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  1. No way. If you asked 100 random women whether they would rather have a guy with 7" or a guy with 5 1/2", I guarantee you that at least 90 of them would say 7". I've seen a number of surveys where women chose 7" as the ideal size and it wasn't even close. You might feel better about yourself if you woke up one morning to discover that your penis grew to 5 1/2" while you slept, but you'd soon find out that you wouldn't be much better off when it comes to dating and sex. Most women would still say that you're small and plenty of them would reject you for it. Having decent girth isn't a saving grace either. Average girth doesn't mean jack shit to women who think your penis is too short. Ask me how I know.
  2. You don't have to be older to be that guy. I'm already that guy in my neighborhood and I'm 35. Everybody in the whole freaking neighborhood is married with children and the older couples all have grandkids. Everyone has friends over all the time and they're always having cookouts and stuff. It makes me feel so much worse about myself. Nothing like being the neighborhood loser. Yay.
  3. I think a lot of women who reject below average men have been so conditioned to believe that a below average penis is not big enough to provide adequate stimulation, that it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, which only serves to reinforce the conditioning and cement their beliefs. There's also the fact that a below average penis doesn't provide much mental stimulation, which puts us at an even greater disadvantage. We already have two strikes against us before penetration even begins. I agree with what you said in another thread, Thermonuclear Warrior. This is mostly a result of our incredibly screwed up society. I'd be willing to bet that if it were possible to pair us up with women who hadn't been exposed to all this bullshit, most of them would find sex with us to be satisfactory. Unfortunately, such women don't exist. The cave-dwellers are long gone.
  4. I don't think either of those things will happen, Cece. If posting about it here gives you some relief, then do it.
  5. I'm hanging in there today. I'm a big fan of my local college team and I enjoyed watching the game with my dad. My team won today so at least I don't have a loss to be bummed about on top of everything else.
  6. It was nothing that warranted reporting. It wasn't "nasty" per se, just one of those complicated things and it came at a really low point and stung pretty bad.
  7. I've been avoiding the forum. It's hard to read about things getting better for others when nothing ever changes for you. Plus I had an especially shitty message sent to me and it got me really down and made me want to stay away even more. But thank you for asking.
  8. Having a good job, a normal relationship with an uncompromised sex life, friends, a social life, a normal sized penis, confidence in all areas. Pretty much everything that I either just don't have or can't have. Feel free to chime in anywhere you want. We're all in this together. IrmaJean wants your life to be better too. I guarantee you that.
  9. Yep, hence the screen name. I don't "live", I just exist. I sent you a message. My problems are listed in it.
  10. Same for me. I feel so inferior around other people. And why shouldn't I? I am inferior.
  11. Sure, there are things I could reach for, but none of those things could ever take the place of having another human being in your life, who accepts you and loves you, wants to be intimate with you, and support you through the good times and bad, while you get to do all the same rewarding things for them in return. Believe me, I know all about paying for my mistakes. The price for all of my mistakes is you don't get to have anyone in your life. I'm paying it, 24-7-365.
  12. I have much bigger problems than the size of my penis. I've acknowledged that.
  13. I'm not in category 2, Cece. I don't think that I'm entitled to anything. I don't deserve anything. I ruined my life. The penis size I couldn't control, but everything else I brought on myself. I don't have a job and live in a small town in a rural area. Social interaction here consists of going to a bar, which I hate. So how do I interact socially?
  14. What about those who understood and put forth the effort, but the rewards never came?
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