. The next thing is meeting the client where they are at. In my experience, I may be a trained professional but my client is the professional of their life. They are the ones who lived the experiences that brought them into therapy and I am genuinely honored for each person who has the strength and courage to take the risk/leap of faith it takes to share that with me. What this means to me is being active and attentive in the process. I.E....some people need a gentle listening ear, some people need support and encouragement, some people need some deep processing, some people need a kick in the butt, some people need a combination of all of these and maybe other things that I haven't listed. As far as anger goes....I welcome it. If I said something that angers a client...I want to hear about it. I believe it possibly a very good jumping off point for some powerful processing. Anger is a strong emotion. Many people (even therapists) are intimidated or afraid of it. I think behind anger is truth and healing and it needs to be heard and addressed. If it's because of something I said or I pushed too hard. I will own that and apologize but I will always honor and support the client's expression of it. I think what gets some therapists in trouble is when countertransference comes into play. There needs to be some level of transference in any relationship for it to be successful, even a therapeutic one, but if the therapist ends up triggered by the anger, the outcome may not be a good one. I like what Finding posted earlier as well. You often do need to match the level of intensity.
  9. danni


    Hi Only Human... It's nice to see a familiar name. I'm sorry to hear your going through a rough patch. Are you still in therapy so you have a safe place to sort out what's going on in your head? I wish I could make it better but with trauma and even with medications there's an ebb and flow and ups and downs that go with it. The hard part is weathering the storm. What are the coping strategies in your toolbox that can help you? You've been dealing with this for a long time and I admire your committment and perseverence in getting through to the other side. You're doing good work!!!
  10. i was missing you guys tonight so thought I'd stop by. hope everyone is doing well :)

    1. Luna-


      Danni!!! How are you? What's happening in your life? Are you still riding? Found a better job? Trying to remember where you were at last time you were here... Luna

    2. IrmaJean


      We miss you too. Hope you are well.

    3. malign


      Yay, we're missed! :-P

      So are you.

  11. I was just passing through and saw this. I'm so sorry and warm love and hugs go out to you. Take care of you!! Julie
  12. Has he been cleared medically? Could there be some early signs of dementia? Hypersexality is something that can occur in elderly folks who may have demential/alzheimers or some other brain changes both to males and females. I would recommend checking things out medically.
  13. playing "snuggle puppy"

  14. My favorite are just regular with a bit of sugar.

    Man..... I would now have to drive to a Russian market which is about 30 min away. They have eeeeeeverything and I ended up buying the whole store:)

  15. Yes!!!! I Love Blini. Especially the sweet one's filled with chocolate. MMMMMM

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