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  1. If something is the size of a thumb erect how is intercourse possible? That is something I have never understood. I also don't think that anything less than 3 inches qualifies as intercourse.
  2. My dad is about 8-9 inches and extremely thick. I saw my parents having sex as a child. And it looked exactly like that. My mom was just totally quiet and almost being patient and jjust tolerating it and my dad was having trouble holding it in. I don't understand it. There was no enjoyment of any kind from either side. This was shortly after the death of my younger brother so the psychology was very different. However, the question of whether penis size matters is not a question. It matters for sure. Under normal circumstances, just looking at a big penis will make a woman extremely wet.
  3. I perhaps agree with what everyone is saying here. It is a fad as well though. Penises are a fad. Girls wanna talk about it because that's all that they have to talk about. I'm not being sexist about this. But it is true. Bitter stupid women will talk about penises more often than good looking ones. That is a trend I have noticed. The good looking ones have the same preferences but they can get it so easily that they don't put any importance on it. It's the ones who are insecure about finding good men who talk about it. Nothing gives them the right to sit back and talk about another person's body. There are also guys who are not that big who are also extremely aggressive sexually. I am one of these people. I am about 6 X 4.25 last time I measured. But I am damn aggressive about myself. Moreover, I wanna prove that I have a decent size. Moreover, I masturbate every night so that it is somewhat swollen the next day so that I can make it appear somewhat prominent and walk down the aisle of a shop and have women lick their lips. This is my life. I just get totally fucking enraged every time I think how much time I spend thinking about it.
  4. You mean you told her the whole thing?
  5. Jessie, I don't even know if it's intended or not but the way you describe this is outrageously funny. Also, it's really funny you would trash your apartment over a joke which is not even directed at you personally. Oh man, you should really forget this whole thing. You have too much brains for this. You are far too smart. I wish you get your 6th girl soon.
  6. I have the same identical frickin' problems even though I am maybe bigger. sometimes i feel like i can't talk over here for two reasons. first of all, it's hard to say that six equals four. i admit that with a skinny four inch penis, it's gonna be tough. the other reason is that even though i am six, my penis does not have a very stunning girth. it's not totally bad or anything. but it's not gonna be like very good or anything like that. i basically know that i can screw decently but not make anyone gasp for breath. another reason is that every time i come over here i get a massive ego boost. so i am pretty fucking conflicted. if i compare myself to a big penis, i come out looking not good. if i compare myself to the skinny four inchers here, i am bigger. but that has nothing to do with how big i am, only because of how small other people are. but im not sure what my real status is. i am mentally unable to believe that i have a big one or a small one. the reason i don't think i have a big one is due to the girth factor. the reason i can't believe i have a small one is width. when i do take it out and hold it, which i do frequently, i realize that it's decently wide, but its not round so girth is reduced because of that rather than a lack of width. if i look at solely how broad it is then it is decent. but it's not cylindrical. reducing girth. I was never aware that there are penises smaller than mine. There is another weird thing. I don't think my penis was the size it is now when I was younger like 18 or 19. Some people said that it grows up till the age of 24. Don't know if that is true or not. When I was 18 I was very very worried about it and severely underestimated it. But today it is noticeably better. I can't deny it. So my struggle with this continues and there is absolutely no end in sight.
  7. IrmaJean, I appreciate you trying to deflect attention from the topic, and I agree you are a sensitive woman. But nothing matters more ego wise than how much flesh we have in our crotch.
  8. No way a girl would laugh at my penis(I hope??). It's a bit more than 4 inch limp.
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