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  1. ken Ian

    The Box Tender

    whati meant above isi hopeyouare well and happy.
  2. ken Ian

    The Box Tender

    areyou lost in aisle110 and can tfind yourway back...here ;/ oyu good hopeso
  3. ken Ian

    Been A While

    hi sue it's mother's day here, not there i know, but thinking of you and smiling ;-]
  4. are youable to understandwhati wrote. i knowitis a puzzle to work,butif you cannoti can havesomeone typeaclear mes asge. i needto know for you.i know itsfullof errors. i m not suggestingbywhta i wrotethat anyone willagree and or seeaneasy path forward to change.and sometimes weare not ready=unable. i getthat. isee allofyoutrying to acceptand find comfortthrough ans wers. bewell
  5. what doyou do to help yourslef stop thnking about, focusing on, being caughtup in whatis not working well today. ibelieve i am living exampleof making change. some sib lings did some did not. none are like me...i am notlike them. okbut -no-backtoyou ---genetics or birthorder, nurturing doesitmatter wheni havemultiple projects or dreams i want tomake a reality -and i always do - even onerequires seeing nowand the pathto later. i havea tendency to see end-bigand broad so i often usean emptyphoto fra me to physical ly see a narrow view. more of getting my mindto visualze-narrow focus. i lived i n thehippie dippie time andi am grateful forall the -heavy- -deep- discussions with groups andlectures. mind wasopend to possibilities, pipedreams werenotonly from a joint, we feltempowdered adn we felt -we- hadto andc ould make theworld a better place. -forgot-mmm hit aflat spot.oops nevermind i ve been wantingto ask allwho give andsupport others here, onthis site ---doyou do that in your family, community, reachout to help and learnfrom others. give of yourself and receive more. doyou feed you re funchild as wellas the adult. doing this has made me seewhat i could not. s eeing someone else mak e whatlooked imposs ible -possilbe. watching, seeing,learning asking how.helping andbeing helped. not hippie,not newage---doeable now...narrow inand look out---seethe changes happen. life/others are inspiring. boththe negative and positive can moveyou to feel the drive and feel hungry to try something for someone elseand both benefit. water your seedsof happiness.take / make a smallstep somewhere y ou haven t before. makeit as important as feeding y our emptystomach.feed someoneelse also withall you have to share.it s a lot and is valuable. im trying and ihope you tryandtry again andagain.it becomesa way of viewing your place,you re connectionto...everything in life. ok steppingoff my soapbox. wishi couldspeak tohelp more. iam ableto speak severalwords no w. youcandoit just take one step,it actuallyisn't of f your path sorry there are a lotof shoulds,coulds.i believe we each havemore potential than we see/use. ok to all iam gratefulfor all i ve learned fromyou. tu
  6. ken Ian

    The Box Tender

    hsin-hsin ming thout -sp-thought of you whenin the beauty way whichdefion -no-which definition of tender you -are- you using will remainsilent untili havenothing to say. muddled thought howabout justhi and comebackhome no--another time. tru-no--i trusty ou in you r hands nevermind -emily litella/gilda radner
  7. ken Ian

    The Box Tender

    a boxf ell on box t ender head a ndknocked him out.hewoke to see more. whatispossible todowith boxes-the one he hasnots tepped outof yet. oneday i still believe it will comeoff --relerning--both of us-you have thebigbrain
  8. ken Ian

    Been A While

    It's big, wonderful news Sue.
  9. ken Ian

    Been A While

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing all this news about you and your little Bebe Aww...5 months old...so sweet I'm very happy for you
  10. ken Ian


    Huh... What do you think? For me, I have challenged myself to fight, waging everything I possess, all my wisdom and strength to fight for all I desire. I fought and lost my fear of losing. For me, that was a win. Sometimes,this process moves along quite smoothly and other times my journey has been on a long and winding uphill narrow, mucky path or moving so quickly downhill everything is blurred and I can't focus. In the end...well, I'm waiting on that.
  11. ken Ian


    Very good, resolute!
  12. ken Ian


    A weekly schedule that changes is a hard adjustment! Retail is one way to test your patience :/ My first job was working in a hardware store. Actually I learned a lot.I learned I can fix my own toilet and I also learned why take that job from someone else? I don't get the feeling you dislike this job...putting the embarrassment of the major job adjustment/change aside that is another normal feeling. Am I wrong? Good work on discovering more about the "event". Hmm...do you feel closer to feeling...found? Secure? I feel figuring out what you don't want to do is as important as knowing exactly what you want to do. Well, that's how I figured out what I wanted to do. Hey, thanks for filling in the gap. I feel better :-)
  13. ken Ian

    Up again, down again

    Knowing the noodle question was asked by finding... I'm thinking Kung-Fu Panda--Dragon Warrior, noodles, tofu. Balance - quit don't quit? Ralph I don't think it has anything to do with Viagra P.S. I thought it was a fun movie.
  14. ken Ian

    Been A While

    aww...this is the best news... I'm so happy for you! Yes, congratulations to you and your little one. {{{Sending you both love}}}
  15. I read and re-read these MPOs because they make me think. Thank you for sharing. You're quite good writing MPOs.
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