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  1. notmary

    same ol' same ol'

    Hi Sue! I am here, trying to think of something profound to say... I have nothing. Please take care of you: YOU are worth it
  2. Yes I would like to have my blog enabled. I left because I was too broken. I am back but still a fuck-up
  3. I don't know if I had a blog before. I guess I might be more comfortable with that. Do I need permission or something
  4. Hi Sue I just wanted to say that!
  5. Hi finding, Irma, and Ken I am so relieved that you are still hear.
  6. I needed to be remembered. I am so damaged and I am afraid to be me
  7. I'm glad to see you both are here. I didn't know if I would be welcomed back after disappearing for so long
  8. I have been gone for a long time wondering if anyone still around who remembers me?
  9. notmary


    Beth Thank you. I am fighting the demons again. trying to breathe trying to accept trying to move on... failing
  10. notmary

    Our New Forum

    Hi I dont know where my blog is. I dont know what is wrong with me but I cant find it. Am I not allowed to be on here?
  11. notmary


    good morning Sue. I am thinking of you and wishing peace to you...
  12. notmary


    sue I am thinking of you. I hear what you are saying and I am sorry that everything is so hard. maybe the constant cryng right now is grieving... God knows you have so much to grieve. I am sorry and I wish I could hold your hand right now.
  13. Oh Sue, I am sending hugs.
  14. notmary

    oh great!

    love and gentle hugs and peace all being sent to you right now sue...
  15. notmary

    just a quicky

    Sue. i am glad to hear that things are going well. Keep fighting!
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