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  1. I havent been here in a while, so it must work to come here and let people help me, and then i go on my merry way, that doesnt mean stuff hasnt been happenin, it has, but i guess i was coping better, to me, that means progress. thank you so much for all your sound advice. :cool:
  2. Oh my Lord what a mess, you poor poor child. I wish I could help you to help yourself. I wond mince my words. JUST DO IT. get rid of him. love yourself.
  3. catsirish

    Not cool

    seriously, your ad at top to ''ask a psychiatrist now'' is sooo not cool, its not free and its really hard to get back out without shutting down, come on now, be ethical.
  4. I agree with you kinda, there must be something, we are so nothing yet everything.........Im confused. :eek: we know for certain that our ''understanding'' can change, so its possible that we can achieve an ''understanding of it all'' without having to die, :eek: Utopia is a feeling not a place. Like is a feeling not ''condensed atoms''........ok im stopped. :eek:
  5. Id hate to think you could be stalked and bullied on here and nothing be done about this, thats not right :eek:
  6. Yikes, I dont know how to take this...:eek:
  7. I wish Science could come up with something to balance the chemistry in the Brain. The pain is too much, and snap out of it is insulting. :eek:
  8. I read my last post, and I dont understand the last bit either, not sure what I was trying to say at the time. The detachment bit, is me separating myself, for instance, say two people are argueing, I try to ''be in it from the outside''. I hope I am not confusing detachment with disassociation, yikes :eek:
  9. thank you both. YIKES :eek:
  10. Get any Tapes and Cds of these Great God Inspired Writers: Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianna Williamson, Eckart Tolle, Kahlil Gibran ''The Prophet" . Og Mandino. just a few to start you off, yum yum what a treat. :eek:
  11. Fall to your knees and Pray, Talk, Pray, Talk. Pray. Relax.
  12. Suicide is a Permanent solution to a Temporary problem. Dont reach up, reach out. :eek:
  13. If you could choose your God what your God is like, what would that be. Horrayyyyyyy you just met your God.
  14. Spirituality for me is about 5ft of detachment from the material world, yet meshed and not separated from it without pain. :eek:
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