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  1. I am having a tough time finding a reason as well. I gave myself until 30yo to find a reason to live and with only a year left I am having trouble finding the energy to survive another year. sorry, no help from me.
  2. First off, if society really did make us a slave to raising our children 18 years then my life would have turned out a hell of a lot better, because any parent can simply be a coward and take off for the hills like a bitch. It’s not that hard to simply be stick around and be there for your children and it forces people(most people) to grow the hell up and stop being selfish. Yes, divorce happens, but not if you know how to handle it and don’t rush into anything. Most people get divorce when they can’t handle the little things and toss their hands in the air screaming freakout without trying to work through the problems. As it stands right now I am more caged than I would be with a family, I want to go out and enjoy things but just not alone. I don’t have any friends because I don’t know how to relate to them anymore, cannot even go outside anymore without getting depressed about how much I have and will miss out on. The "perfect family" is a fantasy, nothing is perfect, but a simple family is not a fantasy and not having one my whole life is far more of a cage than not having one even in the bad times.
  3.                 We are apart of nature, not above or below it, just another species in the tree and species that cannot spread their genes die. We are different from the rest of nature but not by much. Finding someone to love, having children, seeing those children grow and have children of their own is what makes life worth living. That is a big part of what the rest of nature cannot experience in an emotional way and something that I will never experience. All I ever wanted was a big family of my own after a childhood of never having one. Not all of my problems are because of my SP but it is not helping. So does it really matter in the long run? For some, no. For everything I once wanted to accomplish in my life most it certainly does matter.
  4. First of all, I don’t suffer from SPS, I suffer from a SP. Just clear that up. Anyway, yes in a perfect world what sits between yours ears matters a great deal more than what is between your legs. But the world is far from perfect. As it stands in nature the biggest horns, brightest feathers, puffiest chest, most colorful and many other superficial things gets the job done to spread the gene. I am a big believer in the examples nature sets and the fact is that the only natural thing humans have to "puff" up is between out legs and if that is not big enough then we get passed over. Nature always wins for a reason and to fight nature is a loosing battle every time. I read a lot, take in knowledge, am a good person who goes out of his way to make other smile and always does the right thing even if it hurts. But my member is so small I cannot even wear a condom, that is a real mood killer and since they don’t make brain condoms I have spent a long road giving up. Hey, if something worked for you to make you happy then good for you and use it well.
  5.         Well I am going to be "that guy" and say it cannot be that small to get with 10 girls my friend. I am not saying that all my problems are because of my small penis but just the fact that if I were to be with a girl the first thing I would have to say is "sorry I am WAY to small for a condom." Yeah, being confidant and all that is good but when a dude cannot even wear protection because he is to small there is something wrong. But hey, good for you, I genuinely wish you 10 more if that is in the cards for you.
  6. For a moment I thought I posted this. I plan to end it all next year before my 30th birthday for some of the same reasons, some of which is my insanely small penis. At 25yo I set a goal to pull myself together, buy a house, get a girlfriend or at the very least have sex, try and go on more adventures with friends, all around try and better myself and those around me. After four years of saving and working to save up the money I was told because I was a hard working self employed guy(with more than enough for a down payment on a house) that I would never get a loan. Cannot figure out how to talk to women and being a 29 year old virgin with a small penis most women will only run for the hills. No friends and my family has already forgotten I am still alive so that will help with the blow. So yeah I could spend the next 30-40 years alone, depressed never knowing happiness waiting to die naturally or I can speed up the process and basically end it on my terms. I am not blaming women for being shallow because they have the right to reject me for being a loser with a small penis, they have the right to have standards, I just have accepted that I will always be a loser in spite of years of trying to fight nature. I understand perfectly the pain that you are going through but I will say maybe set one final goal for yourself and see if you can reach it, then if like me that goal is a failure make the final call. Peace.
  7. Hello marijack. This is a tough situation, I am sorry this is happening. It may just be an alpha male situation and even if it is not his intention to annoy or make you angry he is trying to maintain an alpha level over you. Or if the alpha male thing does not fit how you know him then it could be maybe he is jealous of something in your life. This draws from personal experience where I was a total jerk to one of my friend’s for years because he had everything I am unable to attain, good job, girlfriend, a social life, and I deep down resented him for it and turned into a jerk when we would hang out. I would eventually realize how big of a jerk I was and calm down but only after he lost a lot of the things I was jealous of. He has rebounded better than ever but we are not really friends anymore maybe because of how big a jerk I was. So maybe your friend does not yet realize what he is doing that hurts you so much. So is your friend a big alpha male personality type or is there some part of your life he may be jealous of?
  8. Well I finally found a small bit of hope on this matter, a UK site called TheyFit, http://www.theyfit.co.uk/, makes custom condoms set to the buyers personal measurements. They have nearly 100 different sizes and you simply put in your measurements and they will tell you what size to get. From what I can find the smallest size they have would fit a 2.5 inch penis and there are several ways to find out what size would fit perfect for any buyer. But of course, sigh, they are not yet available out side of the UK but I will keep an eye on the site for that to change, it does sound like they are trying to fix this. So anyone in the UK, I would recommend this and anyone not in the UK I would recommend signing up for their list to be notified when they become available to ship out of the UK. At the very least the more people sign up to find out when they ship then someone will see there is a market for people who need this product.
  9. I have to say I have been doing internet searches for a while looking for other people trying to find smaller fit condoms. I found several post on different sites where you ask a doctor questions and most of the doctors have a difficult time believing that someone could have a dick smaller than any normal condom could fit. Now I don’t know how good of "doctors" these WebMD types are but it is kind of sad that even pros have a tough time considering that a penis can be truly small. They cannot even provide a real answer to if smaller fit condoms exist or were to get them, it would be funny it not so sad. But I am still trying to find something that will work, most smaller fit condoms do not go below a girth of 4", that does not work for me so I will keep trying to find something.
  10. I will be honest I have not found any condoms labeled "Extra Small", other than novelty condoms that are of course a very painful joke for those of us who really do need small condoms. The only thing I can find is "Snugger Fit Condoms" but even those do not work, so I am kind of lost.
  11. So I have posted on here before about my small size, maybe over 3½ inches on a good day. I am really trying to move on and make it work, though it is very difficult given that I am a 28 year old virgin with a small penis. But anyway, what about small condoms? I am very much not trying to be negative but condoms do not fit me, dangle a sock from your finger next time you are putting them on and you will understand. If I were to wear one during sex that fit like the normal size ones do then it would most defiantly not work. I don’t think anyone has brought this up on here before and well obviously safe sex is still important but one size does not fit all. Every condom size chart I have found does not go below ones that fit below 5 inches and internet searches trying to find others that have had this problem never really find answers. So if anyone knows of any smaller fit condoms or has any better suggestions let me know.
  12.         Well, that hurt. Set me back a good ways after reading that. No hope left.
  13.   You said it perfectly, it is definitely one of the worst human experiences. Sounds like you overcame it though so well done. I am trying to pull myself back from a dark edge that seems to center on this issue, but past experience tells me I will fail. Unfortunately I lost so much time being consumed that I have no idea were to start making up for lost time and is more overwhelming itself than having a small penis making me regret not getting over it long ago.
  14. Hello. So basically my question is how to get out and date? I am 28, never had a girlfriend, never dated or even kissed a girl and I want this to change. Most people will say friends are the best way to get out and meet girls but I don’t really have any friends so that is one option that is out. Another thing people always say is get out and do activities that I enjoy, hobbies and such, but I been trying for a long time to find gatherings for the hobbies I am into with no luck. I have tried online dating but a big problem there is with no real world experience I lack any for the online world as well. When is the right time to ask to meet in person? Do I exchange numbers first and text or what? Online dating is still my best bet but so far a lot of hit and misses had left me unable to even swing anymore. Any advice or experiences would be helpful, thank you.
  15. u.r.what.u.is, thank you, your words helped. That is what I have done through my twenties, sit on the sidelines and not get out there. So now there is also a crushing loss of time that I can never get back because I was so consumed with this matter. I unfortunately did not stay in contact with any friends after high school, most people tell me friends are the best way to go out and meet women so not having any friends I don’t really have a way to meet women. I always depended too much on friends when I was younger and was also far more confidant when with friends that I never learned confidence on my own. So yeah I understand that just getting out there and finding someone that will not care is what I have to do but unfortunately I lack the skills to understand how to do that and I seem to be getting worse as I get older.
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