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  1. Hi there, I just did some research on the known range of side effects of Adderall and it doesn't look like penile shrinkage is one of them. To me it's sounds as if you are suffering from dehydration. Please make sure you drink plenty of water!
  2. I'm a voice hearer and they generally give a running commentary on ones thoughts and actions. If your'e like me my days aren't filled with new and exciting things to do, so the impact is greater when you feel miserable about life. Not only do you feel low but you have voices telling this to you. Two years later I follow the voice dialogue model and it has helped me to deal with the voices. So now if I feel low the voices are not criticizing but just commenting on possible reasons why I feel the way I do. So it's not as heavy going. I still lay in bed and wallow from time to time but it does pass. So i think that if you look at your situation as temporary it gives you some hope, and a little hope can go a long way.
  3. I agree that confidence is a key to getting women. I don't know if that means machismo or whether it really means holding oneself well - not insecure looking. However, I have a friend who is well hung - and he looks insecure. But he has no problem with women either. So I'm thinking the confidence/insecurity scale may be second to chemical attraction. I'm a strong believer in Pheromones
  4. Hi there, you are obviously having a hard time with it right now. I'm here to talk if you want? I personally don't look at it as a disease as this could reinforce the negative aspects of it in my mind.
  5. It's called "My Penis and I" and it's on youtube. It's about a man with a small penis - actor Lawrence Barraclugh
  6. Jessie that was an amazing video - He was so brave!
  7. Well I'm 35 and never had any sexual contact with a girl. I have kissed a girl once and that was a syliva filled tongue - lip mash lol. She just happened to be one of the most experienced girls I knew too - i feel so embarrassed now. I don't know, I just never felt the pressure that others seem to have about losing their virginity. I was so busy doing other things time got away on me.
  8. Ah getting to marriage is the thing. I imagine that it would be strange living as one with another person. I've become accustomed to being on my own. Sex would be nice to have frequently in a marriage. But I notice that my parents have their own beds now and have done so for a few years now, this seems to be a thing old people do - kinda grow out of the sex thing. I've also noticed that they are better toward each other than before sleeping in separate beds - they are like best friends, which what I imagine a good marriage should be about.
  9. Well I wish mine was as long as yours. Maybe reading up on guys who are smaller than you will give you more confidence. From what I am learning, there's a lot of weight in how you are as a whole person, not just your penis.
  10. Perseverance> Sorry that you're in a difficult position. What is this movie by the way? Maybe researching it will help you to prepare for it.
  11. Perseverence; Jessie> I guess it's true that girls are put off by insecurity - that explains at lot to me actually as to why I'm still single. Many people harp on about being 'yourself' but it's seems we conform to what others expect of us especially those we love - this is not being 'yourself' but what others want us to be. We seem afraid to show insecurity because this is 'unmanly'. If I had a girlfriend I would try my best to hold on to that too.
  12. Could you tell her that watching naked guys makes you uncomfortable?
  13. I don't know about this - my soft penis tends to jut out rather than downward, in school i was teased because people thought I had a hard on lol, if only they knew... I'm just trying to think...maybe my teen penis was bigger, is that even possible? I do remember that when I would cum it was copious in those days but now it's maybe a teaspoon full.
  14. Cognitive Dissonance = The discomfort experienced from the conflict of two or more cognitions I never knew there was a term to explain my circumstances - very interesting. Am I correct in hearing that you have no sexual activity even with yourself? I would find that difficult. I do try to occupy myself with hobbies. Fortunately I have many hobbies but the inspiration that drives them is numbed by medication.
  15. Hi, sorry if i'm being confusing. * The only link between voices and diabetes is the anti psychotic medication. The one i was on is known to increase the risk of getting diabetes. * I don't think that was the cause of hearing voices. * I asked for scans but the pdoc wasn't gonna go there.
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